Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips


6 Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips

There is an old saying, "everybody wants to go to heaven but no one wants to be dead." This is not just a reference to a way in which people think, but a reflection on society! People want a result, but without having to do the work or put in effort! So today I am going to offer some Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips to help you get past this curve!

But before we get into Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips I need to lay some groundwork.

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips - RIGHT to Self Defense

Everyone has a god(s) given right to defense themselves from attack! However the understanding of this does need to be clear! Today in the western culture everyone is screaming for more "rights." But there is a BIG issue with this?

Right to Self Defense - Know the Law!

Do you know the issue? For there to be "rights" there must also be responsibility! But in today world this is just NOT the case!

With "rights" comes responsibility, and the citizens must be responsible! Looking to "authority" to deal with your problems is creating a prison in which you must live!

It is your Right to Self Defense, and your responsibility to be prepared!

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips #1

You cannot cherry pick pressure points! I see this a lot in self defense. "Well when this happens I will...."  Sorry guys life does not work that way! An attack, or a fight if you will, is a living entity unto itself! And this entity is also not stupid. 

Often times I see so much in the self defense world the idea of "groin" strikes. Yes they can be very effective. And yes they should be trained for! From a Kyusho Jitsu standpoint this can be a strike to Conception Vessel 1, which is devastating!

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips

But self defense is not premeditated, it needs to be responsive. Also not reactive.

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips # 2

Knockouts are king! The very best way to end any kind of attack or fight is when you knock them out! You must know the systems that cause this, why they work and how best to apply them! 

How do you know when you are really understanding this important aspect of the science of pressure point self defense? When I was teaching on the floor full time in my Canadian school I would often be explaining something, or showing something and knockout the student by accident. 


Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips #3

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips

You need to know a lot of different pressure points on the body! The larger the number of pressure points you train with, the greater your chances of being able to hit one when you need to! 

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips #4

You have to feel the effect! In order to truly be successful with Kyusho Jitsu you need to do this! You must have felt the effect of a pressure point strike on your own person! 

Now I have strict rules about ages for knockouts. I do NOT like doing knockouts on anyone over 35 really. This is because we never know the underlying medical conditions that can exist.

However, and am more than willing to tap ST-05 with reasonable force and ring someones bell! This "internalizes" the understanding within the mind, and this leads to success! All victories in a person life are link to your internal psychology. There are no exceptions!

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips #5

Ask questions! If you are learning from someone who does not like to be asked questions, or ridicules the question then it is time for a new teacher! Being a teacher is a gift! And I honesty do not see very many good ones out there!

Great Teachers Inspire

Great Teachers Inspire Students to new heights! 

There is an old saying, "do not seek to be like the master, but seek what the master sought."

Every person learns differently. There are 3 different major type of learning. There is visual, auditory and kinetic! Each person has different strengths. The teacher should be able to spot the type you are in order to lean towards and alter his or her methods of teaching on the fly!

Also run from those who tell you there way is the only way and the other ideas are useless. These are instructors, preaching a doctrine of their own making! You need a teacher who is flexible and has ideas! Run like hell from these other guys!

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips #6

I was only planning on doing 5 Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips but here is number 6! Keep looking to learn new things! As you grow and develop in the science of pressure point self defense, learning new things helps to solidify the knowledge you already have! 

In self defense or anything else for that matter, the mind is everything! And this is not a surface understanding either! Science cannot even explain why the mind is everything or how it works. 

Associate Memory - Understand how you learn

However the path to success is very clear. Therefore the more you learn, then train the understanding both physically and mentally, the better the results! The brain works by "associative memory."  So the more you learn, the more associations there are, the greater the success!

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

In conclusion today can you think of any awesome self defense tips using pressure points I may have missed? Let me know in the comments! I will do my very best to reply ASAP! Click here to comment

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips - Learn 6 Tips for Surviving Today's Streets
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