Kyusho Jitsu and Bitcoin [Cryptocurrency]

Kyusho Jitsu and Bitcoin 

* Kyusho Jitsu and Bitcoin

Update February 15th 2021 - When I wrote this article Bitcoin's price was about $8000 USD. Today it is approaching $50,000 USD. Time to learn! Most martial artist today in the western cultures head out in the evening to the training halls or Dojo's never really concerned that the future of training has changed or will change. But that is the reason for this article on Kyusho Jitsu and Bitcoin [cryptocurrency] because things are changing.

We are living in very unusual and yes disturbing times today. Politics has become a religion to many people and strength is now viewed as "evil." Calling it "toxic masculinity" rather than more logically wanting to become stronger yourself.  We now applaud pathetic behaviors.In fact society now encourages it.

When this happens the activities that strong people both men and women participate in will be subject to attack and eventual outlaw. And martial arts training has been target before thought history! If you look back into the past you will see what I am talking about and how we are on the SAME PATH today! This was close to happening in New York state in the early 2000's.

Economic Models

The economic systems of the world are built on a house of cards. And no economist in his right mind will agree with me!

Why? Like people in all professions he or she want to make sure they still get a paycheck on Friday. Going against the powers that be is never a smart thing to to do! Especially when you have a family to think of.

But the fact is we live and work in a debt based economy that cannot and will not sustain itself much longer. This one reason why cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin become so important.  

They are not FIAT money like every country in the world uses today and there is NO DEBIT tied to them. 

Bitcoin is not a FIAT because it has value tied to it. That value is in the form of WORK.

And unlike Fiat Currency which prints money on the fly there will only ever be so many Bitcoin. The supply LIMIT is 21,000,000. Which has not yet been reached. 

Also it is impossible to counterfeit Bitcoin as it is not a printed currency controlled by a central banking system.

* Kyusho Jitsu and Bitcoin

It is an electronic currency controlled on a "blockchain" that is not centralized. Now it is beyond this article to explain the blockchain, however the video below will explain in total detailed information if you wish an understanding of this. 

Kyusho Jitsu and Bitcoin - Why?

How does Kyusho Jitsu and Bitcoin, plus the above information relate? Well in case you have not noticed the religion of politics is currently trying to cancel any culture, [#cancelculture] or anything they disagree with. And believe me they disagree with ANYTHING that builds the mind, the body and the spirit of the individual. Because the individual is the enemy!

And anything else that goes against the insanity they believe in. 

And if you do not think that they are coming after the training you love so dearly, all of martial arts training including the big money making MMA circuit,  you are very, very naive! 

This means that all martial arts, including the science of pressure point self defense will all be outlawed once again go  underground. And the only way you can pay for martial arts training and many other things will be with cryptocurrency. 

In the very near future, all transaction in the main stream with will done via credit/debit card or chips in the wrist. Printed currency will disappear. And many, many business today have been destroyed because the "banks" decided they did not like the products or the opinions of the business owners.

This is not some future possibility! it is happening every day, right now!

In Conclusion

Kyusho Jitsu and Bitcoin CONCLUSION

I have been researching and participating in this for several years now. And I hope you are seeing the value as to why you need to learn more and get involved with Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general. 

But now is the time for people reading this to take the financial security of their families, and the future of martial arts training in geeneral with some serious consideration. 

Right now I am taking Bitcoin as payment at all my website.  

Are you interested in getting started with Bitcoin? Create an account at Binance and start today! . Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.  

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