The Great Reset

The Great Reset

* The Great Reset

Today I am giving another editorial article because of the times we live in. I hope these help you see a clear path. What is "The Great Reset?" Today I am going to get deep into this. But i do recomment that you read The Great Awakening first. As these go hand in hand. 

There are 2 Great Resets. One will destroy the economic systems of the world. A system that has been in DEEP trouble since Richard Nixon took the dollar off the Gold Standard

This made a situation in which FIAT Currency was used, which has no real value at all except by force of Government. It is a house of cards and cannot survive! Only a fool would believe the government can spend money, borrow money and print money forever. But there are a lot of fools in the world. Just go outside and have a look! 

In 2008 we almost saw the full collapse of the system. But the timing was not right yet and criminal president Obama printed his way out of the issue. But that is like putting a bandage on a gangrenous leg. Eventually you must amputate. 

Today we are at the end of the current system.

Great Reset One

The first great reset is the "brainchild" of a globalist criminals Klaus Swab and Bill Gates. Two of the most unethical people who have ever lived. These evil bastards could make Joseph Stalin look like a boy scout. Gates has murder tens of thousands of children with his "vaccine" programs in Africa and India which a simply a cash cow and have nothing to do with health.

 The Great Reset was using the Covid-19 Hoax to destroy the economy and bring forward their dream of total control and more crimes against humanity. Just look at the lies and contradictions. 

But they have LOST. The Great reset will be the second one. NOT THEIRS.

Great Reset Two

This is the QFS, the Quantum Financial System. And as of this writing all banks and countries are online ready for the launch. However there is going to be some hardship people must endure before the new economy begins to bring the world back to live. 

This is why you need to educate yourself, and prepare. Chance Favors the Prepared Mind!

Understanding Fiat and WHY it FAILS

To explain the Fiat System, which is a Ponzi Scheme would take hours of writing. so I am giving you this video below which will do a great job!

In Conclusion

The Great Reset CONCLUSION

Education is the way forward with the times ahead. You must also vet the information you are giving because today, in the dystopian hell hole, lies have become virtue.

For truth stay away from all things main stream. 

That is a challenge, but there is no other way. CNN, MSNBC, BBC, CBC are all useless if you want truth. So is the CDC and WHO. Get off platforms like Facebook and Twitter. There are great alternatives. If everyone educates themselves by connecting the dots we can create an great world. Better then it has ever been.

* The 5th Dimension

Thinking in the 5th Dimension

Today the masses believe everything they are told by "experts." Are these people experts? Perhaps, but they have sold their souls to corruption! But those in the 3rd dimension of thinking will not see or understand this!

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Critical Information for the "Great Reset"

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

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Thank you and have a great day!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

The Great Reset - Understanding the Future of our World
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The Great Reset - Understanding the Future of our World
Chance Favors the Prepared Mind. But you need to be educated not indoctrinated. Learn about The Great Reset in progress today. Be Prepared
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