Corona Virus Common Sense


Corona Virus Common Sense

* Corona Virus Common Sense

I have had a few people in the last week or so ask me for my thoughts on the topic of the Corona Virus pandemic we are allegedly in the beginning states of. So let's do an article here today on Corona Virus Common Sense. And let's be honest, common sense is not very common today!

Corona Virus Common Sense - Election year!

It seem these kinds of disasters hit even election cycle in the USA. And the statistics show this. Another issues is the very people we would and should be able to depend on for factually based information have, especially in the last few years, lied to the people so much, and so frequently how can ANYTHING they say be trusted?

Perhaps this is the end of the world. But I REALLY have my doubts! The MASS lying media like CNN / CNBC / CBC / BBC / CBS /FOX have spent so much energy on deliberate campaigns of misinformation it has become impossible to get facts!  And unfortunately the once dependable "alternative" media is becoming just as bad! 

Propaganda and misinformation cause panic, which is always worse than the problem itself! So let me ask you a question. 

Can you do anything about this?

No! Then stop worrying about it. Disengage! Now I am not saying you should not or could not take precautions. And these precautions are common sense. Stay away from heavily populated places like malls for a while. Stock up on can goods and water. But don't go crazy! Because so many will and are in a panic you could face some shortages! 

Have a look at this video for some Corona Virus Common Sense!

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In Conclusion

Corona Virus Common Sense CONCLUSION

Since one of the ways to avoid this "pandemic" is to stay at home and avoid people, perhaps this would be a good time to double down on your Kyusho Jitsu / Pressure Point Education! 

Below I am going to give you some options to get you started!

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Corona Virus Common Sense - Common Sense Today is not very common
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Corona Virus Common Sense - Common Sense Today is not very common
Tire of the BS & propaganda of the Corona Virus? Come and have a read of my article Corona Virus Common Sense. Common Sense is not very common today!
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