Thinking Beyond 3rd Dimension

Thinking Beyond 3rd Dimension

* Thinking Beyond 3rd Dimension

"In a time of great deception "truth" become a revolutionary act." I hope you can see that this statement is FACT today. We are living in a world of non stop lies and propaganda. And in order to keep your sanity there is some work you need to do. So today I offer Thinking Beyond 3rd Dimension an article on seeing lies and moving past it all. 

We are amidst a revolution of thought, a time of Great Awakening. But the purpose of this article is not to list the lies, or give you the truth. The purpose is to make you fearless and willing to look for the truth. No matter how painful that may be. People can no longer be told "truth." You must see it and realize it for yourself. Look at something and say "this does not make sense." And rather than accept it, reject it and look for truth. 

Recently I offered a free course on my Chi Development Site " called The 5th Dimension. It is free and I highly recommend taking the time to do the course. 

Waking Up

I woke up a long time ago. It happened over decades as I saw things in the media and just realized that everything they said was contradictory. Awakening comes in 2 stages. The first stage is politically and the second stage is spiritually.

* Thinking Beyond 3rd Dimension

My political awakening was on September 11th 2001. I watched the plane hit the 2nd tower, and then the first tower implode.

The narrative on the reason defied logic. And I had personally witnessed a detonation by implosion in 1977. That was what happened. Jet fuel did not do this, that was such a lie.

Again I am not here to point to the lies. But make you learn to see for yourself. 

3rd Dimension

People who are asleep think in the dimension their body exist in. The 3rd Dimension. In this dimension people simply accept all they are told, do not question.  Today this is a large percent of the population. But that is shrinking today. And that is wonderful!

Moving into thinking in the 4th Dimension is entering chaos. You become angry and confused. Plus you know something is wrong but are not sure what. You do not like the way things are. But you are afraid to question. 

That is what my free course is about. If you are ready for it, then it will help immensely! When you reach the 5th Dimension then all they lies become apparent. They become laughable! It becomes a case of "connecting the dots' Then truth becomes obvious.

5th Dimension

Once in the 5th Dimension it becomes a time of healing. Truth HURTS and much of the truth coming to the world will be very painful for people. A time of healing and adjustment are coming.

This is why we have been offer Chi Development now for years. Because when someone is awake politically, they need to explore the spiritual. 

Let me clarify, what is a political awakening? It is seeing that evil exist in our world, and it is a dominate force! We are not in a battle of countries or ideologies, it is a battle of GOOD vs EVIL. 

An example of something to see is the current "censorship" game.

If you look at history you will see what is happening today is the exact same playbook as the fall of Iran in 1979. 

Thinking Beyond 3rd Dimension is essential for our world to chance. 

* Thinking Beyond 3rd Dimension

It is really why we became martial artists. For most of us it was not to be distracted by the idea of winning titles. It was supposed to be preparing for war in a time of peace. And a connection of Body _ Mind and Spirit. 

Sport being important is a lie. Ad when did it become a good idea to beat someone senseless and call it "entertainment?" It is barbaric, egotistical and evil!

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

The world is changing and as long as people now work to develop themselves we will discover a much better world. 

I want to take as many people with me as possible! But first you must awaken politically, then start the journey of a lifetime. The spiritual path. 

I use wolves in these articles because they are a symbol of great strength, family values and wisdom.

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The 5th Dimension

The 5th Dimension

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Thinking Beyond 3rd Dimension - Body - Mind and Spirit
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