Self Defense for Knife Attacks


Self Defense for Knife Attacks

Self Defense for Knife Attacks

Self Defense for Knife Attacks

There is nothing scarier than dealing with Self Defense for Knife Attacks. The average person will never be in a more deadly position.  Some will say that guns are far worse. However that is like comparing apples to oranges. Guns are not close range weapons, and when you are dealing with them, they are far less complex.

Why? Because bullets go straight. Self Defense for Knife Attacks is also not what most people think, or what most people are taught. There is no room for the error of underestimation. It is the most deadly threat the average person will ever see. 

Self Defense for Knife Attacks [Systems]

Over the years I have seen many knife experts show what they know. These tend to be combat style systems which are basically "knife fighting." Yeah, NO that is a BAD IDEA!

Sorry, but your view might work for you, but the odds are you have never been attacked with a real knife!  The vast number of misconceptions taught to people in knife defense is overwhelming! Police and military like to talk about theirs odds of survival but I am talking to the average citizen. Not a specialist! 

Things Never to Do!

Here is a list of things never to do in a knife defense situation. 

  1. Try to disarm the attacker! DO NOT DO THIS! It is suicide no matter how good you think you are, or how well trained you are. Any disarm needs to as a result of the attackers arm begin crippled, or the attacker being knocked out. 
  2. Do not grab the arms and try to grapple with the attacker! I know someone personally had the knife stuck into them trying to do this! Unless you are a "specialist" this is not for you! 
  3. If the knife is dropped do not pick it up! Kick it away or better yet, if possible get out of dodge as fast as you can!
Misconceptions about Knife Attacks

Misconceptions about Knife Attacks

Now this is ONLY a picture. But if this was real this woman has a "death wish." He can grab her with his free hand and stick that knife right in her throat! If she got him down, time to flee!

Things to do!
  1. Keep move, try to get away and if you cannot get to the side, away from the knife. You need to protect your vulnerable body!
  2. Do not focus on the knife, but make sure you can always see it! You need to see the entire attacker. Remember the attacker has 2 hands and contrary to popular believe he or she will gladly punch you! 
  3. Use the environment as much as possible to create a barrier between you and the attacker. Do not engage unless there is no choice!
  4. Talk to the attacker and try to take control of the situation. If he or she has not stuck the knife into you it is because they have no yet decided to kill you. Buy time with communications. 
Training Tips - Self Defense for Knife Attacks
Self Defense for Knife Attacks - Training Knife

Self Defense for Knife Attacks - Training Knife

There are some very specific ways to train to deal with Knife Attacks.  They are not exciting, but these are critical for survival! These are some basic steps. The subject is far to complex for a single post. 

  1. Train your verbal skills! These are critical. If you can use "words" to deescalate the situation this is the ONLY real win.
  2. Train with STEEL blades not plastic or wood. The unconscious mind must be trained in order to be successful! The brain reacts differently to steel over plastic and wood. Make sure it looks real too. Black ones are not the best for training. Having it shinny is better. You want to impress this image into your subconscious mind. Different sizes are good too.
  3. Train to escape, not engage! There maybe times when there is no choice, but for the average person escape is always best! I have a really good eBook on knife training you may wish to checkout here. 
Surviving the Threat

Surviving the Threat

Knife Fighting Reality

I have trained knife fighting too! It is fun, and well worth the development of the skills. But there are things you need to remember! The first thing is when you pull out the knife, your plea of self defense is GONE. It is very hard to prove self defense when you are packing a knife! If you don't believe me pay attention to court and other news.

When I lived in Canada I carried a knife. But I would never tell anyone it was for "self defense." In Canada it is ILLEGAL to carry a knife for self defense, or anything else. But I ate a lot of apples! And I made sure there was apply residue on the knife! 

And pulling the knife would be a LAST resort!

Self Defense for Knife Attacks

Self Defense for Knife Attacks

Knife fighting on the street is the roll of a dice with your life, and your freedom! The minute this happens your life is changed forever. In the Dojo is one thing. The streets are different. Even if you win you still lose!

Develop Real Skills

Self Defense for Knife Attacks requires a very special kind of training. The training needs to cover a lot of ground, and remain simple! The object is to end the threat fast and get away! Then turn things over to the police. They are trained to deal with this. For them being a police officer is and LIFE choice!

We are now launching 3 new courses at Kyusho Jitsu University, one of which is going to deal with knife attacks [guns and other weapons too]. It is our Humane Pressure Point Tactics Courses.

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

This is a 3 Level Instructor certification course, however anyone even none martial artists will find it of great importance!  The first level covers low escalation, dealing with a confrontation before it becomes violent. Using preemptive measures to remove a "disruptive" or aggressive person before things become BAD.

Level two deals with how to handle situations once violence has ensured! Level Three covers the introduction of a weapon, or multiple attackers.

Right now before June 15th you can get these course, one or all at a greatly reduced price! Follow the link below for more details about the courses, and the costs associated with them

If you have not already done so, be sure to read our article on the 13 Misconceptions of Knife Attacks. This was written by former [retired] Detroit Police Officer Kara Borshuk.

 This is one of the most important articles you will ever read! She had to deal with knives on many occasions. This is a must read!

How does the science of pressure point self defense, Kyusho Jitsu fit in with Self Defense for Knife Attacks? It along with proper self defense training, like H.P.P.T [Humane Pressure Point Tactics] gives you the tools to end the threat FAST! Read our post on Understanding the Science of Pressure Point Self Defense here!

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Self Defense for Knife Attacks
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Self Defense for Knife Attacks
There is nothing more dangerous than being confronted with a knife. Learn some tips for dealing with Self Defense for Knife Attacks. This information could save your life!
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