Taking the Kill Shot

Taking the Kill Shot

* Taking the Kill Shot

The world has gone nuts. If you think 2020 was strange, well hold on to your hats. I was really hoping to take a back seat to a lot of what is going on today. But it is just in your face everywhere. The "crazies" on the streets, be them just the regular criminal element we have always dealt with for decades. Or now today domestic terrorist groups like BLM and Antifa your safety is in jeopardy.  The way things are going you might just end up taking the Kill Shot to save your own life.

Not all of us carry arms. I live in East Europe in the mountains. There is no problem here. Very little violent crime at all! But the west has lots of issues.  I wrote a while back on the Death of the Weston Culture, and it is even more true now than when I wrote it!

Therefore it is time to change the training, change it to the idea of taking the kill shot.  Chance favors the prepared mind, and now is the time to prepare!

What do I mean? A completely different look at the use of pressure points to an level much higher than I have ever wanted to teach before. But now is the time. This is well beyond Combat Pressure Points

Pressure Point Fighting

The chances of killing someone by accident with pressure point strikes is remote, but it exists. If you strike BL-10 hard as an example you can damage the brain stem. The odds are you won't have an issue. And while death from pressure point strikes does happen it is usually classified as "death by misadventure" and not homicide. 

If you have studied Kyusho Jitsu for a while you are familiar with Brain Dysfunction or Neurological Knockouts.  But what if I told you that you can by training correctly in all the Principles of Kyusho Jitsu, and practicing a certain way with your Uke. And memorizing which pressure points and which principles need to be used together under which circumstances you can almost guarantee a deadly result?

Believe it or not the answer is absolutely!

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

I had an experience a week or so ago while I was still in Canada that shocked me.

And this is the reason for this short article as well as a new course coming in April 2021.

Below I will give you all the details.


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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Taking the Kill Shot - Extreme Pressure Point Fighting for 2021
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Taking the Kill Shot - Extreme Pressure Point Fighting for 2021
The world is crazy and it is getting worse each day. Taking the Kill Shot - Extreme Pressure Point Fighting for the streets of the year 2021
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