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Western Medicine Kyusho Connection


Western Medicine Kyusho Connection

* Western Medicine Kyusho Connection

This one will upset the naysayers in the martial arts world, but I am good with that idea! As Dan Kennedy says, "if you have not pissed someone off today you are not doing your job." Therefore we will look at the Western Medicine Kyusho Connection!

Back in 2000 before I began my Kyusho Jitsu journey I injured my shoulder. Fortunately my family doctor was not a moron as many of them are, and when I asked him about acupuncture he said it was a great idea. He admitted while he did not understand the process there was obviously something there. And if I could avoid surgery even better. I got acupuncture and avoided unnecessary surgery. 

Corruption in Medicine Today

So, why are pressure points and acupuncture not proven by western medicine today? Because the western medical systems has been corrupted by politics and the obsession of money. There is no money in acupuncture or herbs. There is BIG money in chemicals like vaccines. Am I anti vaccination? No I am not. Am I anti science? Certainly NOT. I am ANTI CORRUPTION! 

To see this clearly all you need to do is look at 2 elements. One the heavy PUSH in the 90's of antibiotics as a cure for everything. And what happened? Antibiotic resistant bacteria. Why did it happen? Corrupt doctors and drug companies making billions. Selling unnecessary antibiotics to a population who trusted their doctors without question. 

The last time I had an antibiotic was in April 2010 when I had arm surgery. This was a pre-op shot which if I refused they would not have operated. Before that was to kill off gangrene after an accident at work and a substandard medical treatment in an Emergency Room. 

Next we have fluoride. How can there be an acceptable level of an unacceptable substance? I won't bother with the reasons why this is allow to happen. Or perhaps the opioid issues of today? 

I just want you to fully understand why pressure points and acupuncture are rejected by the majority of the western medical cultures and therefore why martial artists make incorrect assumptions of Kyusho Jitsu and therefore pressure points. On the the Western Medicine Kyusho Connection.

Western Medicine Kyusho Connection

There are specific biological reasons that Kyusho Jitsu works. Today I will give a couple of examples. How did I get this information if the words I saw above are true? But talking with open minded doctors and other medical people about my thoughts and getting their feedback as to my accuracy.

So let's get on to this!

The Brain and Instinct

I can remember back years ago when the various medical authorities all tried to tell the world that people did not have instinct. This was pushed as FACT when in truth was all lies. People have a brainstem that provides various automatic functions and instincts. Survival is one of these instincts. 

With that in mind the brain will protect the body from harm and a pressure point being a weak area of the body, because of the proximity of nerves and other important body elements, can and will yield a predictable result. And thus the Western Medicine Kyusho Connection. Let's look at 2 examples now

Pressure Point SP-11

Now that you can see the location of Pressure Point Spleen 11 it is important to understand how this pressure points works and why it works. First it is located on the Femoral Nerve, which runs down along side of the bone in the leg. 

When you attack this pressure point [SP-11] or the nerve associated, with a kick as an example you compress the nerve against the bone. Not only does this cause great pain in the leg but also reports to the brain the possibility of a break or damage to the Femur.

The femur is the bone in the upper leg as you can see in the picture to the right.

Spleen Meridian Leg
Femoral Nerve

Breakage of the bone can cause a rupture of the artery with death as a result. 

Therefore the brain will shutdown to PROTECT the body.

Below is a knockout I did many years ago demonstrating this on SP-11. 

Pressure Point GB-24

The next one I will talk about is Pressure Point GB-24 [Gall Bladder].

The Western Medicine Kyusho Connections applies here as well. What is the purpose of the Rib Cage?  It is to protect the lungs and heart from damage. 

GB-24 is located on the upper abdomen, directly below the nipple, in the 7th intercostal space, 4 cun (finger widths) lateral to the anterior mid-line of the chest. 

The Pressure Point Gall Bladder 24

This area of the body, the rib cage is monitored and protected by the intercostal nerves. The intercostal nerves are part of the somatic nervous system, and arise from the anterior "rami" of the thoracic spinal nerves from "T1" to "T11 of the spinal collumn." 

All of the is important because GB-24 is a monitoring point for rib damage. Why is rib integrity so critical? Because a broken rib can puncture a lung resulting in a collapsed lung, and potential for bleed out and death. Therefore striking GB-24 correctly will result in the a knockout, to protect the integrity of the rib cage, and therefore the heart and lungs. Below is another example of a knockout on GB-24.

In Conclusion

Western Medicine Kyusho Connection CONCLUSION

Now for the bad news, if you want to use pressure points for self defense you have to do the work. Reading this article won't make you a master! But below I will give you a link to get started on the path FREE.

I am also sure you can now see from plain logic how all this works and the clear Western Medicine Kyusho Connections.

Also please note I am very much in favor of the remarkable things that have been accomplished by many in the western medical world. But I am against corruption.

Feel free to comment below.. 

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Grand Master Art Mason

Western Medicine Kyusho Connection - Where and how East Meets West
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