Free Cycle of Destruction Video

Free Cycle of Destruction

Free Cycle of Destruction Video How well do you understand the Cycle of Destruction?

Well here is your chance to learn all there is to know about it with this Free Cycle of Destruction Video!

But first lets take a look at the basic breakdown for the novice student.

  • Fire melts Metal
  • Metal chops Wood
  • Wood penetrates Earth
  • Earth dams Water
  • Water quenches Fire

Often times this is as far as anyone learns! Aside from what meridians are what and which meridian corresponds to which element etc, etc...

Now back several months ago I offered for people to watch the NEW Cycle of Destruction video online for FREE. A lot of people took advantage of this. But there was a common complaint!

The video was too long to really view in one sitting and it required multiple views to really assimilate all the information.

Free Cycle of Destruction Video

And that is a pretty good point!  Therefore with that in mind I am going to make this Cycle of Destruction Video available to download! No more trying to remember the links! Just use the form below, confirm your email and and a download link is on its way to your inbox!!

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Take each and every opportunity you can to learn! And this Free Cycle of Destruction Video is a great opporunity. People often miss great chances and then they complain latter. If it is of interest to me I study it! And i hope you are the same.

Therefore you should grab this now, because it will not bee free forever. This offer can end without notice. And if your visit my FREE Kyusho Jitsu page you will find other great opportunities like this.

Thank you for requesting my Free Cycle of Destruction Video!

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

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