Wolves and Warriors

Wolves and Warriors

* Wolves and Warriors

Life is funny, it takes you in directions you never expect. But that is part of the fun really. The other day I wrote an article called The Great Awakening. If you have not read that one I suggest you read it first. Wolves and Warriors is really a part of that one. This blog is also a fantastic resource for all things Kyusho Jitsu.  Bookmark it and read everything here. It is  great learning center.  Plus the search function is outstanding. 

In the next few days I am going home. Coming back to Canada was a rude awakening for me. Things here are far eviler, far more communist and dystopic that I had imaged. And the people are FAST ASLEEP. I would say a HUGE majority. Canada has lost its direction, lost True North. 

Yesterday along with part of my pack we went out for dinner to a place I had never been. I was very impressed with it. And the kindness of the server. She understood what it means to be of service.

Asking Questions

But she had to ask us an "important question." Now she is doing her job, and she is young. The question was "Have you been sick or had a fever in the last 14 days?" My answer shocked her. I said in full truth "I have no had a few or been sick in 25 years at least."

She said "OMG how are you doing that?" So I spent a few minutes and explained it to her. 

No matter where you live these kind of questions that are designed to perpetuate fear among IDIOTS  and are certainly working. Claims are made by governments and the medical industrial complex WITH NO PROOF. And if you ask you are called a science denier. That makes me laugh.

Only a fool would believe without ANY PROOF! Believe that the human race is so diseased, so petulant that mask and 6 foot distances, along with DRUGS will protect you.

Yet they REFUSE to believe that your government is destroying society, your medical world is completely corrupt and only interested in PROFIT. Trillions of dollars per year are poured into a black hole with NO RESULTS except a new chemical du jour. 

I shake my head in DISGUST.

Why are things this way? Because these people are COWARDS and REFUSE to wake up from their delusional world. 

3 Types of People - We need Wolves and Warriors

There are 3 types of people in the world. Below is the list.

1) Cowards - Today this is the masses. And especially the SJW. But I will explain below.
2) Martyrs - People who will die for a belief. 
3) Warriors - Wolves and Warriors - those will not only die to protect others but also KILL. 

I am the wolf, I am the warrior

Cowards today are everywhere. Now this does not mean they are not loud. They most certainly are! How can you tell? The complain about life and being victims. A great example of a pathetic coward is Congress-Thing Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. She attacks anyone who does not agree with her ideology of communism, constantly pushes her victim hood, and is a communist socialist roots.  

People playing these kinds of mind games are cowards, Because they refuse to listen or educate themselves. I think she should go back to bartending. I cannot respect cowards. They also have no moral code. She is the ultimate SJW. And she is pathetic.

Martyrs are also everywhere. However when push comes to shove most turn into cowards.

Then we have wolves and warriors. And this class is growing today as people wake up. A warrior is bound to his or her moral code.

Knowing the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. Warriors sacrifice for the good of all men. Not for the "greater good" which is a liberal ideological lie meaning the good of your keepers. Just like "national security" means protecting the government, not the people.

What are they protecting? Their LIES

Those who are awake understand this. And I am not a tolerant or politically correct person. This is also the ideology of the communist. And this is the ideology of evil. Communism has murdered more people in history than ANY OTHER CAUSE.

Yet the brain dead somehow believe this time will be different. Communism leads to genocide, gulags and "vaccines" that are not tested for a "disease" with no death rate. If you look at the real statistics too you will see it is not contagious either.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Do I care if people take the "jab?" Not at all. I just consider it natural section. Blind obedience without proper independent research. 

Always do your own research without the influence of BIG TECH. You cannot get the truth from the corrupt. 

It is the time of the warriors. The rats are in the cornfield and they are HIS RATS. Wolves eat rats.

Be the warrior, be the wolf

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Wolves and Warriors - Finding Truth in an time of Lies and Corruption
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