Kyusho Pressure Point Misconceptions

Kyusho Pressure Point Misconceptions

* Kyusho Pressure Point Misconceptions

What inspired me to write a post today about Kyusho Pressure Point Misconceptions? Simple, it was a question asked of me on my June 1st Free Kyusho Club Webinar. What was the question? What pressure point can I strike to get out of a rear naked choke. 

The question while seemingly logical actually shows how far I have yet to go to educated people in the science of pressure point self defense. The answer to that question? The solution is tied to your root art. Plus from rear there is very little available to strike. And you have between 4-6 seconds before you are unconscious.  That is not much time!

There are solutions, and I do have some. But they are tied to my root of of Hapkido.

Kyusho Pressure Point Misconceptions #1

Pressure Points Don't Work on the Street
Kyusho Pressure Point Misconceptions

This is one of the great misconceptions which is why I have it listed here first. This is something that originated with a group of martial arts misfits, who consulted friends for advice. The truth is they are epic failures.

They tout that "gross motor skills" are the only thing that works and that Kyusho is all about fine motor skills. Sorry dudes, you are all clueless! 

The funny part is in the next breath they talk of how the ONLY effect street system is Krav Maga.

And guess what boys, everything they teach is based on fine motor skills. However with "proper" training, learning to control your emotions under stress all these fine motor skills work! But the issues people have is this requires WORK, something the "naysayers" are allergic too! 

If you are one who can't use pressure point strike on the street it is a training failure, not a pressure point failure! Train harder!

Kyusho Pressure Point Misconceptions #2

Kyusho Knockouts are not real.

This is another one of the great Kyusho Pressure Point Misconceptions.

Before you make judgment on anything, especially if you are going to talk about it, it is always best to do the work and learn first!

Someone once said to be that the ONLY way to knockout someone out was with "blunt trauma to the head."  So what happens in blunt trauma to the head? A concussion. This is swelling and bleeding of the brain that causes an unconscious state if sever enough due to a neurological reaction to the damage. 

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips

And this can be replicated very easily by attacking the nervous system. This is why someone will pass-out from a damaged or broken bone. Also from a cut.  All knockout are neurological events. You can read more about the 3 kinds of Neurological Pressure Point Knockouts from this article.

Kyusho Pressure Point Misconceptions #3

Kyusho Jitsu teachers are CULT leaders and hypnotize their students.
Are Death Pressure Points Real?

This one is too ridiculous for words! But i have seen it a dozen times. Especially from those clowns at Bullshido. You know the self appointed "watchdog" group who self mandate was to try to destroy the lives of martial arts teacher they did not like because of their own low self image. I have NO RESPECT for people like this! 

Long before the current era of political assassination we see today or people who's views appose the "narrative" being destroyed, we had this self righteous group of martial arts armchair experts discussing things they knew nothing about.

Now I do not dispute their are martial arts cults out there, but to label something you do not understand is pathetic.

Rant off.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Pressure Point Misconceptions CONCLUSION

There are many other Kyusho Pressure Point Misconceptions out there. But rather than accept the "good" opinions of those who do not know, educate yourself first!

As Mark Twain said "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.”

I see things in the martial arts world all the time I have questions about. However I do not talk in "authority" about them because I do not know anything about the subject. Educate yourself before you speak. 

Have you heard of other Kyusho Pressure Point Misconceptions I have not discussed here? Let me know about them in the comments. Click here to comment.

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