Dedicated Kyusho Student – Are you one?

Dedicated Kyusho Student

Dedicated Kyusho Student

Are you a dedicated Kyusho Student? In today's very busy very distracted world being dedicated to any kind of study requires vigilance and some special skills. We are distracted by literally several thousands things per day, all trying to get our attention. Therefore we must develop some special "life skills" be become successful!

Dedicated Kyusho Student Skill #1


To be a Dedicated Kyusho Student you need to have a burning desire to learn. If you think it might be something good to get into, you simply will not do the work. This is true of anything in life too!

Dedicated Kyusho Student Skill #2


In order to be a Dedicated Kyusho Student you need to be able to put other things aside and focus. Turn off the cellphone, close down Facebook and do the work. Over the last 10 years I have seen students bring cellphones to class! Unless you are waiting for an emergency call like a sick family member or wife having a child. Put the phone away.

Dedicated Kyusho Student Skill #3


You need to set aside time for your study that is not going to be changed because something comes up. Be realistic too! Don't set aside 2 hours per day and then miss it! It is better to take 20 minutes 3 times per week and dedicate to it! This will give you a result. Commit to a reasonable schedule and keep it! You can always expand it later!

Dedicated Kyusho Student Skill #4


A Dedicated Kyusho Student learns to set a goal based on the above and work to reach it! We are goal oriented creatures and this gives what we do purpose!

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

When you put these things in order then you are headed towards success in the science of pressure point self defense and anything else in life!

These are not just skills related to the science of pressure point self defense but life success as well!

Are there any other skills you can think of I am missing here? Let me know in the comments linked here.

There is one other question you should ask yourself. "Am I still teachable?" Be honest with your answer. I know known many students in my Dojo who began to believe they had all the answers. That leads to a complete dead end.

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Dedicated Kyusho Student

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Dedicated Kyusho Student - Discover 4 Tips for Learning Success!
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