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Dark Web Kyusho Jitsu

* Dark Web Kyusho Jitsu

We are certainly living in strange time. Back in I think it was 1995 there was a movie called "Strange Days" which was really very prophetic. When I saw that movie I knew it was a very possible future and I was not wrong. I predicted a while back we would need Dark Web Kyusho Jitsu for the teachings to survive and was not wrong there either. I wish I was!

And I also said 20 years ago that the days Martial Arts Dojo was going to be coming to an end. Today I watch as the martial arts business world scrambles to survive. I get messages all the time now asking me to join seminars on dealing with "Covid" and the future of the martial arts business world. Too bad they do not SEE THE REAL problem. And it has nothing to do with any alleged "pandemic."

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

The issue is APATHY and the tolerance of increasingly BAD conditions.  I could go into all the reason this has happened and what will happen next. But that is not the purpose of the article,  Dark Web Kyusho Jitsu is, so lets explain why this is now happening.

Back in 2016 when I emigrated to Romania I began a project to bring Kyusho Jitsu to the world via the internet. I knew one day this would be necessary and that the seminar world and physical content would end.  The New World would be DIGITAL.

Then in 2017 something happened I was so very sad to see. YouTube began to demonetize my content, delete videos because they were "inappropriate for some advertisers."  Really??? I am teaching pressure points not trying to start a revolution or promoting porn!  Within a few months I was demonetized completely and taken from search results.

Growth in my channel stopped dead in its tracks. And with almost 2000 subscribers I got on an average of 2-5 view per day. I was effectively SHUT down, my content censored. This was even before they came for Alex Jones

Censorship of Truth

"In a time of deceit truth becomes a revolutionary act."  

George Orwell

* Dark Web Kyusho Jitsu

So why is the martial arts being targeted? Because REAL martial arts training makes people strong, increases mental focus,  but not all,  and creates a healthy body and IMMUNE SYSTEM! 

And they sure do not want that! There is no money in good health and a strong mental outlook! 

Sport is different. Like football and hockey, but even more so, ring fighting cause concussions, which mean medical intervention is needed! Barbarianism is now sport "a good time." But no surprise there. After all people kill for pleasure and sport! Soon death matches will be coming! Hunger games anyone?

Dark Web Kyusho Jitsu

I have created an informational blog site, like this one in the Dark Web. What is the Dark web? Below is a graphic that will explain exactly what the internet is, and how it works. 

* Dark Web Kyusho Jitsu

This website cannot be accessed with a normal web browser. And if you are going to access it I do suggest using a VPN. If you need information an what a VPN is please email me!

This website will be pure Kyusho Jitsu teaching and information. It will grow over the months to be a great repository of pressure point information. However there will be NO streaming video! Because of the nature of the Dark Web streaming video does not work.

In Conclusion

"In a time of deceit truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell CONCLUSION

There is only one way you can find this website. You need the address. There are no domain names to use or search that can be done. And all Dark Web addresses end in the extension .onion .

Access will come by enrolling in a mail list for this purpose, which you will find below. Once subscribed you will receive detailed information for setup and access. 

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

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