Budo and the 21st Century


Budo and the 21st Century

* Budo and the 21st Century

The martial arts world is a very different place from when I began on November 10th 1984. 35 years ago. As more and more children were being taught the arts began to change their focus. Today in 2019 a discussion about Budo and the 21st Century is long overdue.

What is Budo?

In a very loose definition Budo is the way of the warrior. However this is an over simplification of the term. A better way to state this is the path of the unification of the body, the mind and the spirit which results in a "whole" man. A man of great strength, virtue through actions and compassion.

The full path of Budo is based on the teaching of the 8 Fold Path of the historical Buddha

This path was also responsible for the movement we know of today as the Natural Laws of the Octagon.

<8 Budo and the 21st Century

Martial Arts & the Post Modern Era

The post modern era began after the second world war. While some will argue it began in the 1980 I tend to disagree. Post WWII was one of the most prosperous and joyous times in the Western Cultures. 

And it was after the 2nd World War that the martial arts made its first serious appearance in the west, most notably North America. And it did so via returning soldiers.

As time progressed and the "American Way" began to show itself in the training. The teaching of Budo began to diminish. In the 1960 the sport scene began to flourish with fighting greats such as Chuck Norris and Joe Lewis. Budo was still alive, but she was changing. And not changing for the better.

Obsession with Sport

The martial arts world today has abandoned the path of Budo in favor of money and short term fame. Fans cheer for blood as fighters addicted to adrenaline beat each other to a blood pulp. Cause damage that will last to the grave. And get cheers, and are adored by clueless fans thinking this is entertainment. 

* Budo and the 21st Century

Welcome to Budo and the 21st Century! The current face of the martial arts world. Blood-lust and barbarianism all endorsed and promoted like it is good clean fun. Sorry I do not see any value in this. 

Do you see anything that is:

  1. Right action?
  2. Or the Right intention?
  3. Right conduct?

Or is this simply a world once based on values, who abandoned all for the thrill of the moment, violence for the sake of violence?  Only proving how stupid people can really be when they smell money and fame? And yet we wonder why there is so much violence on our streets, especially with our youth. Truth is self evident.

Martial Arts is supposed to teach real values, improve society and create a better world of peace. I think Martial Arts in the post modern era is an epic FAIL, and Budo in the 21st Century needs to be revisited. 

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Can this path be altered? Can the martial arts world go back to a time when we stood for something important, something better? Of course we can. But the effort must come from each martial artist. 

Each teacher to spread the correct path of Budo to not just themselves and their students. But my being an example in life of what is right for others to follow.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Budo and the 21st Century. Martial arts Training in the Post Modern Era
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Budo and the 21st Century. Martial arts Training in the Post Modern Era
Budo and the 21st Century. Martial arts Training in the Post Modern Era. Has the martial arts world abandoned its core values and teaching for barbarianism?
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