Serious Mental Illness

Serious Mental Illness

* Serious Mental Illness

The world is run by psychopaths. And I hope you are seeing this! Social justice is a communist lie that creates an entitlement mentally and "Serious Mental Illness."  Therefore many will not like what I am going to write here, and that is OK.

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Something insidious is going on today. The LIE of Covid-19 has been fully exposed. And the WHO downgraded the "virus" to flu level in March 2020, but those with Stockholm Syndrome, followers of the people in government positions trying to turn the world communist, will now kill you over a mask!

Yes these people, all the pro jab/pro mask have a serious issues. A serious mental illness.

*Serious Mental Illness

Medical science today is decided by who are paying you, not REAL RESEARCH. MASKS will cause serious health issues including death from bacterial infections.

However people JOG  and workout with them on! And that DEMON "dr" Fauci encourages this! Were 3 to be safe! This man is a criminal.

Hence these people are depriving themselves of oxygen, breathing in their own CO2 [carbon emissions].

Thereby, how can I not call them IDIOTS? 

Lock-down is a Word for PRISONS

And then people have been told via propaganda if they do not comply with the government's unlawful orders they are BAD people. They instill horse arrest which is a form of torture for the SOUL PURPOSE of creating serious mental illness in people, causing them to become violent.

This leads to achieving the UN's mandate of depopulation

An example of this violence? Yesterday at a Salvation Army Store some man dragged a young child out of the store by her hoodie because her nose was exposed. This bastard needs a jail cell for LIFE for this act. So can you see this is serious mental illness at work? These people are dangerous and we must be prepared!  

When I am out of the house, and this is rare because I have zero tolerance for people these days, I become invisible. Yesterday I picked up some beer and the woman at the cash offered me help with carrying the purchase. I carry a cane with me at all times as to look non imposing. And if someone gets in my face they can meet "my little friend" for a good beating. 

Moreover you should always made sure the attacker does not know who he attacked! Art of War 101.

Promoted Drug Pushing

Then on top of all this, like this is not enough,  governments BULLY and THREATEN people to take an experimental chemical by injection so they can get their lives back. Then they are told by the criminal governments that nothing will change anyways. AND IDIOTS BUY THIS!

This chemical which is untested, alters the DNA of the recipient forever. Today we are already seeing the effects of this insanity. 

Most importantly ttese are not conspiracy theories people, these are conspiracy FACTS. I encourage people to do their own research before you allow any medical intervention of ANY KIND. Below is a video for your information. It explains how we got here medically.

In Conclusion

Serious Mental Illness CONCLUSION

I encourage everyone in preparation to TRAIN HARD to deal with the potential of people with serious mental illness.

I have seen personally the behavior of these people. Below are some tools to help you!.

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

GM Art Mason

GM Art Mason

Serious Mental Illness - Surviving in very dangerous Times
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