The Art of War 2021

Art of War 2021

* Art of War 2021

We live in a time in history that has never been before. At least on the scale we are experiencing today. I am fairly optimistic abut the future, but most people are not. And I can understand this. Things look pretty bad! So today I want to talk about an ancient book and modernize the ideas. Here is Art of War 2021.

The Western Culture is on fire today and the reason is decades of apathy from the people. When I look at England I feel sick to my stomach. Now the reasons, like medical tyranny are obvious. But this is also used to hide crimes beyond imagination. To list them is not the purpose of this article Art of War 2021.

I want to make people stop thinking with their hate and anger and to JUST THINK. Not much thinking is going on these days. You can the proof everywhere!

I also suggest reading my article The Great Awakening before you read this one. That will help make things clear. 

Right now we are at WAR. It has not as of yet escalated to the point of tanks and guns civil war and revolution, but if we do not get a handle on it soon that will be the results. Currently we are in a cyber war of information, or disinformation depending on which side you are on. 

The war is online, on communist platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Plus video sites like YouTube. But the problem is, good guys or White Hats are messing UP BIG TIME. Getting into pointless arguments with the indoctrinated, getting banned and bringing attention to themselves when stealth is what is needed 

So let's look at some rules of engagement.

Rule # 1

Never tell the Enemy KNOW what you are doing! I watch my industry, which I would like to believe is populated with smart people, but I am not seeing the evidence telling publicly their plans. They do not seem to realize the enemy sees this too! Especially when you do it in their back yard.

People fighting trying to change the world by forwarding factual / truthful information on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube. Are you an idiot? I have seen groups plan rallies to fight lockdowns and tell the authorities they are coming via Facebook.  I have no words for this kind of stupidity!

You are telling the enemy your exact thoughts and belief's which are getting censored and marked down while doing so.

Are you really this dumb? If you have some great information use a platform like Gab or Mewe or Minds to spread the word. Email it to friends, do not use FB Messenger!

You cannot win this war in their backyard! So get the hell out! Facebook, Twitter, and the others are COMMUNIST/Socialist/Fascist loving companies that need to be bankrupt. The power of the consumer and the free market can destroy them! But if you keep feeding the demon eventually they will own everything including you! 

Get off these evil platforms! Nothing good can come of using them!

Rule # 2 

Never interrupt an enemy in the process of destroying themselves. In the Art of War you see the enemy is becoming desperate. You can almost hear the death rattle of the elites. Why do I think this? Because I am connecting the dots.  Quietly gathering information. 

But those who do understand what I say must be patient. As this shit show continues and the movie plays out,  it gets more ridiculous all the time. It reminds me of the movie Airplane! but not quite as intelligent.

Rule # 3 

This is not from the book the Art of War, but I am sure there is a reference. This is from Star Trek the Wrath of Khan. Revenge is a dish best served COLD. 

The Art of War needs to tell you a secret. To win the war you must control your emotions. When you are not in control of your emotions you make mistakes. BIG MISTAKES.

The evil ones use FEAR, which is a powerful emotion to control you! "OMG you will get the "virus" and die!" And when confronted them with real statistics, people are still afraid. And they do not want to hear anything other then they are right. 

Statistics, real statistics not CNN the Communist News Network will tell you the infection rate is less than one thousandth of one percent. And if it is so deadly, where the bodies?  This is all a LIE and a power grab. But if you still have a living brain cell you will realize this.

Toronto has a homeless rate as of February 2020 of 102, 049 people. That is likely higher today. But there are no bodies stacked on the streets.  During the Black Plaque there was! And every other real medical epidemic. The population during this time was less than 500 million world wide. Today we are approaching 8 Billion. Where are the bodies?

People who believe the lie, well it is called Natural Selection. Nothing can be done about it. Just look at the lines for the death jab! Believing somehow they government will keep a promise and let them be free again. Oh, I have some property in the Caribbean I can sell you too!

In Conclusion

Those who's eyes are open need to help wake people up. But some will never wake up. Leave them alone. And you cannot bombard anyone, just plant seeds and hope they take. You will not get revelations, but you may get questions.

And I do suggest reading the Art of War if you have not yet done so. This is a critical masterpiece for the times.

* The 5th Dimension

Thinking in the 5th Dimension

Today the masses believe everything they are told by "experts." Are these people experts? Perhaps, but they have sold their souls to corruption! But those in the 3rd dimension of thinking will not see or understand this!

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Art of War 2021  3 Rules of Engagement for Today's Online Information War
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