Self Defense NOT Combat


Self Defense NOT Combat!

Self Defense NOT Combat

Self Defense NOT Combat

Kyusho Jitsu, is for the purposes of Self Defense NOT Combat! Now from what I have been told by police and military it works very well in Combat. But unless you are either police or military your focus needs to be on Self Defense NOT Combat!

Now my expertise is in Self Defense, I have been obsessed for 20 years with this because I was once in a position I could not handle. And no COMBAT would not have saved me! But I will explain all of this in the video below. This was today's Kyusho Question of the Day from our YouTube Channel.

Self Defense vs Combat

The first thing that you need to understand is that self defense and combat are totally different ideas, and thought processes. Self Defense is DEFENSIVE. Combat is OFFENSIVE.  Complete Yin/Yang from each other!

Self Defense is Under Attack

In society if you take the OFFENSIVE against a person, armed or unarmed you are likely looking at a LONG jail sentence. And it happens everyday! There is nothing wrong with learning these systems, however you best be clear of the potential issues today with their use! 

Combat is KILL or be KILLED. Self Defense is ending a conflict with "reasonable force." Savey? An attack is a serious tragedy in life. It can scare you forever. Back when I was a kid it was called "shell shock" while today it is PTSD

Most of all there is something every martial artists needs to understand. As bad is that situation is, you with your ego driven attitude can make it a lot worse! Ending up in prison or dead because of improper thought process and training is making it worse. And prison is a HELL beyond your beliefs! And your unnecessary death is a Hell for your loved ones!

Carry a Weapon?

I am asked this often. Therefore it is time to really address this! Should I carry a weapon? My suggestion is NO you should not! The odds are you are not properly trained with it. If you are trained, like many in the USA on the gun range then fine.

Self Defense for Knife Attacks - Training Knife

Carry a Weapon?

Something you must understand. If you chose to being a weapon into the situation you have escalated it. And there will be serious consequences for doing so!

Be prepared! The consequences will take the situation from bad to worse. Win or lose. 

I see ads all the time for things like "tactical key chains." Honestly what kind of bullshit is this?  It is named in a military fashion, and then the person seems to think it is a fix all for any self defense situation.

If you use this with an unarmed attacker, your become the attacker! JAIL TIME! And you know damn well someone is watching with a phone, videoing it and will misrepresent that happened to the police! 

I have one of these. I have had it for 33 years! Not once have I considered using it. And I have been in some bad situations! There is much more to self defense than most people think! Have a look at the video!

Night of the Living Dead

My memory of the man I discuss in the video

Solutions for Self Defense

Right now I am going to offer you a solution for this issue. Now I am not saying you should not study combat systems! Who know maybe you will need it in the future. But you need to understand to your core the difference! 

Grab this FREE video below and learn more about real self defense now!

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Self Defense NOT Combat and you NEED to Understand the Difference
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Self Defense NOT Combat and you NEED to Understand the Difference
Self Defense NOT Combat. Not knowing the difference can take a terrible situation and make it a LIVING HELL. This is a must read for all martial artists.
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