Big Elephant

Big Elephant

^Big Elephant

Have you ever heard the phrase, “There’s an elephant in the room…” I want to address the big elephant named “Doubt” that’s standing in the Self-Defense industry right now.

But before I get into that…

If there’s one thing I know about you… It’s that you’re looking ‘for a better way to do self-defense” that’s more practical, powerful, and proven-to-work (and Kyusho Jitsu Self-Defense is nothing but that!) 

However, self-defense is a skill that’s still “toughen up and hit hard” in people’s eyes… Kind of like Hulk and G. I. Jane (remember it?). Imagine showing up to a camp wearing a headgear, mouth guard, ear protectors, shin guard, pair of boxing gloves, big knife, small knife, gun, pepper spray, tactical pen, and flash light.

The only thing you might use is a flash light… would you agree? Unfortunately, that’s the reality for most self-defense classes. They’re teaching how to hit back for a few specific scenarios to falsely make you feel so strong and perfectly ready for a sudden attack.

And what happens? 

It just doesn’t work. Hype up women for two hours by making them do elbow strikes, knee kicks, shrimp, choke holds and escapes. The martial arts schools teaching the techniques and call it women’s self-defense class (I love and practice martial arts, by the way). Many of them disregard an anatomy of an attack on a woman, psychology of the victims and predators, teach complicated techniques that nobody remembers once they leave a class.

And if you search Self-Defense on the internet, it is basically about the guns and martial arts.

I had to deal with a few predators in my life. I grew up in Japan and I wasn’t old enough to have a gun or didn’t live in an environment that allowed me to have a gun. This applies to many young victims in the world as well.

So, what is a doubt in self-defense?

Yes, you’re right, it’s a doubt for its practicality and not many instructors have actually tested what they teach in reality.

I wanted to bring another big elephant, which keeps growing really big this year.

In fact, she has become too huge for people to ignore it. This has been existed throughout our human history and an internet and technology (bitcoin included) have made it the second biggest criminal enterprise in the world after the drugs…

Human Trafficking.

I’ve been supporting a human trafficking rescue organization for last six years and wanted to contribute more.

There’s no day that passes by without us seeing the “Missing Children”alerts and the rescued children and arrests of the criminals. 

* Human Trafficking

Human-trafficking is a sophisticated and technologically advanced criminal operation and we’re simply way behind.

Here is a thing…

If you aren’t going against it, you’re standing with it. And I won’t be standing with this giant evil enterprise nor should you. Because of these two big elephants, I created a 3-day long virtual The Women’s Self-Defense Summit (held in September 2020) with 26 experts with 26 different topics.

The topics covered were from Trauma-Informed Self-Defense, Hidden Real Danger, Gym V.S. Reality, Know the Signs of Human Trafficking, and more.

In Conclusion


The summit had 1,137 people registered and donated $1,000 to a rescue organization.

I’m making this summit available for those who missed in September as we all need to be continuously educated and fighting against human-trafficking.

This is more than self-defense. It’s an empowerment. It’s a movement to stand against things that are destroying humanity in many ways.

The Women’s Self-Defense Summit would be a great resource for you and your family to live more empowered and inspired through self-defense no matter where you are in this self-defense journey. Join the Women’s Self-Defense Summit After Party to get inspired and give back.

* Kinko-Reverse

See you there!
Kinko Hamilton

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Big Elephant - Self Defense Today - The Elephant in the Room!
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