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Security Privacy Self Defense

* Security Privacy Self Defense

How Security Privacy Self Defense and Martial Arts all fit together. Something that I find very ODD [funny] today is the idea, the belief that in order for your alleged "governments" to provide you with security you must give up certain "privacy"rights. What a BOLD FACE LIE. This should be very evident in the current dystopian times we are living in. Survellience has been increased exponentially with more to come. 

When you give up privacy on any level you reduce your security, and defeat your ability to defend yourself when needed. No matter what the corrupt media and powers that be will tell you!

How Security Privacy Self Defense - Why is that?

It is simple these organization who are farming out your data, your information and even the pictures of your children are made up of people. Some good, many evil and corrupt! Do you believe the oil industry is corrupt? Of course you do! But I have some news for you. DATA is now the NUMBER ONE commodity in the world, NOT OIL 

Honestly this should scare you!

I had an interesting discussion with my someone about using an encrypted connect to talk. Like PGP encryption for your email. As much as she worries about privacy her comment was. "why they can hack it." 

That is actually not true. To hack this type of encryption takes MASSIVE processing power which is why there is such a focus on Quantum Computers. And why countries like Australia are making encryption for the average person ILLEGAL in the name of "security." 

However even if encryption was hack-able, why would you chose to communicate in plain text?  Why would you ever make it easy for those who wish to steal your information, or to stalk you? That makes ZERO sense! 

* Security Privacy Self Defense [Martial Arts]

Privacy is a cornerstone of Self Defense

Today I created a VPN [Virtual Private Network] on one of our servers. Now I have been using a VPN for years. But on my own servers, servers in which I am the IT departmentI can protect things better. Currently I am testing it on my cell phone.  If you do not know what a VPN is follow this LINK for information.  So far I am very happy with the performance!

And because cloud storage, the place many of you "backup" delicate documents and pictures is a primary target for hackers I created my OWN Cloud Service like Dropbox. You can read all about this from this link on the Kyusho Jitsu World Cloud Services.

In Conclusion

Security Privacy Self Defense CONCLUSION

It is interesting and rather prophetic that I write this today that this morning I received an email that was a "blackmail" attempt at me.

The email came, the contact information was found because the server of a student was hacked. They got into his mail system and sent out threatening emails to his contacts. 

This is one of those "I have a video of you."  Yeah dude, no you don't because such a video never existed. And for obvious reasons having nothing to do with the "blackmail" attempt I have black tape over my camera when not in use. 


And I know as a FACT that when running Windows that Microsoft can turn the camera on whenever they choose. I hope you have issue with that too?

Now I have resurrected my BBS business from the past "Digital WasteLand" because I see many of the people in this "cybersecurity" industry are very predatory! I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on this HERE. 

And please join me on YouTube on this all new channel Digital WasteLand linked here. Privacy and self defense are directly linked! And when you have a moment please read Front Lines of Self Defense.

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Security Privacy Self Defense and Martial Arts - How is all relates.
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Security Privacy Self Defense and Martial Arts - How is all relates.
Understanding your Security Privacy Self Defense and Martial Arts. How this all ties together and how your ability to defend yourself is being compromised.
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Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance
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