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Free Humane Pressure Point Tactics Video!

How would you like a Free Humane Pressure Point Tactics Video? This is HPPT Level One Lesson 1 in its entirety! Totally FREE? So what is Humane Pressure Point Tactics? Or as we call it HPPT.

What  are Humane Pressure Point Tactics?

Would you like to have the ability to take control of a bad situation, perhaps prevent the violence from occurring?  How about being able to walk down the streets at night knowing you are prepared for what hopefully will never happen?

Then keep reading!

There is a method of using pressure points to control a situation before it becomes violent or immediately after. Also this is an all new certification course that comprises of 3 levels.  Therefore this is essential information for any martial arts student or instructor who is concerned about the escalating violence on the streets today in our "surveillance" society. It is also perfect for a novice with little to no experience in self defense.

Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level One Certification

The Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level One Certification is now online at Kyusho Jitsu University! This is a full certification course for personal knowledge as well as teaching certification.  It will cover the following types of situations.

  • Basic anatomy with reference to painful pressure points
  • Using angles to control a disruptive person therefore prevent attack
  • Removing a disruptive person from the area.
  • Restraining a disruptive person until the authorities arrive
  • Assessing situations for use of proper force.
  • Verbal skills to de-escalate a confrontation
  • Legals implications of Self Defense 

This will be approximately a one month online video course! Also I will supply a digital certificate after brief examination you can print as proof of certification and completion. This will also be the authorization to teach our H.P.P.T Course under the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance. 

But right now you can download the first lesson of the HPPT Certification Course for FREE with no obligation to do anything! Just fill out the form below using your name and email, confirm your email and your link to download is on the way! We respect your right to privacy and you can read our Privacy Policy here.


It is that simple!

Download your Free Humane Pressure Point Tactics Video Now!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

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