3 Self Defense Lies

Top 3 Self Defense Lies

Top 3 Self Defense Lies

I have an interest in marketing. Not the kind of marketing that comes out of colleges but from the real world stuff. Seeing what works and why it does not work. This is also a lesson in psychology! People buy things for a reason. But in my industry there is a lot of miss information, especially when it comes to self defense. So today we will look at the TOP 3 Self Defense lies told by instructors that students believe.

Top 3 Self Defenses Lies #1 - Black Belts are Self Defense Experts

This is the most well known of the 3 Self Defense Lies, and the most believed! Today most of what is being taught in the world as a martial art has little to nothing to do with self defense. More of it is for the purpose of "sport" which is fine.

Kyusho Jitsu Black Belt

As long as you are making this clear as an instructor. Yes a "fighter" can be successful in self defense. But it has more to do with the person, than what they are being taught. There is much more to self defense than any ring fight or street fight. And a street fight is not self defense as a rule.

Top 3 Self Defenses Lies #2 - These techniques are guaranteed!

Yeah, no there is zero truth to this statement! I have seen this crap advertised for years. Things like "fear no man" or "defeat any attacker." Personally, to me this is a scam. You can never guarantee an outcome! 

Misconceptions about Gun Defense

Watch out for these kinds of claims. The ones I have looked into over the years where teaching nothing special. Because there is nothing special. Becoming proficient at self defense is a journey, not a techniques. And the only "test" is real life. But even victory in a self defense situation does not make one a expert, or makes what they do better. 

There are no absolutes, only survival!

Top 3 Self Defenses Lies #3 - Fear is not an Option

Fear is the ONLY option! If someone confronts you or attacks you then you will be afraid! Someone who say they are not is LYING. 

Self Defense for Knife Attacks

However you can train to deal with the adrenaline rush in a productive manner! This is also referred to as the fight or flight reflex.

The experience of fear is a personal one, unique to every individual person. However it can be overcome. I am going to offer you a video below discussing the "fear" issue.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Yes there are solutions to things like the Top 3 Self Defense Lies! but, you need to understand the solutions are not simple.

They require education, training and lot of it!  You cannot just enroll in any martial art and suddenly be bullet proof.

Whatever you are being taught needs enhancement! And this way of think will help you to increase your odds of survival! As an example the science of pressure point self defense is an enhancement to your martial art study!

It does NOT suddenly make you unbeatable! Improving your effectiveness striking helps immensely! But if you get stabbed while doing it? Well I am sure you see what I am talking about! 

Question? Have you ever been told any of these 3 lies? Or a difference one? Please tell me about it here.

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Combat Pressure Points Video Course

Watch the video below and then follow the LINK.

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Now this is where you say, "I knew he was selling something." And yes this is partially correct!  Humane Pressure Point Tactics is PART of a well rounded martial art training solution. Not the solution itself! 

These course cover the 3 Levels of Escalation from a BASICS level. A spring board if you will to more complex work and study! Follow this course and you can increase you odds of success! If you want a guarantee, see Lie #2 above!

But right now you can learn more about HPPT for FREE with a copy of Level One Lesson 1 video. Fill out the form below, verify your email and the download link will be sent to you immediately! There is NO obligation to do anytime and you can read our Privacy Policy Here

Humane Pressure Point Beginners Guide

Don't let the word Humane fool you! The purpose of HPPT or Humane Pressure Point Tactics is to put you in control of a bad situation. And the way the world is currently the RISKS are higher than ever before in Western Culture history. 

New Lower Price for our Dystopian Hell!

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3 Self Defense Lies Martial Arts Teachers like to tell.
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3 Self Defense Lies Martial Arts Teachers like to tell.
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