Understanding Real World Self Defense

Real World Self Defense

Real World Self Defense

Are you looking for Real World Self Defense? Or do you assume your current level of training is enough? With today's proliferation of martial sport there is a dangerous illusion that has been constructed. And that illusion is that "if you can fight in a ring, or in a bar you are safe from street attacks." But the FACTS are, that this is very far from the truth!

You can be a REAL martial arts expert and master, and I know many, many such people. But their ego believes that somehow what they learned makes the safe. And the body count over the years proves them WRONG. I knew personally one such gentleman who interfered with a robbery and got stabbed for his trouble. Sadly he did not make it. Most of all his ego cost him his life! 

Real World Self Defense vs Sport

I have stated my thoughts on sport and martial arts. I am not a fan, however that is not my point here. In a ring there is a certain mentality. This is one of WINNING and doing so with a certain set of rules. Back in my day competing these rules also included certain values which I no long see today. These men and women are great athletes, but it is always good to know your limitations. 

Real World Self Defense

This image is from UFC 131 in Vancouver BC. This might have been a great fight. I don't know because I don't watch.

However my point in the article is this is NOT what a real attack looks like. Nor does any part of this fight ever resemble a street attack.

What is happening here has a purpose and that is WINNING. On the street it is only SURVIVAL!

Winning is based on fitness levels, therefore performance and the ability to counter attack with the right move at the right time. Also the person who wishes to win the most often does. 

Real World Self Defense - Martial Arts Linage

I am very hard on my own people. There is a very BAD view that somehow or another you are not truly a martial artist unless you have a direct linage to a founder of a style, or a high name master. This is the biggest pile of bullshit I have ever seen in something that does not tie to politics. 

Martial Arts Linage

You cannot live vicariously via your linage! Many of these great master understood what Real World Self Defense means. However it does not mean their students do, or that the teachings still have application today! Students have a tendency to believe that their teachers knew it all! That is a very dangerous thought process!

Tradition is OK, as long as it does not become dogma. There must always be growth otherwise you are doing backwards.

What is Real World Self Defense?

Real World Self Defense is a combination of mentality and movement that provides a path to successfully defending yourself on the streets today, in a real attack. What do I mean by a real attack? When someone wants "something" from you and they intend to commit bodily harm to you up to and including death. That does not happen in a ring!

Knife Attacks

Most knife defense programs as based on the ideas people have seen from Hollywood. Such as someone holding a knife this way and stabbing down.

This is a BIG misconception of how things happen. It is OK to train the idea, but the student needs to know this idea is fantasy!

Many of these criminals have nothing to lose, and there is no one more dangerous than someone with nothing to lose! There are so many misconceptions of really happens in a self defense situation that it is alarming. What is even more alarming is that these misconceptions are being taught as factual! Now I am not saying martial arts teachers should stop teaching the things they do. However I am saying that they need to teach the difference between technique and application.

They also need to make sure that as they evolve their techniques into application that they have done their homework!  Not made assumptions that they are right! 

Real World Self Defense Solutions

Yes there are solutions for this problem! And it is NOT the systems that automatically come to mind! Learning them is great! However you need to develop a solid foundation in real world self defense skills and then integrate it into your current system. Yes this does include the science of pressure point self defense Kyusho Jitsu. However without a solid base in your root art for self defense Kyusho Jitsu will not be as effective as it could be!

This is where I give you Humane Pressure Point Tactics. This is a 4 level system teaching what really happens on the streets and how to be safe FIRST! It deals with escalation and learning to control any situation. I cover everything from the basics of dealing with a street confrontation to attacks with weapons and gangs. Plus the new Level Four covers the changing world to include mental illness and online stalking. 

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

Depending on exactly what you are studying in the martial arts it is a good idea to always supplement this knowledge.

Now there is nothing wrong with the study of some of the extreme self defense systems that boast being combat oriented. 

However, applying this knowledge the street under the wrong circumstances will cost you your freedom! Don't believe the "fear no man" and "defeat any attacker" propaganda!

Have you had any serious street situations? How did you handle them? Tell me about it here

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Understanding Real World Self Defense
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Understanding Real World Self Defense
Things on the street do not happen the way most people think! Real World Self Defense is a look at the TRUTH of street violence today. Learn More NOW!
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