Front Lines of Self Defense


Front Lines of Self Defense

* Front Lines of Self Defense

Self Defense is one of the most misunderstood topics in the martial arts world and the population in general. It is strewn with misconceptions and apathy. And speaking of apathy a courses I was planning for 2020 on Rape Prevention fell to ZERO interest from the community. Therefore I have shelved it. So what do I mean by Front Lines of Self Defense?

I have been in the martial arts world now for over 35 years, most of which has been on a full time basis. I have been teaching for about 32 of that time. Maybe more, I really have lost track of time. My passion during these days has been self defense. While I did compete for about 8 years I found no reward in it. Trophies, which I had lots of, where simply no interest.

Front Lines of Self Defense

The face of self defense has changed dramatically of the last 35 years. it was once pretty straight forward. If you lived in a civilized country the odds of attack were low, as long as you stayed out of certain areas, and the streets were reasonably safe.

Today we have far more to consider. Our children our bullied in the school system and online sometimes up to the point of taking their own lives. Mental illness is everywhere in people with extreme views turning violent if someone disagrees with them.

Free speech is all but gone with anyone apposing the narrative being silenced.  Therefore discussing the problem becomes more complicated. And we have drug addiction to opiates  at record levels. 

And our PRIVACY on and offline is now GONE because of bold faced lies and manipulation during the Bush era and 911.

Without privacy, no matter what any lying politician says you LOSE your security!  Remember National Security is secure for the STATE, not the individual! 

* Front Lines of Self Defense

Why should you care about your privacy?

Referencing all of the issues above, there is only one you can do something about.  But will you do anything other than complain? The lost of privacy is perhaps the most dangerous of all of the above issues. Why is that? Because it makes you an easy target for someone with malevolent intentions. 

And because surveillance is so complete, these malevolent forces do not even need advanced computer skills to take advantage of the information they have easy access you and destroy your life!

Let take a look at a scenario. And this is one of a possible 1000 examples!

Result of loss or Privacy 

* Security Privacy Self Defense [Martial Arts]

You love Facebook. Even people who say they hate Facebook are always logged on and seen "online" constantly throughout their day.

You decide you wish to go out that night with the "significant other", and perhaps your children. 

You have 3000 people on your friends list. Wow you are popular! But the problem is you do not know any of them personally. If you are the average person you know about 150 people in real life.  One of these 3000 lives in your town and is a person of "questionable ethics."

So you head out to a restaurant with your family. And because Facebook is such an important part of your life you decide to "check in" so all your friends know you are out for a good time with the family! Seems pretty innocent, right? Everyone does this, right?

But your Facebook stalker now knows you are out. And he knows where you live! It is on Facebook after all! And if it is kept private you can easily be tracked via your home Wifi and IP address!

Now is his opportunity to grab his buddies and do what he has done a dozen time this year! They are going to rob your home!

Oh.... But the "significant other" is not feeling well, so you decide to go home early. And you walk in on these thugs in the process.  The shock overwhelms you, the violation of your home is shocking. You become angry and rightfully so! 

But you are a solid martial artist with many in ring championships! You can handle these clowns! Problem is you are DEAD WRONG!!!

Your Errors in Privacy

* Front Lines of Self Defense

First your Facebook "friend" knows everything about you! And you know nothing about him! You believe you are prepared but you are NOT! And your Facebook friend is now on STRIKE THREE with authorities. He is now looking at life in prison for his next offense! Now he has nothing to lose and has no plans of spending his life in prison. 

And this is all because you did not know where the Front Lines of Self Defense are located! The apathy you have to your privacy has caused a dissaster in your life and that of your families. 

Front Lines of Self Defense

What are the Front Lines of Self Defense. Simply put it is securing your online presence, all of it from those who have any interest in this data! And today your data is the number one commodity in the world. More valuable than oil! 

That should scare the hell out of you!

And how much of your data is seen today? ALL OF IT.  Every keys stroke you make on your laptop or PC. And every word you utter in front of your smartphone. Plus every place you go with your phone. it can even tell how many steps you take!

And this not "conspiracy theory" this is research able and admitted FACT!

All of the information that goes down the pipes of the internet, no matter where you live is collected by the NSA. And as good as they are at hacking and collecting data, they do NOTHING to secure it! It is not even encrypted on their hard drives. 

The issues is EPIC in proportion!

Front Lines of Self Defense - Solutions

The fact that 1984 is NOW for our world and that the "internet of things" has arrived which its only purpose is collection of data. Plus with 5g on the way to every city, will make this data collection more efficient and faster There is nothing anyone can do any longer to stop it.

But you can secure your life and work to become anonymous online!


Front lines of Self Defense CONCLUSION

It is beyond the scope of any article to explain or even scratch the surface of this problem, and to provide solutions.

However I am writing and will soon release a eBook called Revelations of Security and Privacy which will tell the non technical person exactly how to take control of the Front Lines of Self Defense and change this BAD situation!

How serious is this problem? I recently received a 24 hour suspension on Facebook for discussing this in a live stream video.  You MUST take this seriously and take action immediately before you can no longer do so!

Please feel free to comment! I would love your feedback! Also please join my new channel on YouTube called Digital WasteLand where this topic is discussed in depth.

Update June 20th 2020

If you still have any ability left to reason you are now likely seeing exactly what I am talking about here. Recently, about 4 weeks ago I got a notice on my cellphone of it about to install a "contact tracing app." I prevented it!  I hope you can see the precarious position this application put people in. This is NOT to protect anyone, but allow 24/7 easier surveillance. 

And it also tells anyone near you that you may have health issues, thus making you an EASIER MARK. Because of this I am not Google FREE and will remain so! And if you have a moment please take a look at my Private Search Engine. No logs, not history and no information kept.

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Have an epic day!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Front Lines of Self Defense - The Rules of Engagement Have Changed
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Front Lines of Self Defense - The Rules of Engagement Have Changed
Where is the Front Lines of Self Defense? Perhaps the most important article you will read this year! The rules have changed, the front line has moved!
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