Self Defense Fearmonger

Self Defense Fearmonger

* Self Defense Fearmonger

Yes it is true, last week I was called a Self Defense Fearmonger because of an article I wrote called Self Defense Most Martial Artists do not Understand this.  This was in the form of a comment on Linkedin. Now I will admit I terrible when it comes to interaction on my posted articles on Social Media. If someone asks a question and I see it I try to reply. If someone disagrees with my position I typically only thank them for the comment. I don't bother with the debate mostly due to time constraints in my life, but also because I am just not interested. 

But because of the word fearmonger I had to reply. The reply was going to be "thank you for proving my point." But after looking at the entire comment I just had to reply in full. One other reason was he lead the comment with his "martial art credentials." I see this a lot in the martial arts world. But my question is, who are you trying to impress?  The fact that this person leads with their credentials means they have a HUGE ego and the addiction to being RIGHT especially when confronted with a topic they obviously know nothing about! 

But this is just one of the illness we face today. I have had people question me on this article. Most will say to me, "you have a point I am going to think about this." The perfect comment! And exactly what I am looking for!

What was I talking about that got me labeled as a Self Defense Fearmonger? The relationship between Online Privacy and your ability to defend yourself.  Most people do not see the connection, but that is mostly due to the none stop bombardment of misinformation today. 

Another example of the bombardment of misinformation is how far AI has developed. You would be shocked to know the truth.

Self Defense Fearmonger - Let's look deeper

Cyber Crimes World on Fire - Self Defense Solutions

Who is really Fearmongering? Me talking about how the self defense world is changing and providing solutions anyone can do, or corrupt Mass Media Companies like CNN and MSNBC telling people World War III is coming to increase their declining ratings? 

If what I write can cause "fear" in the martial arts community that is a very sad reflection on the community. Aside from the interest in winning sporting events, which today martial arts is mostly about. But a least should be some focus on self defense and personal protection. 

With this idea in mind lets look at a much more insidious issue today that is made far worse by the death of privacy online  and the non understand of the issue at hand. That epidemic problem is Humane Trafficking

This has always been a problem, 100 years ago in some countries parents would sell their children into slavery. But today, with the world of Social Media all is different. Because of Social Media like Facebook, and the lack of privacy on these platforms, coupled with the mistakes teenagers make due to lack of education, it is simple for a predator to stalk and snatch a teenage girl or boy, and it happens EVERYDAY!

And we all know we have high powered political people involved in this who will KILL to keep their secrets. {Epstine did not commit suicide]

You will see mass protests against this calling for action from the people who are the problem.  And protests don't work. If they did you would not be allowed to do them.

But this can all be changed very simply. It does not require the average person to do much to make their children safe. But the apathy is so high, no one hears the truth. And the information can be taught by martial artists who first learn and practice this information. This when applied makes it more difficult for these evil bastards to get what they want. 

We save lives doing this! But I am a Self Defense Fearmonger right?

* Security Privacy Self Defense

Personal True Story

I have someone in my life who has been for important to me for a very long time. She is a sweet kind person who when it came to her Social Media addiction and the narcissism that these companies promote, was making some very BAD choices on her Facebook content.  

This lady had a tendency to post pictures of herself that just do not belong on Facebook. There was nothing wrong with the pictures themselves, but when presented to an audience of over 3000 "friends" she has never met, and the fact that Facebook does not protect these images, this is HIGHLY dangerous! 

Her self esteem was built on Facebook likes. I warned many times, kindly, to stop doing this. She did not listen and ended up begin stalked in real life. Fortunately it was not too late to take control and end the problem. And also fortunately she when someone got too friendly realized how right I was in what I was saying. This had a good ending.

Opportunity to Help

The current state of  privacy online today is the number one way these criminals find and exploit teenage boys and girls. This is global problem and billion dollar industry getting worse day by day. The powers that be say this is a Dark Web issue, which is a BOLD FACE LIE.

This is a privacy issue caused by the lie that if you give up privacy you will be more secure. And if I was a self defense fearmonger I would not be providing real ways to help! Many of you reading this know about my Humane Pressure Point Tactics Certification Courses

* Self Defense Fearmonger

Originally a 3 Level Certification I am expand this to a forth level to cover the many new problems we face today in the self defense field. 

And perhaps the most important item we will cover in level four is teaching people to be safe online and making it as hard as impossible as possible for this scum to snatch and enslave our youth!

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

H.P.P.T is not about me revolutionizing the martial arts world with some new infallible self defense system. It is about me giving you a product you can learn and take to the real world. Please watch this video below with detailed explanations.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

The statistics on the subject of Humane Trafficking should scare the hell out of you.This is the 3rd largest criminal operation in the world!

The mass media are the fearmonger with their unsubstantiated claims Trump will cause World War III while I trying to educate and provide solutions are called a self defense fearmonger.


Protesting does not work. The lies of blaming people like the "left" does none stop today does not work! Virtue Signalling is BULLSHIT! We need solutions! Knowledge and then the application of knowledge does work. Working together we can make a big difference. Get involved with Humane Pressure Point Tactics today! 

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
― George Orwell

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Self Defense Fearmonger - Does telling the truth make you a Fearmonger?
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Self Defense Fearmonger - Does telling the truth make you a Fearmonger?
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