3 Commonly Asked Kyusho Questions


3 Commonly Asked Kyusho Questions

3 Commonly Asked Kyusho Questions #

I get questions about the science of pressure point self defense on a daily basis. So today I want to address the 3 Commonly Asked Kyusho Questions. So let's get started shall we?

3 Commonly Asked Kyusho Questions #1

Are Death Pressure Points Real?

Are there pressure points that can kill? I wrote an entire article on this question back a while ago. Here is a link to an article called 5 Deadly Pressure Points. ​

This answer is not a simple one. Is there a specific pressure point that if attacked will cause death. The answer is generally NO there is NOT. However it is very possible under the right conditions and with the correct training to cause death by using pressure points. And certain pressure points are far more dangerous than other. However the odds of causing death by accident are very remote.

You must also take into account the health, and potential health issues of the attacker. Death is very possible, but not unless you really know what you are doing death is not probable. The fortunate / unfortunate thing is very few people are willing to put the study in to become this good! And there also needs to be the understanding that if a pressure point has the potential to cause death, and you strike this pressure point in demonstration and not self defense you are negligent.

3 Commonly Asked Kyusho Questions #2

The Dim Mak Project

Is Dim Mak real? This is an easy answer! YES Dim Mak is very real! But this does not mean that if you learn it you will be able to do a "delayed death touch." Once again there is a lifetime of study needed to understand and use this art in real life.

Many of the teachers of Dim Mak are not able to perform these feats. And for good reason also!

But theoretically it is all very possible. Back last year I released some works on Dim Mak. These are a western few of how all this works and is possible. It is called the Dim Mak Project. You can read more about it from from this LINKAnd you can also get a FREE Dim Mak Project Video by clicking here

3 Commonly Asked Kyusho Questions #3

Can a Pressure Point Strike Blind someone?

Is there a way to make the attacker blind? Once again this is a yes answer. But it need some clarification also. The pressure points attacked that can cause this and provides a temporary state of blindness. But once again you must know what you are doing! And most people are simply not will to put in the work to be this good! Today society wants instant everything.

But there is no such thing as equality of outcome, no matter what politician tells you it is possible. Just because you study something does not guarantee excellence! Only dedication can do this!

And this question should not be confused with attacking TW-23 and damaging the eye to cause blindness. That is NOT the same thing! TW-23 has no neurological connection to the eye. Only the bone above the eye. And anyone can damage that!

In Conclusion 

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Am I going to tell you how? No I am not going to tell you in this article how to accomplish these Kyusho Jitsu / Pressure Point feats.

You have to do the work! But in all honesty the work is well worth it! 

And i can help you get started if you wish! Follow this link for more information! Also, what experience level do you have in Kyusho Jitsu? Tell me about by commenting here.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

3 Commonly Asked Kyusho Questions. Get the Answers Now!
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3 Commonly Asked Kyusho Questions. Get the Answers Now!
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