Humane Kyusho HURTS!

Humane Kyusho HURTS

Human Kyusho HURTS!

That is right Humane Kyusho HURTS!!! It hurts really bad! Don't confuse the word HUMANE with effectiveness. The word simply refers to "no permanent damage."  I made a post back a day or two ago about teaching this to the police. I got a comment stating, and I am paraphrasing "the police can't just push a point and control someone when they are on drugs or have a knife." No kidding? Really? I guess I better fly back to Canada and tell that to the police and military people I have worked with over the years eh? Yes I am being sarcastic.

Humane Kyusho is to control "low escalation" confrontations. Someone with a knife is a 10 out of 10 and deadly force is justified!  But lets get back on topic.

Pain is a great deterrent in many a situations. I can recall one night years ago being at a bar with my oldest son and one of the patrons being an asshole. Curt went outside for a smoke and the guy followed him. Soon I hear the yelp of pain and the wood-be tough guy was on his knees begging. Hence Humane Kyusho WORKS. It was funny because the man came back in over to me and stated he felt sorry for anyone who messed with Curt. Yeah me too. 

Humane Kyusho Jitsu - Attacking Joints

In low escalation situations, and some medium escalation as well attacking a joint is a great way to take charge of the situation and bring things back under control. This can also be done in a very non-intrusive looking manner if you train correctly and learn what you are doing.

How you react in a situation emotionally is also key to taking control. Research has been done on the effect of pain from a joint lock and it can, when applied correctly shut down up to 70% of the cognitive functioning of the brain. This research was conducted years ago by the Jay family in reference to their art of Small Circle JuJitsu. 

Here is a video sample of a control technique from HPPT taught to a group in Canada.

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

I have taught the HPPT Humane Pressure Point Tactics Courses to hundreds of people and different groups in Canada since I was first certified by Grand Master Steve Stewart in 2010.

Since that time I have updated the courses, and added many things to direct this more towards the civilian and less towards law enforcement. 

Below I am going to give you the opportunity to download the first lesson of HPPT Certification Level One Lesson 1 for FREE!

Have you ever had any experience with specialized self defense training? if so what type? Please leave a comment here and let me know about it!

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Humane Kyusho HURTS! - Art of Using Pain to Control Bad Situations
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Humane Kyusho HURTS! - Art of Using Pain to Control Bad Situations
Humane Kyusho HURTS! - FACT - Most people are afraid of PAIN. This makes pain a deterrent to attack escalation. Art of Using Pain to Control Bad Situations.
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