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Pressure Point TW-11 [Triple Warmer]


Pressure Point TW-11

* Pressure Point TW-11

Updated May 17th 2020. Today I am going to discuss in some details what is sometimes referred to as the "arm break point" Pressure Point TW-11. There is more to this pressure point than meets the eye and while the usage is seen in MMA rings, their results are not what they could be if the pressure point was properly understood and utilized. 

Pressure Point TW-11 - Location

This pressure point is located under the tendon at the elbow joint.  To activate this pressure point properly the hand needs to be facing upward with respect to the elbow joint itself.  Exact location can be found on a partner by bending the arm and placing the palm on the elbow.  When you close the hand the knuckles will lie directly on the pressure point. [North on the arm]

This Pressure Point TW-11 react to both a rub and a strike. Activation causes the muscles to release the elbow as the primary result and to release the shoulder joint secondarily. 

This reaction is why it becomes to very easy to dislocate the elbow itself.

You will see the arm bar used as a submission hold in various ring fighting events.  Leverage is applied to cause pain and or get a submission from the opponent. 

However if stimulation of Pressure Point TW-11 was or occur the elbow would dislocate immediately.

In the ring this could be done with the leg.

* Pressure Point TW-11

 However the injury to the joint is sever and would require surgery to repair the damage done. This pressure point works on everyone I have ever encounter in my years of Kyusho Jitsu Training.

In Conclusion

Pressure Point TW-11 CONCLUSION

This is an outstanding pressure point to add to your self defense system.

I have had personal street experience with the one and know how effective it is.

If you are in need of a solid, real life street self defense system have a look at my Humane Presume Point Tactics Courses at Kyusho Jitsu University

What self defense system are you currently studying? Does it include Pressure Points like TW-11? Please leave a below. 

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Pressure Points Inguinal Crease


Pressure Points Inguinal Crease

* Pressure Points Inguinal Crease

What am I referring to when I say Pressure Points Inguinal Crease? The Inguinal Crease is the crease between the torso and the thigh. It creates a 'V' shape in the direction of the groin.

For the Kyusho Jitsu student this is important because of the intersection of 2 very dangerous pressure points that make striking the area very beneficial in self defense especially when it comes to a larger opponent. So let really get into the Pressure Points Inguinal Crease

Pressure Points Inguinal Crease

Here we are dealing with 2 pressure points that for lack of better words lie right over top of each other.  This is a "natural" Cycle of Destruction area and therefore a strike will always yield a substantial result. 

Pressure Point SP-12

Pressure Point SP-12 is the first of the 2 pressure points we will examine in the Pressure Point Inguinal Crease.

This pressure point is situated right over the femoral artery and can cause great internal damage to this artery.

It is also near the femoral nerve and will cause the whole leg to be paralyzed. 

The best strike to the area is in and down using a penetrating action.

A strong kick to this region can also knock the head of the femur and ball joint right out of its socket damaging the tendons and ligaments causing great pain and immobilization. 

*Deadly Pressure Point SP-12

There is also a potential for death if the femoral artery is damaged at this point. 

Pressure Point LV-12

The second is Pressure Point LV-12. This pressure point has a strong affect upon the genitals and when one is struck here, it feels like a strike to the groin and is as effective as a groin strike.

However it is easier to get to than the groin because the brain will not protect this area automatically.

Struck hard enough, this pressure point can kill due to the proximity of the femoral artery.

 A light to medium shot will cause the genitals to bleed. Internal physical damage is caused to the tendons and muscles at this area.

Damage to the artery can cause death.

The Pressure Point Liver 14
* Pressure Points Inguinal Crease

It is also know to cause serious prostrate swelling in men and permanent reproductive issues in women.

The angle and direction is the same as above, however you should chop the area.

Being that you cannot hit one pressure point without the other I suggest using the penetrating striking action as it is easier to perform in this area.

 How to Attack

This is one of the areas of the body people often ask how best to attack. First it is a strike for a large size difference. And if you train in any tradition Karate you already have the best movement to attack. That is the beginning of most Kata and something I refer to ask the "ready" stance. Drop into the horse stance and fire.  This is a great response to being grabbed, again my a larger attacker. 

The best tool is the index finger knuckle as the "eye of the phoenix." This is for taller attackers. The same movement on someone of your own size would work best at Alarm Point ST-25.

In Conclusion

Pressure Points Inguinal Crease CONCLUSION

This is an interesting area of the body to deal with. Highly dangerous due to the proximity of the femoral artery and nerve.  

Attacking is not as complex as it may sound. However I do suggest this is one area of the body est struck with both and simultaneously.

And be very cautious when training with a partner. A hard strike will be devastating!

If you have any questions about these pressure points or attacking, implementing them into your self defense system feel free to leave a comment and ask! If you would like to learn more about these and other pressure points on the body please checkout my book Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Stacking Pressure Point Principles


Stacking Pressure Point Principles

* Stacking Pressure Point Principles

What do I mean when I am referring to Stacking Pressure Point Principles? Today I will go into great details on this important part of the path of learning the science of pressure point self defense called Kyusho Jitsu.

Stacking Pressure Point Principles - Starting Out

At the novice level of student in Kyusho Jitsu you are given the first 5 principles. Below is a short video I want you to watch to get you started, then I can breakdown things for you further.

The video is pretty basic.  In the video I discuss stacking the Cycle of Destruction with the 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle. This is not really where I would suggest starting if you are a beginner to Kyusho Jitsu. If you are more advanced then definitely play with this one.

Stacking for Beginners:

One of the best places I think to begin to understand stacking is taking the Cycle of Destruction and using it with Attack with Yin - Yang. When you develop the basic idea behind this then you could add Proper Body Mechanics to this.

The difference you will see in effect can be profound, and this is an excellent training method.

Advanced Stacking

As you progress doing this you can then add more advanced principles. As the video shows using the 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle.  This example would also go great if sound was adding the striking process. 

This idea is very straight forward but it does require you to have a solid knowledge of the basics. The better the foundation the easier all this is to accomplish.

Stacking Elements

The final aspect of this I will discuss today is stacking elements. While this is not exactly the same as Stacking Pressure Point Principles it is still as important. Rather then go into painful details here I will leave you with this video from my son Master Curt Mason explaining the stacking the fire element. 

Curt Mason is one of the most talented men I have know in Kyusho Jitsu and I do not say this because he is my son. Currently he is not longer teaching.

In Conclusion

Stacking Pressure Point Principles CONCLUSION

There is so much to learn in the science of pressure point self defense Kyusho Jitsu I cannot even really list it all. 

If you are new to all this then please checkout our FREE Kyusho Jitsu Courses to get you started!

If you have any questions please leave a comment here. I am always thrilled to get questions!

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Kyusho Head Pressure Points


Kyusho Head Pressure Points

* Deadly Pressure Point TW-18

Lets spend a few minutes today and talk about Kyusho Head Pressure Points. Also known as pressure points of the head. In self defense it is often the most desirable to target the head. The head will naturally give a good result since it does house the brain.  So lets take a look at the best pressure points to strike!

Depending on the result you are looking for some pressure points work better then others. It also naturally depends on the situation and what is the most directly available. Here is a look at the primary ones for a strong pressure point brain dysfunction to occur.

Kyusho Head Pressure Points Top 6

Now this is just a small list of the many, many excellent pressure point target on the head. For a complete list of over pressure point on the body have a look at Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy

Gall Bladder Cluster

5 of the 6 pressure points of the head listed about have link to articles about them.

I strongly suggest read each of the articles as they provide a lot of essential insformtion on those pressure points. 

However now I will give some details on the Gall Bladder Cluster. The Gall Bladder Cluster is pressure points GB-13, GB-14 and GB-15. 

Pressure Point GB-20

Also note that they form a triangle on the forehead.  These are excellent pressure points to strike in a self defense situation. While it is likely at a heel palm will connect with all 3 pressure points you will however get an excellent result contacting only one. All these 3 will cause brain dysfunctions like dizziness and disorientation. Unconsciousness is also very possible.

Bonus Kyusho Head Pressure Point

Below is a bonus pressure point of the head called the "mental nerve." This is about a 2 minute video I am sure you will enjoy!

Kyusho Head Pressure Points Conclusion

In Conclusion

Whenever you train with Kyusho Head Pressure Points always be aware that all of them are potentially dangerous.

You can never know the results of a strike to any part of the head and some areas are more sensitive than others. Be cautious not to cause a concussion to your training partner.

In self defense striking pressure point of the head is the best way to quickly end an attack. I would also like to give honorable mention to Pressure Point BL-10 as well. The article is linked. If you have any questions or comment please click here

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Deadly Pressure Point TW-17 [Triple Warmer]


Deadly Pressure Point TW-17

Deadly Pressure Point TW-17

This one has been long awaited! So today I am going to talk about Deadly Pressure Point TW-17 [Triple Warmer/Triple Heater]. One of the most dangerous pressure points on the body, therefore TW-17 is not to be taken likely! So let's get into it!

Deadly Pressure Point TW-17 - Location

Pressure Point TW-17 is located behind the ear posterior to the lobule of the ear, in the depression between the mandible and mastoid process.

The correct angle and direction does vary. However for control press in and forward across to the other side with 2 Way Action.

* Deadly Pressure Point TW-17

Deadly Pressure Point TW-17 - Applications

One of the most painful and potentially deadly pressure points. This pressure point is easy to access by press in with a finger [pericardium finger the most effective] and seal with the other hand, but difficult to strike effectively. But not impossible with proper training.

Below is a video with a short demonstration.

However, once a solid strike is made the result is devastating. As a control pressure point it is very effective! Once hit there is a potential for a separation between the spinal column and skull resulting in permanent paralysis and possible death.

A jaw dislocation is also very possible using proper angle and direction. The later is the most common result.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

While difficult to strike, but not impossible TW-17 is an excellent control pressure point. 

This property makes Deadly Pressure Point TW-17 an excellent one to use in low escalation self defense situations, giving your the ability to escalate the response quickly if required. 

What do you think of this pressure point? Have you used it yourself? Please feel free to ask any questions you have right here.

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Kyusho Jitsu Vessels


Kyusho Jitsu Vessels

* Kyusho Jitsu Vessels

Today I am going to give you a detailed explanation on the Kyusho Jitsu Vessels and exactly how they work, plus how you can exploit these in a self defense situation. So lets get started!

There are 2 Vessels on the body that run center-line on the front and the back. The 1st is the Conception Vessel running the front of the body. And the  2nd is the Governor Vessel running the back of the body. 

Kyusho Jitsu Vessels - Conception

The Conception Vessel run up the front of the body from the lower pelvis to the
underside of the tongue. Conception Vessel is the principle source of all YIN energy in the body. 

There are 24 Pressure Points on the Conception Vessel with many of them being Alarm Points and very dangerous to strike. 

Pressure Point CO-01 lies on the "north" side of the anus while the person is lying on their back. Pressure Point CO-24 lies at the bottom lip on the side of the mouth.

All pressure points on Conception Vessel have a negative affect on the body when attacked. However when it comes to Kyusho Jitsu Vessels, the Alarm Points are the most dangerous.

Kyusho Jitsu Vessels

You can find a detailed account of all pressure points on the Kyusho Jitsu Vessels and the 12 Meridians from my book Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy.

Kyusho Jitsu Vessel - The Governor Vessel

Kyusho Jitsu Vessels

The Governor Vessel is located on the back of the body running from the "south" side of the anus while the person is lying on their back, which is GV-01 over the head to inside the mouth.

Governor Vessel concludes at the palette of the mouth with GV-28.

The Governor Vessel is also the primary source of all YANG energy in the body.

Together these Kyusho Jitsu Vessels feed the flow of Chi Energy to the 12 Meridians.

Vessel Breakdown of Functionality

I want to look at this part of the system comparing, the Kyusho Jitsu Vessels to the 240 VOLT power service coming into your house (for those of you in the America’s).

Electricity comes into your service box at 240 volts and is then divided or split into 2 – 120 volt services. These services MUST be balanced with similar loads on each side. The Same is true of the body and Chi.

Kyusho Jitsu Vessels

The meridian system is the same way. Yin (negative) energy off Conception, and Yang energy off the Governing vessel.  Both energies are mixed together, and then split into the different sides of the body.

This is the basic "western" explanation of the purpose and way the vessels function distributing Chi energy.

Dangers of the Vessels

When it comes to self defense attacking the pressure points on the Kyusho Jitsu Vessels will yield you a strong result. Many of these pressure points  when used in conjunction with other pressure points can also be deadly. 

However the body does protect the center-line. This is an instinct, the same as how the brain will protect the eyes. This means once again you cannot just stand and FIGHT. You need to move, and move on angles. 

Moving on angles opens up these pressure points, front and back to successful attack. Read more about Octagon Movement here. 

In Conclusion

Kyusho Jitsu Vessels Conclusion

I hope you can see from this article how powerful this knowledge is. 

A properly timed strike to a pressure point on the Kyusho Jitsu Vessels can cause a disruption of the either the Yin or Yang energy of the body, thus shutting down the meridian systems and their related organs.

Thus endning any attack.

Alarm Points are even more effective! The pressure points of the Governor Vessel also have very special purposes. Discussed in Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy.

Do you have any questions on this articles? Please feel free to leave a comment here and ask! If you enjoyed this information please share with your friends too! 

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Pressure Point GB-25 [Gall Bladder]


Pressure Point GB-25

Pressure Point GB-25

As I continue with the series on important pressure points for self defense I am going to look at Pressure Point GB-25 [Gall Bladder]. Aside from being an excellent pressure point to end an attack GB-25 is also an Alarm Point. More on this below.

Pressure Point GB-25 - Location & Effect

Below is a partial excerpt from my eBook Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy

Pressure Point GB-25 is located on the lateral sides of the abdomen, on the lower border of the free end of the twelfth rib.

This is another very dangerous pressure point due to its proximity to the Kidneys.  Striking this pressure point can have an even more profound effect on the Kidney's than actually striking the Kidney's themselves.

A medium strike can cause a knockout, and a more sever strike can cause Kidney failure. With a sever strike death can result due to Kidney failure. Pressure Point GB-25 will not produce an electrically shock response like some pressure points will. 

The result is crippling pain and the inability to overcome the pain in a short time. 

Alarm Point

Alarm Points are one of the most important understanding in all of the science of pressure point self defense we call Kyusho Jitsu.

Now, Alarm Points of which there are 12 on the body relate directly to the organ they represent themselves. 

So in other words a strike to pressure point GB-25 has a direct and negative affect on the functioning of the Kidneys themselves.

Pressure Point GB-25

Striking an Alarm Point will also active the meridian they represent bilaterally at a high level.

So in this case the Kidney Meridian is activated bilaterally, as well as Triple warmer bilaterally. Plus Gall Bladder on the side of the strike.

 Therefore in this case you would have both Water, Fire  and Wood elements in the Cycle of Destruction, which then striking a metal meridian pressure point would yield a very strong result. 

This is assuming the attacker was not render unable to continue from the initial strike to GB-25. 

In Conclusion

Pressure Point GB-25 CONCLUSION

The more you know about the Pressure Points you are striking the better effect you will have,

Knowledge when applied like in Kyusho Jitsu Study is very powerful! 

GB-25 is an excellent pressure point for self defense purposes as it is very easy to access under a grappling situation. As an great example is a front choke, 

Now as I have said on many different occasions the more you know about the pressure points you are looking to strike, things like the principles and specifications the better you will do on the street.  Applied knowledge is so very powerful.

With that in mind I have a couple of excellent resources you will want to checkout. The first is my Kyusho Jitsu Reference eBook called Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy. In this book I breakdown every pressure point on the body. Including Alarm Points, Associated Alarm Points and Special Alarm Points. And I also include the Extraordinary Pressure Points.

The second suggestion is the Encyclopedia of Kyusho Jitsu that is designed to allow you to access information on all things Kyusho Jitsu right from your phone. The Encyclopedia of Kyusho Jitsu is available for both IOS and Android phones. Learn more here.

So what is your experience level in Kyusho Jitsu? Do you have any experience with Pressure Point GB-25? I would love to hear about it! You can leave a comment here.

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Guide to Easy Pressure Point Knockout for Beginners


Easy Pressure Point Knockout

Easy Pressure Point Knockout

The other day I received a "Chat" request here from someone asking if I would write a detailed articles on pressure point knockouts. So today I am going to go into great detail on a specific Easy Pressure Point Knockout you can do right away. 

The video below is of a knockout done from a Yellow Belt techniques in my system of Hapkido's roots. The end result is a slap to the Gall Bladder Cluster, GB-13, 14, & 15.

I give a detailed explanation of what I am going, and then show the same knockout from a previous time. I did not knockout the Uki in this demonstration as he had not been feeling well. After I will go into more details for you.

Easy Pressure Point Knockout - Gall Bladder Cluster

This is a very good knockout for beginners as the odds of doing any permanent damage is ery, very low! 

In this knockout I am not using any advanced principle at all. No stances, no sounds, no colour, just the Cycle of Destruction

Let's break it down now!

The Wrist Grab

The easiest method of any neurological pressure point knockout is when there is already body contact like a wrist grab. This creates an electrical connect between the 2 people and makes the job much easier. And for this easy pressure point knockout this is the perfect setup.

When someone grabs your wrist you have a mix of fire and metal. But fire is winning because there is so much of it! Always remember we have 4 Fire Meridians

The Uki is grabbing my right hand with his left. In real life this is to setup a strike with the right hand. Which is why i will move in the Octagon to the outside. I use my left hand to steady and restrain his right hand, preventing him from letting go while I move to the 90 degree angle.

This is also very valuable when looking to access pressure points! [Moving to the 90 with Octagon angles]

Note I am using my LONG fire fingers doing this! Adding more "gasoline" to his already burning fire! 

At the Octagon Angle

easy pressure point knockout

Once I move in the Octagon to the 90 degree and while during the movement rolling my hand downward leading with my thumb I stretch the tendons of the arm, and elongate the Yin meridians.

This will cause the energy flow in the meridians to change, and the fact this brings the Uki to their tip toes alters the body mechanics of the situation.

Plus the brain from an unconscious process is wondering what is going on! 

Next I tap the Uki at TW-11 with my elbow top causing a fire to fire activation of Triple Warmer, after activating Heart and possibly Pericardium when I grabbed his wrist. 

So in the Cycle of Destruction what do I have thus far? The obvious is fire and metal. I have the Heart Meridian, Small Intestine, Triple Warmer and perhaps Pericardium. But do you realize I also have water? When you take a step, and break KD-01 from ground you create water. 

So I have 3 of 5 of the Cycle of Destruction!

The Gall Bladder Cluster

Finally I am going to attack with an open hand the Gall Bladder Cluster, which are pressure points GB-13, GB-14 and GB-15. And of course this is wood in the Cycle of Destruction, of which I now have 4 elements! More than enough for a knockout. 

When I hit these pressure points I will do so with an open hand, giving me fire and metal to wood, with a clockwise "chopping" action, plus of course 2 Way Action

At the very least i done correctly with all of the above and "intent" the results will be excellent!

In Conclusion

easy pressure point knockout CONCLUSION

Now you have a recipe for a very easy pressure point knockout you can do in your Dojo.

Now please remember to be cautious always have someone spot and catch your Uki. 

I see far to often people being irresponsible and allowing the Uki to free fall. This is dangerous and reckless. If the Uki is injured it is also GROSS Negligence! 

Resuscitation Video!

We do not want anyone hurt during training! And make sure you know how to revive or resuscitate your Uki. If you are new to this watch the video below. Checkout my NEW Resuscitation Video Course

A Question

Have you ever successfully done a pressure point knockout? Which pressure point did you sue? Are you going to try this one? Leave me a comment I would love to hear! And to answer a great question I missed in the comments, YES it works with shoes, boots or any other footwear on.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Pressure Point SI-16 [Small Intestine]


Pressure Point SI-16 [Small Intestine]

Pressure Point SI-16

I would be remiss if after writing articles on Pressure Points ST-09,10 and LI-18 not to include an article on Pressure Point SI-16. They are all located in close proximity to each other, and therefore you are like to target all of them depending on the tool used to attack. And SI-16 is a VERY dangerous pressure point.

Pressure Point Si-16 - Location

Below is an excerpt from Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy

Pressure Point SI-16 is in the lateral aspect of the neck, on the posterior border of the Sternocleidomastoideus muscle [Below], posterior to CO-18, 3.5 cun lateral to the laryngeal prominence.

Pressure Point SI-16 The Sternocleidomastoideus Muscle

Striking this pressure point will often cause the person to laugh, however the possible resulting damage is nothing to laugh at! If struck on the left side of the body hard enough it can stop the Heart resulting in death.

A lighter strike can cause Heart issues in anyone with a disposition to Heart problems. Sometimes this pressure point is used in knockout demonstrations, but this is fool-hearty as death can result.

Save this pressure point for life and death situations! You can learn more about Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy here.

Pressure Point SI-16 - Effects of Results

As mentioned above if you are targeting SI-16 you will likely also hit LI-18 and / or ST-09 and ST-10. All of these are DEADLY Pressure Points with serious consequences for the attacker. In self defense people will often teach to attack the "throat." This is honestly most of the time ineffective. 

Why? Because the brain will instinctively drop the chin to protect the throat. But it will not do anything to protect this groups of pressure points. This makes them excellent Self Defense targets. A solid strike, with the correct angle and direction will end the attack immediately.

In Conclusion

Pressure Point SI-16 Conclusion

The more you understand about the potential pressure points you may wish to target the better your results will be.  

And these pressure points on the neck are good solid, easy to train targets. 

Question. Are there pressure points you would like to see featured here? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Kyusho Pressure Points Anatomy

There are 361 Pressure Points on the Human body. There are also "extraordinary" pressure points, Alarm Points and Special purpose pressure points. This book cover them all! This is a must have for any serious student of the science of Pressure Point Self Defense called Kyusho Jitsu.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

How to Access Pressure Points


Access Pressure Points

Access Pressure Points

How do you access pressure points? I know you have heard that "pressure points don't work." Spoken by ever pretend "self defense guru" across time. So what they are saying is that hitting or striking the human body does not work? 

"You can't access pressure points on the street!" Another mantra of the clueless and lazy. So you can't hit the side of the jaw or face? You need to seriously look at your training dude! It is not pressure points that are a failure, YOU ARE!

"Pressure Points require fine motor skills and only gross motor skills work." Another training failure!

So you cannot palm heal the "temple" [TW-23] area? And forget getting a firearm as shooting is 100% fine motor skills! So is Krav Maga, BJJ and damn near all the martial arts touted as being "street ready." Funny how the haters are so uneducated in Kyusho Jitsu, but can talk like they have spent more than 2 hours learning.

But I am sure you get my point, so let's get on with the article.

Access Pressure Points

The first problem with people wishing to learn and excel at the science of pressure point self defense is often times their "self defense" skills can be low. Or they are relatively new to the entire martial art world and really do not understand movement as of yet. At first most martial arts teach linear movement, and they do so for a reason. But this needs to evolve into angular movement.

Linear Movement

When someone first begins in the martial arts they are taught "linear" movement. Someone will step forward and punch, the student will step back, block and then follow with a punch. Now this is DEAD WRONGbut we teach it that way for a reason.

You must first "break" the student of the things they think they know! Deprogram and reprogram.

And this method works! But it does take time. But then so does anything worthwhile. Pressure Point strikes here are very hard to do. Thus the failure I speak of above. 

Kyusho Jitsu Factor - stance

Circular Movement

Access Pressure Points Circular Motion

Next comes "circular" movement. However this while worthwhile learning is still very ineffective. Circular motion is what works in a ring. The person who controls the ring wins the fight. But on the street is is not effective at all. 

An attacker will not follow the lead, they will close the gap in a linear fashion and attack with all they have. If they are carrying a weapon like a knife you can watch yourself bleed after the cutting begins. If you stand and fight you may have a 10% chance of success. But ONLY if you are well enough trained. 

It is very hard to access pressure points or counter attack effective while doing this. Especially if you cannot get control of the attackers movement, and this is the purpose of this circular movement. 

Angular Movement

The only answer is angular movement. When the assault happens you move first, to an angle and counter from there. The "ideal" is simple, but 99% of martial artists I have found do not know anything of this, or can do this naturally. Therefore, without this motion an attack becomes chance and skill against skill. 

When someone attacks you they are committed! If they are standing jabbing at you they are not serious. They are playing looking for a fight.

This guy is a douche-bag, walk away. As Bruce Lee said in Enter the Dragon, "don't waste yourself."

Access Pressure Points via the Octagon

A committed attack happens very fast. The first line of defense is to move on an angle in the OCTAGON, then counter before the assailant regroups and moves again. 

When you move in the Octagon after the attack, pressure points present themselves like a smorgasbord. At this point things become very simple. takes time and serious training to get to this point!

And this angular movement opens up the most deadly of the pressure points and allows time to attack them. 

In Conclusion

Access Pressure Points Conclusion

Movement is everything in self defense, martial arts and the science of pressure point self defense. How to access pressure points? Like all things in life there is a path. I know Octagon Theories work because I have had to use them in real life. And the knowledge was there when I needed it most! 

Question for today. Who coined the phrase "in true self defense there is no body contact"? Do you understand what it means? Let me know here.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

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