How Kyusho Works [Pressure Points]


How Kyusho Works

How Kyusho Works

So, how does Kyusho Jitsu Work? Today I am going to go into details on exactly how Kyusho Works, with a real NO BS answer for you! So hang on tight and lets get to the truth of exactly how Kyusho works!

The first thing I need to do is to define "what a pressure point is." Every Kyusho Jitsu teacher I know of teaches this, after which things can become confusing for the student. 

What is a pressure point?

A pressure point is a place on the body where a nerve terminates or comes to an end. Where a nerve crosses over or under another nerve.  Or where a nerve branches off into as an example a "Y."

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So what does this tell you? It gives you a clear path to understanding "How Kyusho Works" because as I hope you see from this, Kyusho Jitsu is "nerve" strikes. For some reason today that is NOT understood and has been lost in the Chinese Medical approach to teaching. 

How Kyusho Works - Eastern Medicine

The stand approach for instructors teaching the science of pressure point self defense is the "eastern" or "Chinese" medical approach.  And there is a VERY good reason for doing this! But I will get into that later in the article. 

However, this does cause issues! There are many people in the west, and today this is the bulk of martial artists, who blindly believe anything medical science in the west has to say today.  

I call this brainwashing! Why? Because over the 50 plus years of my life their "facts" always change as new information comes to light!

Kyusho Yin-Yang Theory

The real truth is,when it comes to biology there is "probability" not FACT because ever person is different. Therefore a questioning mind is needed for anything. Because someone is a "doctor" does not make them perfect! There are great doctors, and bad doctors, like anything else is the world!

Now with that out of the way, the eastern approach which I still teach today is based on "reverse" acupuncture. Does it work? Yes it does and very effectively! 

BUT, it is only part of the equation! 

How Kyusho Works - Western Medicine

In my teaching I spend a lot of time explaining Kyusho Jitsu from the western, nerve strike point of view. A while back I had a martial arts master, who was a "disbeliever" in Kyusho Jitsu say to me, "if it is just nerves strikes why do we need Kyusho?"

The Science of Pressure Point Self Defense

I did not bother to explain it to him. His mind is closed like so many today, and I have better things to do that try to change minds.

When I teach Kyusho with references to western medicine I do so in very simply terms, that allow the student to relate to something we understand in our western cultures.

Plus I also encourage them to ask their doctor about the things I explain.

Why do I keep it simple? Because it is important to relate Kyusho Jitsu with how the body functions, but students unless they are interested do not need a detailed breakdown of the functions of the nervous and vascular systems.  

I am not interested in showing off my intelligence. 

I am too old for ego crap! Therefore I am interested in making strong, confident and knowledgeable students! 

Knowledge and Ego

How Kyusho Works - both disciplines

When it come to understanding how Kyusho works both disciplines are needed. For some people who tend to be "left brained" they need the western approach! It appeals to their logical minds.  For the person who is "right brained" this information does not help them. In fact it will turn them off! 

They need the more creative eastern approach to bring them to an understanding their more creative mind can see. The right brained person tends to see more in pictures, therefore seeing energy flow in a meridian will help them learn and apply more than thinking about the "occipital" nerve. 

How Kyusho Works

Side Note

Let me be blunt here! Some martial arts teachers like turning off students and getting them to quit! They somehow in their myopic minds think that this makes them important! Sorry, reaching the student is the GOAL! Not making them quit!

This is why at Kyusho Jitsu University and with courses like our Kyusho Jitsu Home Study Course teach both disciplines! And this is why my success rate teaching Kyusho Jitsu and getting them to Black Belt range, and master levels is so high.

It also means I need to be available for FULL support of my students and their questions, which I am! The ultimate of this is our Coaching Program.  

How Kyusho Works - The Middle Way

The very best approach for the average person to learning the science of pressure point self defense called Kyusho Jitsu in experiencing and learning from both words. Focus on one without the other, until a master level is reached is a BIG mistake. 

Why? Because the goal of the teaching and learning is application!  Another big issue I see in the martial art instructors world this that their way is the only way!

I have been blessed at being successful in every self defense incident I have had in my life.

Kyusho Jitsu Cycle of Emotions - Control Emotions

What is success? I am still here! However I do know that what works for one may not work for another. Therefore a broad range of teaching is required! Every student is different and systems needs to be in place to help them all reach success. 

How Kyusho Works?

It works by striking or manipulating a pressure point or nerve on the body. The over-stimulation causes a, what is hope, is a predictable result in the humane body. Causing unconsciousness or paralysis in a limb, drop or blood pressure etc....

When incorporated into a martial art style or system it can increase the effectiveness of the art thereby increasing the odds of success in an altercation.

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion 

Today I want to leave you with a thought. When you are communicating with anyone, always assume they have something to teach you. It might be something to do, or something not to do.

But everyone has something to teach you! Hvae you had any icredible teachers in your life?

Tell us about them here!

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How Kyusho Works - Understanding for a Western & Eastern Approach
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