Apathy Self Defense Today

Apathy Self Defense Today

Crime, Apathy Self Defense Today

Today I want to talk briefly with you about one the endless issues I see in our world today. "APATHY Self Defense today." Now apathy exists across so many issues in our world including the idea of "free speech." Apathy is a life destroyer!

And when it comes to self defense, is can cost you your life! I know because I have been in some bad spots, and I came out OK not because of my martial arts skill, which is partially true, but the way I approach the subject.

Apathy Self Defense Today - a state of Mind

Self Defense and being safe in our world of ever escalating violence is a way of thinking. Most people "pretend" all is OK and try to go about their lives as if nothing is wrong. And the causes of violence today are very different from the years past. Here are some of the things we worried about 25 years ago.

  1. Robbery - assaults
  2. Violence related to drugs and alcohol
  3. Gangs

There were other reasons such as mental illness, but 25 years ago that was marginal!

Knife Crimes

Today we have all of the above because the problems have never and will never be solved. PLUS.....

  1. Religious and political extremism. Contrary to popular "opinion" here the body count is astronomical globally!
  2. SERIOUS enabling of mental illness. When someone is suffering from mental health issues the WORST thing you can do is enable the behavior. 
  3. Failed prison systems releasing dangerous offenders and pedophiles.
  4. Stalking via the loss of Onlin Security & Privacy

And I am sure if I thought about it a while, I could add dozens to this list!

Apathy Self Defense Today - How did this happen?

Apathy Self Defense Today

And the root cause? Apathy, both personal and political. If we look at a country like Venezuela which the UN reports to have a population of about 32 million, which I think is too high consider how people are running to the border to leave, and their murder rate.

Well in 2017 there were over 26,000 murders in Venezuela. This does not count other violent crimes like robbery, assault, sexual assault and kidnapping. Think about this! 

Now New York state is about 20 million people with less than 600 murders the same year. And this is WAY TO HIGH!

But the issue is people think it will never happen in the USA or Canada. APATHY! It is rising yearly, and once year ago Venezuela was nothing like today!

Is there a solution? No, there is a long road to recovery here. But it begins when people wake up! However this happens, it will be one person at a time.

In regard to self defense you need to take your own training very seriously! There is a thought process today that because you are a "fighter" you are OK. Life does not work that way! Sorry! I wish it did! You have to identify the threat, understand the threat in order to deal with the threat.

Apathy Self Defense Today- Causes?

Now these people you "elect" to represent you will LIE and say it is poverty that is the issue. Yet, while talking out of one side of their mouths, they want to bring in more people to the country who cannot support themselves. Brilliant! Just brilliant, and in your apathy you buy this!

About Gun Crime

You do see an issue with this logic?

The truth of the matter is that it is the broken family unit that is the cause of the issue, especially in minority groups. Why is this? Because children need guidance from both mom and dad, FULL TIME.  Your "opinion or feelings" on how things "should be" really doesn't matter because the statistics show the FACTS. 

But today the adults are more concerned about themselves than their children. Concerned about the lies of politics and not worried enough about the ones they brought into the world.

And when someone finds this statement offensive, it tells me they need to look long and hard into the mirror. 

The sciences of psychology have proven my comments, and that is where they come from. Fact and feelings will rarely agree.

Take your personal protection seriously. Because your streets are getting more and more dangerous PROVES the failure of the ideologies your governments represent! 

And I will help you get started!

Pressure Point Art of Self Defense

I have a FREE course for you to get started right now! Taking the street back from the criminal element means eliminating the idea of "victim-hood" and taking charge of your person safety! 

Follow this LINK below, enroll and do the 3 Lesson Course. Share it will family and friends. There will be a part 2 coming in spring also.

Spread the word about just how important self defense understand is! End the Apathy NOW! When you enroll you also get a free copy of my Report on Personal Protection! 

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Another GIFT - Apathy Self Defense Today

Because I am very concerned about what is happening on the streets today I am going to give you another gift. Hopefully to help end the apathy Self Defense today. Because statistically it will happen to you or someone close to you!

Fill out the form below, confirm your email address and I am going to send you a free video lesson from my Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level One Course at Kyusho Jitsu University.

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Thank you for reading and have a great day! Please share this post with like minded friends and family who are concerned about the escalating violence today!

You can also comment below. And please come and join us at the KJWA, membership is FREE. And I have a new article called Self Defense and Fear. Have a look!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Apathy Self Defense Today - Dealing with the increase in violent crime
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Apathy Self Defense Today - Dealing with the increase in violent crime
The streets becoming more dangerous each day. Apathy Self Defense Today is a growing problem. As crime rises so does the "it will never happen to me" ideal
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