Kyusho Jitsu World Weekly News 08-12-18


Kyusho Jitsu World Weekly News

Kyusho Jitsu World Weekly News

Kyusho Jitsu World Weekly News

Welcome to the Kyusho Jitsu World Weekly News for the week ending Sunday August 12th 2018. There are many things going on at the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance this week, so lets get to it!

Kyusho Jitsu World Weekly News - This weeks top posts!

The top posts for this week are listed below, just in case you missed them! Remember you can subscribe to new posts here by clicking on the "Red Belt." This will give you a notice in your browsers of any new content. A great way to keep informed!

Kyusho Jitsu World Weekly News- Esoteric Kyusho Jitsu
Esoteric Kyusho Jitsu

Esoteric Kyusho Jitsu

Well I am again ahead of schedule. The first 2 videos on the Esoteric Kyusho Jitsu Video series are now available to be downloaded. This is a really cool series, that has grown from 1 to 3 or 4 videos. These videos are based on things students have ask me to explain over the last few years. Follow this link and learn more about this series!

Below is a short video with more information also!

Kyusho Jitsu World Weekly News - A commentary

I try very hard to stay out of any political conversation, and commentary. I renounced the world 3 years ago and moved to Eastern Europe because the conditions of my home land, it is being run by self serving children elected by apathetic slaves. Am I harsh? Yes I am! But if you are Canadian I know you understand! And the western cultures in general are in jeopardy. Why is that? Apathy and Tolerance of the intolerable!

This past week Alex Jones the Libertarian US alternative News Media guy was de-platformed from all the major social networks.

Now I have ZERO interest in 90% of his content, however he does have a right to say it. Like him or not, disagree or NOT with him. Yes, YouTube, Google and Facebook because they are private companies are entitled to do this! However given the history of all 3 companies and the manipulation of their members this changes the rules of the game! In my humble opinion Mr Zuckerburg should be indited for the things he has done.

Also they have all stated they are "platforms" for people to post content and therefore are not responsible for the content! Well guess what! NOW THEY ARE responsible for the content! Which signals the end of these clowns and their "platforms." They are monopolies which are prohibited in reality! Competition is needed to keep them HONEST.

Protect your right to self defense!

When censorship like this happens, especially based on ZERO evidence or due process we are headed for a shit storm.My concern? They are coming for YOUR RIGHT to self defense! It is happening all the time in England now and many other countries! 

I am not telling you to take to the streets and protest. If you want to go for it! Honestly it is too late for a lot of this to be solved without a great deal of issue. However you can make a difference by learning all you can learn about self defense and personal protection. And then teaching everyone who will attend a class!

This keeps the cause alive! be vigilant my friends! Learn, train and TEACH!

Kyusho Jitsu World Weekly News - The Quantum Kyusho Jitsu Project
Quantum Kyusho Jitsu 360

​​​Quantum Kyusho Jitsu 360

Have you heard about the Quantum Kyusho Jitsu Project?

Back in June 2018 I released a video called An Introduction to Quantum Kyusho Jitsu. This is based on many years of research to help the martial art student become much more proficient using pressure points. Because of the different arts I have studied it gave me some interesting insight in these concepts.

The video did very well, and I got great feedback! I was asked to teach some of it at the RMATC which I did. However that video was really just the tip of the iceberg! Coming September 15th or sooner is the new video called Quantum Kyusho Jitsu 360! This information will be like nothing else you have ever seen! 

Once you comprehend this information, and it will take some time to do so, you will be able to "map" out better combinations to train with, and teach your students. Combinations that give maximum results! Below are 2 links, one to the Quantum Kyusho Jitsu Project. Here you can learn more and join our special updates mail list! The second is for information on Quantum Kyusho Jitsu 360.

Kyusho Jitsu World Weekly News - HPPT Level Three
Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Humane Pressure Point Tactics

And also ahead of schedule is the release of Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level Three! The first part of the one month online self defense certification course will release on Friday August 17th. Most of all as soon as the full course is available the incredible price of $29.97 for each level will be gone forever. 

Hence this is one of the most important courses you will ever take. It covers in details real self defense skills for all levels of threat! Plus the idea behind this course is to give you the skills to go out and teach this, which is beneficial for all! Learn more now!

Kyusho Jitsu World Updates - Website Login Issues

Some of you have had some issues with login to our various website. The good news is that this issue should now be resolved! There was an update to the software that is used to fix this issue!

I have also had some issues with our support site software. People would put in tickets and then I was not sent a notification! This has also been resolved! However I am checking these sites daily to make sure nothing is missed! We have very few issues so I did not think to login to check!

Kyusho eBooks in Spanish!
Kyusho eBooks in Spanish

Kyusho eBooks in Spanish

So, are you a native Spanish speaker? Are you aware that most of our eBook have been translated into Spanish? Follow this LINK and learn more today! If you don't see one you are looking for email me and I will see if it is available yet!

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Also in case you missed these! Here are other really great posts! I will link them below here!

Most of all please share this an other content with friends on social media. And help spread the teachings of the science of pressure point self defense. 

Remember! "Learn, Train and TEACH!"

Have a great Sunday!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho Jitsu World Weekly News for Sunday August 12th 2018
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Kyusho Jitsu World Weekly News for Sunday August 12th 2018
Welcome to the Kyusho Jitsu World Weekly News for the week ending Sunday August 12th 2018! Very important information on your RIGHT to Self Defense.
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Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance
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Grand Master Art Mason is a professional full time martial artists and Kyusho Jitsu teacher. He is available for seminars and study groups. He resides in Brasov Romania

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