Can Pressure Points Kill You?

So Can Pressure Points Kill You?

Updated Article! Can striking a pressure points result in death? In this article I am going to address this age old question with a truthful and factual answer! Can Pressure Points Kill?

From the onset of the question there are NO PRESSURE POINTS  alone that when just activated result in death. There are some very dangerous pressure points. And there are some who claim it is true, but there is much more to it then just a simple strike. And there are also other factors involved! Therefore what I am going to tell you is - Yes there are pressure points that can kill you, but NO you will not hit any by accident and get death as a result! 

This we will examine today! Today May 8th 2019 I updates this post with a video. 

What Pressure Points Can Kill You?

In the ancient art of Dim Mak as an example they speak of "delayed death" as a result of a strike. Now is this even possible?

Yes it is, but not for the reasons that the practitioner thinks, and there is NO WAY to predict this result accurately without knowledge of the attacker.  I have a course available on Dim Mak that goes into details as to how this all works. Follow this link for more information on the Dim Mak Project.  

What Pressure Points Can Kill You?

This is an image of a concussion in the early stages. It is falsely believed that wearing a helmet can prevent a concussion.

This is dead wrong. A helmet protects against a skull fracture, not a concussion.

Now one place we can look to get a good idea of how all this works is boxing. Over the years there have been many deaths because of being involved in a boxing match. MMA is going to have a huge death and disability tole also!  Now when someone is punched HARD in the head, or punched in the head at all, the brain will smash against the side of the skull. This will result in a concussion. 

Now depending on how fast the brain swells, and how much it hemorrhages death can result! However the reason for death is not the punch, it is the concussion that comes because of the punch. Therefore you cannot say that a punch to the head results in death! Do you follow me?

Can Pressure Points Kill - Looking at Pressure Points

There are many dangerous pressure points! However to say they are deadly is really not an accurate term. If you know how to correctly strike one of these "pressure points" the resulting damage can lead to death. However there is no way to predict this kind of event. And death will occur for other reasons! And if the person struck seeks help from an acupuncturist then the result of the strike can be nullified. 

Now everything in the body is connected to everything else. As an example there is really only one meridian in the human body. A meridian is simply a complex energy path that is created due to inductive reactance [Chi] that is association with nerve functions. These path then have predominate characteristics in Chinese Medicine and in Kyusho Jitsu that relate to an organ. The reasons are very complex and far beyond the scope of a single article. However you can certainly find this information easily

Now if we take a look at a pressure point, one that falls into the category of "What Pressure Points Can Kill You" we can talk about GB-20 [Gall Bladder 20].

Can Pressure Points Kill - Let's look at GB-20

Pressure Point Knockouts

In this image you can see this pressure point lies on the greater occipital nerve. This nerve is tied into and protects the muscles that keep the skull in place as it relates to the spine. 

A good HARD clean strike to this are will result in a knockout. The brain will shut down to protect this integrity. You can also use the science of pressure point self defense to setup this pressure point for an easier knockout.

But can this pressure point cause death?

Directly, no it cannot. However if it is struck hard enough, which will cause the muscles to fail, the resulting blow can dislodge the skull from the spinal column resulting in sever injury to the nervous system. Therefore permanent paralysis or death is possible! This is similar to a whiplash. 

However death is possible but not probable! This is the reason this pressure point can be used for knockout demonstrations without much to worry about. 

Can Pressure Points Kill? [Dangerous Points]

Which Pressure Points Can Kill, let's take a moment and look at a more dangerous set of pressure points. Now I always strongly advise against using these points for any kind of demonstration due to what happens to the body when they are stimulated. 

This is ST-09,10 [Stomach 9&10]

What Pressure Points Can Kill You?

You can see the relative position of ST-9 and 10 with regards to the neck and jawline. In the image below you will also notice the proximity to the caroted artery(s).

Kyusho Jitsu Secrets

This area is governed in part by the vagus nerve. When these point are struck there is a resulting drop in blood pressure. This is called a "vassal faint" or Reflex syncope.  This is a brief loss of consciousness due to a neurologically induced drop in blood pressure.  This will not however cause death under normal circumstances. 

However the impact can result in arterial damage and in extreme cases it is possible when the blood pressure returns to dislodge any plaque in the artery and end up causing a stroke.  Therefore under training conditions why would you risk striking these pressure points? Odds are in your favor of nothing happening, but then there is Murphy's Law!

Here is a little more information on ST-09 from my book Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy! Click the button to trigger the popup with the information in it. 

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

So, what Pressure Points Can Kill You? Directly there are none. Indirectly, with a deep understanding of how the body works, and serious in depth training, years of practice it is possible to have death as a result.

But directly, answering the question the answer is there are no pressure points that can kill you.  If you wish this deep a skill you must do the work!

What Pressure Points have you heard can kill you? Follow this LINK and comment below! I really have only touch the surface of death pressure points!

And if you follow this LINK you can read about another Top 5 Deadly Pressure points!

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April 6th 2019 explaining how a pressure point can be deadly. 

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