Pressure Point Self Defense & Threat Levels

Pressure Point Self Defense

Self Defense is Under Attack

Do you know how Pressure Point Self Defense & Threat Levels integrate together? From the things I see posted, and a lot of the video I see there seems to be some confusion on this topic. 

Today I see a lot of "Combat" websites, videos and posts. Many of these done by younger people, often times trying to make a name for themselves. Nothing wrong with that I suppose. However if you are experiencing the need for "combat" training and you are a citizen, not police or military, you are doing something VERY wrong!

The addition of the science of pressure point self defense into these systems would dramatically improve the success rate. But again if you are confronted by a knife on a regular basis, it is time to rethink your life.

Pressure Point Self Defense & Threat Levels

Pressure Point Self Defense & Threat Levels

You can breakdown Threat Levels for the average person fairly accurately. And in my opinion the need for real, solid self defense solutions are needed more than ever!

But first let's define self defense. 

"The protection of one's person or property against some injury attempted by another." This is a legal definition and here is a link for more information for you.

Pressure Points Self Defense & Escalation Levels

For the sake of simplicity I am going to break down Threat Level into 3 parts. In my school I break it down further, but lets look at the things the average person will encounter.

1) Level One - This is the beginning stage. You have encounter a disruptive person or a situation in which a potential attacker is "interviewing" you. Under most circumstances there is always an interview. For those types of people who are into the conflict and combat types of situation this may not occur. Or occurred in the past. Then they are ambushed. That is not what happens to the average person.

This stage has distinct signs and it requires situational awareness. There are also certain skills needed to handle this stage. Good assertive verbal skills, knowledge of the area in which you are in and possible escape routes. But most of all, an understanding of how to preemptively use pressure points to discourage the attacker, subdue the attacker and possibly restrain the attacker till the police arrive.

Attacked Tonight on the Way Home

2) Level Two -. This is in reference to AFTER the attacker has taken the threat from talk to physical aggression. This includes all of the above, plus the ability to knock the attacker out, allowing for escape or intervention from authorities. 

3) Level Three - This is high level threats that include weapons like knife, guns and clubs. Also multiple attackers! 

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

There are many very important aspects fo successful self defense. It is not just about techniques. Escalation is a very important part of any self defense training and you need a deep understanding of how it all works.

This is one reason I created the HPPT - Humane Pressure Point Tactics Certification Course. You can learn more here. And i have an eBook called Humane Kyusho Jitsu Beginners Guide you can checkout here

Does your personal self defense training include escalation work? Please tell me about it! I would love to hear. Comment here.

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Pressure Point Self Defense & Threat Levels - Get a Deep Understanding
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Pressure Point Self Defense & Threat Levels - Get a Deep Understanding
Violence can erupt in this crazy world today at a seconds notice. You need to understand Pressure Point Self Defense & Threat Levels.
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