KJWA Weekly News – January 13th 2019


KJWA Weekly News

The KJWA Weekly News

KJWA Weekly News

Welcome to the KJWA Weekly News for Sunday January 13th 2019. Today I will recap some of the things going on in the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance!

KJWA Weekly News - Master Federico Asensio

Master Federico Asensio

Master Federico Asensio

Today I am once again please to announce the promotion of Master Federico Asensio to Level Six Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance Instructor which is the highest level possible! Congratulations once again Master Federico!

KJWA Weekly News - Anatomy Update

The first revision of the Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy book will be released in a matter of days now! Why do I say revision? Because I have revised it even before release! But I do want to make the deadline therefore I will release the book, then continue to work on it! 

All New Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy eBook

One of the reasons is information in the book needs to be checked and crosschecked for accuracy. This will cause revisions. Plus many of the readers of the "Sneak Peak" have made some awesome suggestions that I am adding to the eBook. This makes this project a "living" project! All revisions are FREE to those who purchase the book directly from our website.

If you fill out the form below with your name and email address you can get a copy of the "Sneak Peak." The PreOrder is still in effect for a few more days until the release of the book. After that the special price is gone!

New Projects 2019

The Kyusho Jitsu Iron Shirt

There will be several new project coming in 2019 and some old ones finally getting finished off! The first of the new projects in the Kyusho Jitsu Iron Shirt training. This is something that many of you have requested of the last few years and on February 2nd it will be a reality! Follow this LINK to learn more!

And also project being finished this year are the Intermediate Dim Mak Course and the Encyclopedia of Kyusho Jitsu. No exact dates as of yet, but stay tuned here for updates. 

Have you checked out Kyusho Club?

The Kyusho Club

Have you taken the 7 Day FREE Trial Membership at Kyusho Club yet? If this is something you would like to take a look at follow the link below. No credit card required and no commitment.

Just a FREE 7 Day Test Drive!

Free Webinar!

And on Saturday February 2nd 2019 you get one more chance to attend a FREE Kyusho Club Live Webinar! This is going to be on resuscitation and after the floor is open for questions! Follow this LINK to register TODAY!

Kyusho Club Webinar

KJWA Weekly News - Free Report!

How would you like a free report on the 10 most painful pressure points on the human body? Well you can get immediate access to this report by filling out the form below! Confirm you email and the report is on the way!

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

KJWA Weekly News for the Week Ending Sunday January 13th 2018
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KJWA Weekly News for the Week Ending Sunday January 13th 2018
Welcome to the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance - KJWA Weekly News for the Week Ending Sunday January 13th 2018. News & Updates from the KJWA.
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