Pressure Point Art of Self Defense


Pressure Point Art of Self Defense

Pressure Point Art of Self Defense

When I first began my martial arts training in 1984 the sign on the school I chose said "The Art of Self Defense" on it. Many years later I discover just how short the teaching were on real self defense. Today, no matter what root art you study adding "Pressure Point Art of Self Defense" will dramatically increase your effectiveness. 

Today I am going to talk about this! And give you a gift to help you get started on developing real self defense skills. 

Pressure Point Art of Self Defense - Video

Below is a video that runs about 3 minutes. In this video I am going to explain some of the myths and misconceptions about self defense and exactly what you can do about them.

Pressure Point Art of Self Defense - HPPT

One of the most important courses / project that I have developed over the last 2 years is our Humane Pressure Point Tactics Course. This is a course based on a certification I did 8 years ago with Grand Master Steve Stewart. I have updated and enhanced these teaching. Below is a link where you can go and download Lesson One of the HPPT Level One Course free to see for yourself what this course is all about! 

These courses cover 3 different levels of escalation in a self defense situation. It begins with before the conflict starts at Level One and moves to gang attacks and weapons. This is the most heads up, no BS course you will find!

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10 Most Painful Pressure Points!

Back a few months ago I wrote an article on the 3 Most Painful Pressure Points on the Humane Body. This is the most read and shared article I have done to date. You can read it right here

And I have something really cool for you! Fill out the form below and you can download my report on the 10 Most Painful Pressure Points on the Human Body! This is a FREE report, just fill out your email address and name, then you MUST validate your email address. After you do the report is on the way!

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Kyusho Club

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What are some of the things included in your Kyusho Club Membership?

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What Courses are currently Online at Kyusho Club?

  • 1st Dan Black Belt Certification Course
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  • 5 Principles of Kyusho Short Courses
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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Pressure Point Art of Self Defense - Real Self Defense for Today's Street
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Pressure Point Art of Self Defense - Real Self Defense for Today's Street
Learn the Pressure Point Art of Self Defense - Real self defense teaching for today's ever increasing violent street. Download a FREE Video Lesson Now!
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Grand Master Art Mason is a professional full time martial artists and Kyusho Jitsu teacher. He is available for seminars and study groups.

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