Kyusho Street Self Defense

Kyusho Street Self Defense

Kyusho Street Self Defense

I am often asked by non martial arts people if I was attacked would I use my "martial arts" to defend myself.  Every time I hear this question I honestly want to ask the person if they really are this stupid, or was this just a dumb question. Think about! It is like asking if I would breath to stay alive. My training is ME, and I cannot turn it off and go back to something else. And the idea behind Kyusho Street Self Defense is no different. 

It is never a question of if "Kyusho" works, only if you have trained correctly and can apply the knowledge. There is no BEST or SUPERIOR martial art, only superior martial artists! Sorry Gracie Brothers, yes the style is important, but you attracted the BEST people! 

Kyusho Street Self Defense - Sport and Self Defense

Everyone who know me knows I do not like sport martial arts. I competed in the TKD circuits for years and did OK. But I could not see any relationship between this and self defense. The same was true for boxing which I did intensely in my younger days. There are many differences between the 2 situations. Today we will talk about a few of them.

Misconceptions about Gun Defense

This LAW enforcement not Self Defense! And it will get you KILLED! Read about the Misconceptions of Gun Defense HERE! 

And also read the FACTS about Gun Defense Laws in North America

The first one is a "fighter" is OK with the idea of being HIT. On the street you cannot take a few punches in order to land a few.  The attacker is not trying to "win" he or she is trying to KILL YOU. What is going on in their heads is not WINNING something, but doing as much damage as possible, without being caught or being hurt themselves. The functioning of the brain at this time is totally different! 

Do not stand your ground!

The next thing the fighter will do is "stand his ground." There are many dead fighters who after they landed the first punch on the attacker found a knife in their stomach and died from the complications! Shit I know ONE PERSONALLY who died in the 1980's in my home town doing exactly this!

What happened? He stopped a robbery and then as the "thug" was fleeing he decided to let his ego come forward and pursue the criminal. STUPID!!!!! All he needed to do was call the police and let them do what they are trained to do! But the ego get in the way! For his trouble he was pronounced DEAD at the scene.

There is no situation more dangerous than a knife attack! And almost NO ONE has a clue how to correctly handle this very bad situation! 

But there are solutions! However first look at this article on the 13 misconceptions of knife attacks

Self Defense for Knife Attacks
Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion!

The media and the ability to video anything these days has caused a glorification of street violence. And the problem is far worse than the "authorities" will tell you! Politicians are going EVER going to tell the truth about crime because they want to be re-elected! This is there ONLY driving force! 

Kyusho Street Self Defense is not about WINNING, it is about SURVIVING and that is the ONLY OPTION!  What have your self defense experiences been? Let us know HERE.

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Kyusho Street Self Defense

What is needed for success on the street? What does the science of pressure point self defense have to do with street defense? Let's talk about this! Take a watch of the video below/

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What is H.P.P.T?

HPPT is short for Humane Pressure Point Tactics which is a street self defense system, based on 4 certifications levels, to add to your martial art training. It can be added to any system, and also taught as a stand alone self defense system for non martial artists. Therefore it is an across the board solution!

Most of all the cost is very reasonable! Find out more from THIS LINK now! 

Kyusho Jitsu Cane Defense System

Discover the most important self defense tool available! And you can even board a plane with it! Learn more about the Kyusho Jitsu Cane Defense System below

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Kyusho Street Self Defense - Understanding Street Reality
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Kyusho Street Self Defense - Understanding Street Reality
What is Kyusho Street Self Defense? It is understanding the reality of the streets, that self defense is NOT what 99% of people think it is. Learn more now
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