Self Defense: Martial Artists Do Not Understand This


Self Defense: Martial Artists

* Self Defense: Martial Artists

Self Defense: Martial Artists do not understand this at all! What am I talking about? Most martial artists young and old alike do not understand the correlation between online privacy, security and self defense. Perhaps too may kicks to the head? Well no, that is not true I have been kicked in the head many time and I see the link wide and clear. I had a skull fracture from a spin hook kick back in 94. So what is it? Basically not preparing for the worst and hoping for the best! The issue is that "chance favors the prepared mind."

Self Defense: Martial Artists Do Not Understand Surveillance 

How does this all work? Self Defense: Martial Artists need to understand this!

First if you have a smartphone, no matter who makes it, you are under surveillance 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. And this is verifiable FACT.

Data Center

This is a Google Data Center in Georgia. Can you imagine how many computers are in this massive building running for the soul purpose of indexing your data?

There are 19 of these Google Data Centers Worldwide. And this is ONLY GOOGLE, not Facebook, Apply, Microsoft or Amazon to name a few.

They say that iPhone is better for security, but security and privacy have nothing directly to do with each other. iPhone is a little harder to hack. That is all! But I am not talking just about hacking here. Google and Facebook collect massive amounts of data about everyone online. Facebook follows you even if you do not have a Facebook account

Everything you say in the presence of your phone is recorded, indexed and stored in data centers. Your location is monitored all the time down to the meter. And sometimes even when you turn off location services you are still seen because some apps can turn it on and they do. Plus your camera takes picture both front and back without your knowledge or consent. All for the purposes of "Marketing." Sure......

For Advertising 

All this is done to feed you very targeted advertisements. If you and your significant other are talking about going somewhere, these corporations hear and then they can even do their job better. Deliver you more relevant ads.  They know where you are, what you are doing and where you plan to go. Plus if you use a debit or credit card they even have the details of what you purchase. They know everything about you. Likes, dislikes, speech, and habits. in terms of  Self Defense: Martial Artists how do you feel about this?

National Security [Bullshit]

And of course the NSA has access to all this data, as well as damn near every other government on the planet. But all this is only part of the equation. The surveillance in China should terrify you! And who do you think is helping them?

None of the information is properly secured. Some of these databases are even in plan text. This means other bad players beside the governments and these corporations can get access to this information. 

* Self Defense: Martial Artists

Companies, banks, governments, school are all hacked daily. 

Real Danger

Let's look at a scenario. You work hard and live in a nice area of your city. Like everyone else you have a Wifi router for your internet access and to save bandwidth your phone connects to the wifi too. Now this Wifi is registered internationally on a website called Wigle, plus a few others. The information is public and anyone can access it. Here is the LINK.  

Your phone is broadcasting to world exactly where you are! Your Wifi is broadcasting to the world too! Cell Towers pick this information up and forward it to databases. Your Wifi, phone and laptop each have a unique identifier called a MAC address.  This is register to you, and only you.

Some friends come over and you discuss going out for dinner.  The 4 of you decide on a place and off you go. Everyone has a cellphone therefore the conversation is recorded on 4 different devices, all tagged to your exact location and travel route. 

* Front Lines of Self Defense

If there is a bad player listening you just told him you are not home. This is like skywriting please come rob my house.

Plus if you end up going home early you just might walk in on this! No matter how tough you think you are because of your martial arts mastery this is all going to go BAD.

How things can go bad

But instead you end up at your favorite chain restaurant. You are hooked to your Wifi and you go on Facebook and tell all your friends your location and tag who you are with. Great, now how many hundreds or perhaps thousand of people can see where you are?

Of course everyone knows you are an accomplished martial artist because of your posts and pictures.

Better hope that one of these "friends" is not a nut-bag stalker who you just told where you are and now may decide to come and call you out! 

* Self Defense: Martial Artists

Big feather in his psycho cap to beat the hell out of you while his friends video this. Or perhaps some pervert "has a thing" for one of the ladies because she was careless with the pictures she posts. But everyone online are good honest people right? And you LOVE getting  those likes on your posts! That dopamine hit always makes your day!

So now any advantage you may have had in a self defense situation is gone because the attacker can know everything about you and the people with you.

And he does not even need to be an hacker to do this. This is nothing compared to the endless different possibilities or scenarios. And all because you feel complacent in your online presence and will not further education yourself about your online privacy and security.

You just tolerate this intolerable situation because you think there is nothing you can do about it. WRONG this much you can do.

In Conclusion

Self Defense: Martial Artists CONCLUSION

Please take all this information seriously.

Learn everything you can about the topic. And feel free to fact check me on all the above.

Once you are convinced learn all you can and go out and spread the word!

This is very serious stuff.  We need to be vigilant!

Life is hard enough without imjurty or loss of a loved one due to the insanity going on today. Be vigilant and prepare yourself now!

I want to add today a postscript to this article.  On the Social Network a comment was made that I am "fearmongering" with this information. This is the result of a person who finds unrest in what I say, but who is not willing to take action in his own life. So be it.

However addressing Fearmongering, are you aware that via undisciplined and un educated use in Social Media is today what drive sex trafficking. Young men and women are stalked via these methods, and snatched for sale.  Now I can write another article with images, examples and proof. But my hope is people will stop this idea that they need to be right and ok, and take and teach responibility for their and their loved one safety.

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Self Defense: Martial Artists Do Not Understand this Important Fact
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Self Defense: Martial Artists Do Not Understand this Important Fact
Mass Surveillance of today changed the odds of successful street defense. Self Defense: Martial Artists Do Not Understand this Important Self Defense FACT
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