HPPT Rape Prevention Course


HPPT Rape Prevention Course

HPPT Rape Prevention Course

I find it alarming that I actually need to come to my readers and student with this idea. Should I create a 4th Level in the Humane Pressure Point Tactics Course that would be called HPPT Rape Prevention Course?

Today I have become rather concerned over the idea that this has become a political subject, and because it has,  a lot of the ideas, teaching and information being discussed, is not only ridiculous, but also reckless and dangerous for women and men alike.

Why do I say this? Have you ever known anything a government or politically motivated group of people to do that was NOT self serving and an EPIC failure?  This current group of 3rd wave feminist are not interested in what is best for they group they claim to represent, but instead are simply looking to satisfy their addiction to power.  Therefore I believe this subject needs to be addressed properly!

A Short Video - Please watch.

HPPT Rape Prevention Course - Content

The HPPT Humane Pressure Point Tactics Courses have been very successful.  This is a 3 Level Instructor Certification Course designed with the hopes that the students will go out in the real world and teach what they have learned, with the support of the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance to the average person. 

And if you are not familiar with these courses do not let the term "humane" fool you. These courses are about real street self defense within the letter of the law so that the victims of violent crimes do not need to suffer more in the aftermath!

My question today. Do you see a need for such a course? Are you the type of person who would be interested in learning this and teaching it locally in your community? Do you have suggestions for content to be covered?

Do you believe their is a need to reeducate the general public on this topic?

In Conclusion

HPPT Rape Prevention Course CONCLUSION

The information and ideology begin pushed in colleges, universities and media on the subject I believe is very problematic.

As I stated in the video my reasons and thoughts. Therefore I believe it is time for the subject to be properly addressed.

What do you think? Leave me a comment below and let me know. What are your responses to those questions above? 

In conclusion I would very much value your input on this topic!

Humane Pressure Point Tactics Course. Real street wise self defense. I believe this is some of the most imprtant information out today!

Therefore if you fill out the form below I am going to send you  the first lesson of HPPT Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level One in video form absolutely FREE!.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason
HPPT Rape Prevention Course - Do we Need this Course Today?
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HPPT Rape Prevention Course - Do we Need this Course Today?
Humane Pressure Point Tactics - Do we need a HPPT Rape Prevention Course? There is so much bad information out there, perhaps it is time to clear the air?
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Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance
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