Kyusho No Touch Knockouts


Mystery of Kyusho No Touch Knockouts

Kyusho No Touch Knockouts

Perhaps the most controversial subject in martial arts today. is the Kyusho No Touch Knockouts.  And you know, I am really not sure why. Is it because it is a pretty big claim to be able to do something like this? Perhaps...Well when I hear the claims of some martial artists and their accomplishments they are much bigger and wilder than this! Plus these are always the same guys who call "BS" on the No Touch Theories. But I take everything they say with a grain of salt! I don't care about unsolicited opinions

Kyusho No Touch Knockouts How do They work?

This question are Kyusho No Touch Knockouts real is beyond the realm of a blog post. However yes, it is very possible to do, but you do need to have a willing partner to work with.  

So now the "naysayers" will comment, "then it won't work in combat!!!" Yeah no kidding, you are a rocket scientist obviously!!!! So why learn and train to do them?

Simply, it requires you first to develop your Chi and then second to learn to focus beyond anything you have ever done before! Chi development is GREAT for your health! And focus keeps the brain healthy! With this you are taking your mind to a new level! And everything about that is GOOD!

Chi Energy Development

What is the future potential? Like everything else it is totally unknown! But I am sure someone will develop this to the point that this can be used in the real world! 20 years ago you would have laughed at the idea of a "smart phone." 

The "naysayers" then said that this was not possible, then when it happened they said it was a FAD.

How can I compare the 2? Easy! Both are a product or an OPEN human MIND! The potential of an OPEN human mind is without ANY limits! But when the mind is closed there is nothing but limits!

If you would like to learn more about the Mysteries of the Kyusho No Touch Knockouts take a look at the following links.

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

As I state above Kyusho No Touch Knockouts are NOT FOR SELF DEFENSE.

They are a method to learn to control your Chi flow, and increase your focus. Both of which are very beneficial. 

Many are not interested in this aspect of Kyusho Jitsu. And I am really not very interested either. However I know what is needed to accomplish this. Plus I have been asked many, many times to teach it!

My question today is have you ever attempted to do one of these Kyusho No Touch Knockouts? How did it work our for you? Let me know here.

Kyusho Study Essentials

As a student of the science of pressure point self defense I hope you work diligently to increase your knowledge. With some discipline this does not take much time each day.

If you dedicate even 10 minutes per day, well in no time you will be shocked at the results! 

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Mystery of the No Touch Knockout
Kyusho No Touch Knockouts - Discover the Truth to the Mystery
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Kyusho No Touch Knockouts - Discover the Truth to the Mystery
Are Kyusho No Touch Knockouts Real or FAKE? Discover the Truth to the Mystery and the Folklore. Finally a straight answer on this controversial question.
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