Kyusho Jitsu Techniques & Limited Thinking


Kyusho Jitsu Techniques

Understanding Kyusho Jitsu Techniques

When it comes to Kyusho Jitsu Techniques you will find many people with limited thinking. But that is becoming the norm today over a lot of subjects. With all of today's amazing technology you would think more people would be able to open their minds and do the research before they speak. But sadly no, people are very indoctrinated!

As an example climate change is one. Saying something against the "science" of climate change, even questioning it will get you verbally and often physically attacked. Interesting isn't it? But that is not the purpose of this article, it is to talk about Kyusho Jitsu Techniques & peoples limited thinking!

Kyusho Jitsu will often come under attack from people in the martial arts community. There are basically 2 groups of people with the community who will do this.

  1. Closed minded people who believe they have all the answers, know everything and are unteachable. I don't bother with these "experts." You will find also they have extreme views on many topic and know everything about everything. It is funny often times because people come to martial art instructors for advice it goes to their heads and then they believe they are experts at all things. Kinda pathetic really! And have had many tell me "do you know who my teach was/is." Like somehow the ability of your teacher has anything to do with you!
  2. People who study, discovered it was harder than expected so they QUIT. I just call them quitters and assign them to the first category. I have no interest in changing their minds.
  3. Those who have been poorly instructed by "teachers" who do not know enough to teach! They are professional counters.

You can always tell these people very fast. Especially when you get good at human nature.

Kyusho Jitsu Techniques - Open Minded Study

Open minded people who are interested in the topic of real self defense learning always look towards the science of pressure points to enhance what they do.

Why? Because it is a logical step. Some will learn the basics and move on from there. Other want a more in-dept look and so pursue much more information.

Both are great ways to go!

Kyusho Jitsu and Limited Thinking

Open minded people who are interested in the topic of real self defense learning always look towards the science of pressure points to enhance what they do. Why? Because it is a logical step. Some will learn the basics and move on from there. Other want a more in-dept look and so pursue much more information. Both are great ways to go!

Kyusho Jitsu Techniques are really only martial art techniques with a different understanding of the application. You can palm strike someone to the side of jaw and get one result. The "typical" result.

Or you can learn to do the strike correctly and cause a dysfunction of the brain due to nerve activation.

Kyusho Jitsu Techniques - Rules for Success

I have some rules for life. These rules are not the usual "moral" rules found in society. These are in addition to the ones that should be self evident. 


I spend about 10 years in a deep study of Buddhism, and some time on other religions of the world for educational purposes. Many I disagree with COMPLETELY, however I was willing to "learn" before making my judgment calls.  

So what does this mean? That i am still teachable. One of my rules for life can be found in both Dr Stephen Covey's book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Dr Jordan Peterson's book 12 Rules for Life. Today my learning is only restricted by time.

The rule is "Seek first to understand and then be understood."  If when you meet someone SHUT UP and listen as they may have something they can teach you! This makes you teachable!

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

I am a student of life, I learn new things each day and this gives life meaning. Thinking out of the BOX requires an open mind and often times a closed mouth.

I have never learned anything while I was talking.

Problems in life do not come from the things you do not know. They comes from the things you "THINK" you know and do not.

So tell me, are you teachable? Leave a comment here and let me know!

Is your mind Open - Then Begin the Journey!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho Cycle of Destruction


Kyusho Cycle of Destruction

The Cycle of Destruction

One of the cornerstones of pressure point study is the Kyusho Cycle of Destruction. There are a total of 15 Principles, but the first 10 are the true building blocks to success! Consider them like a Parthenon. Without a solid understanding of these 10 principles success can be a BIG challenge!

What are the 10 Principles?
  1. Attack Along the Meridian
  2. ​The Cycle of Destruction
  3. ​The Yin and Yang Principle
  4. Attack with Correct Body Mechanics
  5. ​Using Tempo
  6. The 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle
  7. ​Using the Correct Stance
  8. Attack using Sound
  9. Attack with colour
  10. ​The Cycle of Emotions
Cycle of Destruction

Kyusho Cycle of Destruction - The Cycle

So what is the Kyusho Cycle of Destruction? Here is the initial breakdown for you. Now this is Novice Kyusho Jitsu, however the basics, the foundations are the building blocks of success in the science of pressure point self defense.

  • 1
    Fire melts Metal
  • 2
    Metal chops Wood
  • 3
    Wood penetrated Earth
  • 4
    Earth dams Water
  • 5
    Water quenches Fire

Now this is the basic breakdown, therefore now we need to look at the body. 

Kyusho Cycle of Destruction - The Body

The human body contains 12 meridians. And each meridian in part has a predominant energy based on one element. There is not an absolute, but a predominance. Below is the breakdown of the body meridians and their corresponding elements.

Upper Extremities

  • Heart - Fire
  • Small Intestine - Fire
  • Pericardium - Fire
  • Triple Warmer - Fire
  • Lung - Metal 
  • Large Intestine - Metal 

Lower Extremities

  • Kidney - Water
  • Bladder - Water
  • Liver - Wood
  • Gall Bladder - Wood
  • Spleen - Earth
  • Stomach - Earth

Kyusho Cycle of Destruction - The Tools

I think and I hope you see the obvious here. Your attack/defend tools being for the most part are the arms and hands of the body belong to the upper extremities. This means that you will primarily be using "fire and metal" within the beginning of any defend/attack scenario. 

Below is a short video on using the Kyusho Cycle of Destruction.

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

I am hoping this information will help you to understand how the Kyusho Cycle of Destruction works. This cycle is just part of a much larger understanding of the science of pressure point self defense called Kyusho Jitsu.

What did you get out of this post and  video? Tell me about what you learned here!

I teach a total of 15 Principles from beginner to master level Black Belt. You can learn more about all these principle from my 15 Principles of Kyusho Jitsu Video Series linked here. And below you can get the Cycle Of Destruction Video FREE!

And if you are looking for some amazing in-depth knowledge about the Kyusho Cycle of Destruction have a look at this article on the Kyusho 5 Element Hand. This explains how to change the elements of the hand on the fly!

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Understanding Kyusho Knockouts

Neurological pressure point knockouts are the reason that most people take up the study of Kyusho Jitsu. Yet very few learn to do them properly or well. Follow the link below to my eBook that gives you all the information you need ! Plus a new low price!

Understanding Neurological Pressure Point Knockouts

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Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho Jitsu Alarm Points


Why do we need Kyusho Jitsu Alarm Points?

* Kyusho Jitsu Alarm Points

So why do we need Kyusho Jitsu Alarm Points? In my belief Alarm Points are the most underestimated, yet most important of all the principles for success in Kyusho Jitsu. I have now even tied them deep into the study of Dim Mak! So let's take a close look shall we?

What happens when you strike an Alarm point?

  • You activate the associated meridian bi-laterally
  • You also activate the meridian struck on the side of the body hit
  • Plus you activate Triple Warmer bi-laterally

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Let's look at an advanced anatomy of a "fighter.'

Kyusho Jitsu Alarm Points - Advanced Fighting Principles

My first martial arts teacher who I was with for 16 years was an AMAZING TKD fighter. He competed in both full contact and point fighting and basically lost once. He was 7 years running North American Grand Champion. The man knew his stuff! One night we had a discussion on how a successful fighter thinks. He told me an average fighter can see 2 moves ahead, an advanced 3 moves, and a world champion 4 moves. Now this is an oversimplification, but I know you get the point.

In Self Defense Kyusho Jitsu Alarm Points enable this type of vision during an attack. They give you the opportunity to activate and therefore damage more areas of the attackers body at one time!

Kyusho Jitsu Alarm Points - A Break Down

Each organ has an Alarm Point. The Alarm Point when activated has a direct affect on the organ.

This allows for a fast decrease in body functionality and therefore enable quick control of a situation. 

The Pressure Point Gall Bladder 24

An Associated Alarm Point, which are on the back have an affect on the neurological functioning of the organ. I have linked on article on Associated Alarm Points below.

Here is a breakdown on each Kyusho Jitsu Alarm Point.

* Kyusho Jitsu Alarm Points
  • Lung - LU-01
  • Heart - CO-14
  • Pericardium - CO-17
  • Spleen - LV-13
  • Liver - LV-14
  • Kidneu - GB-25
  • Large Intestin - ST-25
  • Stomach - CO-12
  • Triple Warmer - CO-05
  • Gall Bladder - GB-24
  • Small Intestine - CO-04
  • Bladder - CO-03

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

I teach as much as I can how very important Alarm Points are!

This includes both regular Kyusho Jitsu Alarm Points as well as the Associated Alarm Points

People will get a very superficial understanding and then move on to to other things  never realizing the true power of all this! I hope you will decide to get a solid beginning to understanding the importance of Alarm Points by taking advantage of the offer above!

If you have a question about these critical pressure points ask right here!

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Read an excerpt here!

This book is a MUST have!
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Kyusho Alarm Points Workshop

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Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho Jitsu And Chi – Does Chi Exist?


Kyusho Jitsu And Chi - Does Chi Exist?

Kyusho Jitsu And Chi

This question, does Chi exist, gets asked a lot. There are many believers as there are non believers. I am not writing this article to convince anyone. I am writing to help people understand that MOST of the opinions they will find today on this, and just about any other topic are invalid. So let me explain about Kyusho Jitsu And Chi.

Back many years ago a once respected magazine gone tabloid National Geographic decided they wished to defame George Dillman.  Welcome to the modern world of special interest groups running media. Now George is a big boy and does not need my help to defend himself. But this was just a witch hunt. Aside from that there was an alleged "doctor" who stated, "science cannot find the existence of chi."

Kyusho Jitsu And Chi

They don't know what consciousness is either does that mean we are not conscious? They can't explain gravity or what it is. Does that mean it is not real? What governing body is science anyway? And how ​does this clown know all of what is researched, not researched or anything else? Another paid sellout to corporate media! I have known many doctors in my life! Some are brilliant and others not fit to flip burgers at McDonald's!   But they all practiced medicine!

Kyusho Jitsu And Chi - Let's talk science

Here is the definition of the word science according to Webster's Dictionary.

":Definition of science for English Language Learners. : knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation. : a particular area of scientific study (such as biology, physics, or chemistry) : a particular branch of science."

Today's definition of the word is more like religion​ or dogma. Nasa gives you admited CGI pictures of space and in the same breath calls them photos. Why? Because science sold it's soul for big corporate payouts for "research" (say what we want you to say) and big government grants (for the same reason).

Chi will NEVER be researched because if it can be proved that Chi influences the health of the human body then BIG PHARMA is in trouble. End of story!

There are many doctors of western culture medicine who believe in Chi. But they are for the most part not very wealthy. Does Chi exist? To mind my, my feeling YES it does. But you must make your ​own decisions. It is up to you want you believe or do not believe.

Below is a link to a free eBook/Report on Chi Development. Check it out! 

Kyusho Jitsu and Chi

In Conclusion

I have never been sure why there are so many skeptics when it comes to Kyusho Jitsu And Chi. But asking questions is the very best way to be! Just make your judgments after you do your won research. Certainly do not take what I say as gospel! 

So what is your experience with Chi? I would love to hear about it. Comment here.

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Kyusho Martial Art Ethics


​Kyusho and Martial Art Ethics

Kyusho and Martial Art Ethics

I am always shocked at times at the lack of Kyusho Martial Arts Ethics I see. Style bashing, people bashing, accusation without any fact or substance. And people wonder why I want nothing to do with most of the industry? I look for like minded people.  And those who troll and hate, well I just block and delete them. Therefore I do not engage.

Recently I was accused by one Kyusho guy of stealing a "catch phase." It gave me a laugh because there must be a hundred plus marketers using this "catch phrase" and I stole if from a mentor named Dan Kennedy.

Dan is a marketer and copywriter, not a martial artist. But what makes me the laugh the most is, that other Kyusho people think I even look at what they are doing! WRONG! I have not been on any of these sites. I really have no interest. So I don't watch people videos on YouTube either unless someone recommends one. 

Dedicated Kyusho Student

Kyusho Martial Art Ethics - Competition

My competition is not other Kyusho teachers, my competition is other martial arts systems who "claim" to be the end all of self defense. These people without a clue of what they speak with bash Kyusho and anything that is not their system.

The real fact is if one of my people is also learning from another Kyusho guy that is fine with me. If they leave that is cool too. No hard feelings! I won't play this game I see in the industry so often. Therefore if you are a member of the KJWA is because you like what i offer and choice to be here! There is no ultimatum with me. 

Recently I saw a direct ripoff of what I do on a website. There was even someone who showed me his collection of my eBooks after telling me before he could buy them due to financial constrains. I have to admit it is an honour to be pirated! I don't think he realized when he sent me them that I was the author! Gotta love it!

The world of potential Kyusho Jitsu students is HUGE. We are talking about 10 million adult martial artists! I want people with me who want to learn, benefit and help spread the word of what we do! The door is always open, in both directions!

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

Back in 2003 I had the great privilege of sitting at a table with Grand Master Jhoon Rhee and have a coffee. WE spoke at length about the martial arts world. One thing he asked me was if my Dojo had a "student creed."  My answer was yes, because we do. Then then wish a very serious face said "good, because martial arts without a code of ethics and conduct is barbarianism"

I could not agree more!

What are your views on this topic? I would love to get your input! You can comment here.

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Kyusho No Touch Knockouts


Mystery of Kyusho No Touch Knockouts

Kyusho No Touch Knockouts

Perhaps the most controversial subject in martial arts today. is the Kyusho No Touch Knockouts.  And you know, I am really not sure why. Is it because it is a pretty big claim to be able to do something like this? Perhaps...Well when I hear the claims of some martial artists and their accomplishments they are much bigger and wilder than this! Plus these are always the same guys who call "BS" on the No Touch Theories. But I take everything they say with a grain of salt! I don't care about unsolicited opinions

Kyusho No Touch Knockouts How do They work?

This question are Kyusho No Touch Knockouts real is beyond the realm of a blog post. However yes, it is very possible to do, but you do need to have a willing partner to work with.  

So now the "naysayers" will comment, "then it won't work in combat!!!" Yeah no kidding, you are a rocket scientist obviously!!!! So why learn and train to do them?

Simply, it requires you first to develop your Chi and then second to learn to focus beyond anything you have ever done before! Chi development is GREAT for your health! And focus keeps the brain healthy! With this you are taking your mind to a new level! And everything about that is GOOD!

Chi Energy Development

What is the future potential? Like everything else it is totally unknown! But I am sure someone will develop this to the point that this can be used in the real world! 20 years ago you would have laughed at the idea of a "smart phone." 

The "naysayers" then said that this was not possible, then when it happened they said it was a FAD.

How can I compare the 2? Easy! Both are a product or an OPEN human MIND! The potential of an OPEN human mind is without ANY limits! But when the mind is closed there is nothing but limits!

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

As I state above Kyusho No Touch Knockouts are NOT FOR SELF DEFENSE.

They are a method to learn to control your Chi flow, and increase your focus. Both of which are very beneficial. 

Many are not interested in this aspect of Kyusho Jitsu. And I am really not very interested either. However I know what is needed to accomplish this. Plus I have been asked many, many times to teach it!

My question today is have you ever attempted to do one of these Kyusho No Touch Knockouts? How did it work our for you? Let me know here.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Mystery of the No Touch Knockout

Study Kyusho at Home


​Study Kyusho at Home

Study Kyusho at Home

It can be a big challenge depending where you live to find a live Kyusho teacher, so to study Kyusho at home becomes much more important. The great news is, we can help you with this!

Back in 2009 I created the first Novice Kyusho Home Study Course. This was on DVD and was very well received. However it was not a certification course. But last year I put together a new course, and this time added the ability to test for your Black Belt in Kyusho Jitsu if you decided you wanted to!

Updated Novice Kyusho Home Study Course

This Kyusho Jitsu Home Study Course released originally in 2009 to rave reviews! This was at that time a DVD set, that did not include the ability to become a 1st Dan Black Belt in the science of pressure point self defense.

However today, the revised version of the course is full certification! However it is no longer available in DVD form, but as an immediate digital download.

So let's take a quick look at what you get in the Kyusho Jitsu Home Study Course.

Study Kyusho at Home - Course Outline:

Kyusho Jitsu Instructor Certification
  • 8 arm points
  • 8 leg points
  • Meridian and their destinations
  • Cycle of Creation
  • 5 principals of Kyusho Jitsu
  • Cycle of Destruction
  • 3 Power Principals
  • What are pressure points
  • Striking elements
  • Chi exercises – basic and advanced
  • 24 hour cycle
  • Understanding Yin and Yang

Study Kyusho at Home - Stances:

Which stance to use when striking specific meridians.

 And the purpose of the stance (Neutral, Forward, Reverse, Horse, Cat, Cross Over), thus increasing you chances of successful self defense!.

Kyusho Jitsu Stances Work

Study Kyusho at Home - Strikes:

Kyusho Jitsu Striking Actions

Which type of strike to use when attacking a Meridian, therefore making each strike count!

Each meridian has it's own best striking action for maximum effect!

And you will learn them all!

Study Kyusho at Home - Form (Kata)

Kyusho Jitsu Black Belt
  • Breakdown and pressure points attacked
  • 1st Level – Punching
  • 2nd Level – Grab or Combination Punch
  • 3rd Level – Grappling with pressure points
  • And how to see things in the Kata yourself!
  • Self Defense Kyusho Breakdown

So what happens when you are done the course?

When you feel you are ready for your Black Belt testing you will contact my office and we will send you the exam to complete. There is a written and a physical exam and a practical exam via video. 

Normally to become a 1st Dan Black Belt requires attending 12 3 hour classes in our Dojo, but in this distance learning course you will receive all the materials in written and video format to study! As soon as you feel you are ready, you can do your exam! Passing requires an 80% mark or higher!

Kyusho Jitsu Instructor Support
Free Novice Kyusho Jitsu Certification Workbook

Now that is not all! As a BONUS you will also receive the following totally free!

1) Novice / Beginners Kyusho Black Belt Certification Manual packed with pictures and text organized in such a manner as to facilitate learning! All of my students are required to by this manual, but it is your FREE!

2) Our Kyusho Essentials Study Chart, another important aid in your success FREE. This is a document I suggest you print and laminate for best use!

3) Various other charts and diagrams to help you along the way!

In Conclusion

You get everything you need, all the same information as my in Dojo course. And most of all direct support to get your questions answered from me and my Black Belt Grading Board!

If you have any questions please leave me a comment here

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Yes, you can learn Kyusho Jitsu at home! Learn more now! #kyusho #pressurepoints #martialarts 

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Kyusho Home Study Course

Kyusho Jitsu Home Study Courses

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Grand Master Art Mason
Study Kyusho at Home

Well Rounded Martial Artists


Well Rounded Martial Artist

A Well Rounded Martial Artist

Ever aspect of training has a different purpose, therefore a well rounded Martial Artist looks at many different things.  The streets are very unpredictable, and in many countries violence is a big problem.  Are you actually prepared, or is it just your ego talking? Are you a well rounded martial artist?

Well Rounded Martial Artists - Learning Never Stops

The other day I got an email from a gentleman with 50 plus years in the martial arts. He wanted me to know how much he enjoyed my writings and courses. He was so very humble it inspired me.

WE need more of that, and less of the “I know it all."   This I know it all is far to prevalent in the industry.  

I never stop learning or looking for new information. I teach because I am good at communicating my message.

This is why I have done well in this field.

Well Rounded Martial Artists
Misconceptions about Gun Defense

Well Rounded Martial Artists - Adding to your System

We all have our root art. The more we expand it, add to it the better! But often times our egos get in the way, perhaps because the message does not agree with what we think we know so far.

Today the violence on the streets in many places in the world has become epidemic. Today we “just don’t go places” because they are dangerous all while thinking this is somehow OK. What this is, is an EPIC FAIL for our governments and politicians. But that is an entirely different topic.

There is much talk today about GUN violence. Especially in the USA. However the real TRUTH is knife, and bare hand violence trumps gun violence completely in the numbers! 

So this is the true root, the place where we need the most training. More people die of knife attacks than any other way! More people are beaten to death than shot.

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

Inn today's world we are very fortunate. Why? Because there is so much information at our fingertips and this gives us learning and development opportunities like never seen before!

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Kyusho Jitsu – Self Defense Mind Control


Self Defense Mind Control

* Self Defense Mind Control

The idea of something like Kyusho Jitsu - Self Defense Mind Control scares a lot of people. As soon as you say mind control peoples thoughts automatically go to evil. And that is understandable, especially in our rather manipulative world today. However once understood, this idea can save your life!

I have been in the martial arts now for 33 years today. Much of that time has been into research, not just the study of physical movement. Why? Because I knew I wanted to someday run my own Dojo from the moment I began my training. Just like I knew I wanted a high ranking Black Belt. And I also knew there was much more to self defense than just physical techniques too. 

Self Defense Mind Control - What is it?

Mind control is the ability to control thinking. This can be of yourself or controlling someone else's thought and behaviors. 

Often referred to as "Brainwashing" (AKA mind control, menticide, coercive persuasion, thought control, thought reform, and re-education) is the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain psychological techniques.

Self Defense Mind Control

Brainwashing is said to reduce its subject’s ability to think critically or independently, to allow the introduction of new, unwanted thoughts and ideas into the subject’s mind, as well as to change his or her attitudes, values, and beliefs.

These kinds of behaviors are typically used by the attacker take the form of intimidation, creating fear, and also confusion, which can be referred to as "Gaslighting." Now like all things in life there are both good and bad applications for such techniques. The Yin & Yang of the situation so to speak. 

I think the negative implications are very evident, especially when looking at society today. But, these tables can be successfully turned around and used to our advantage as defenders. This is truly the "art of war" in action!

Self Defense Mind Control for Good

Kyusho Jitsu - Self Defense Mind Control

I have been accused of mind control when it comes to No Touch Knockouts, and even ST-5 knockouts by all those who are either not intelligent enough to learn Kyusho Jitsu, or too egotistical / lazy to do it.

This makes me laugh! Why?  Image how good at mind control, or mass hypnosis as had been said, I would have to be! Yet they don’t believe I can knock someone out at ST-5?  But enough of limited thinkers!

What is the real meaning? Being able to add the understanding of how people think to your self defense repertoire.  And then when needed influence change to either buy time or end the conflict outright!

To be honest it has gotten me out of a lot of bad situations in my life! The ultimate in self  defense is not having to use it! The MIND is the number one self defense weapon! 

Self Defense Mind Control - Understanding Thinking

The truth is when comes to thinking the majority of people do not. They blindly follow their programming and emotions to find desired outcomes. 

And the majority of the time this does not work out so well.

Now this is an older post with a MAJOR rewrite because I have learned a lot since I first wrote it.

Below is a video to watch from my new series on HPPT Self Defense Solutions. This one about Self Defense Mind Control.

* Self Defense Mind Control
Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

I am hoping you do a lot of physical training in real STREET self defense techniques. But that is really only about 10% of the picture. The rest is all MIND. 

Are you doing any mental preparation for being attacked and successful defending? 

Please tell us about it here.

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Grand Master Art Mason

13 Misconceptions about Knife Attacks


13 Misconceptions about knife attacks

Self Defense for Knife Attacks

[Updated May 24th 2019] The 13 Misconceptions about knife attacks, what you don’t know can kill you… Below is a list of misconceptions people have about knife attackers. This article was written by retired police officer Kara Borshuk. Kara served on the OPP {Ontario Provincial Police], Windsor and Detroit Police Forces.

Misconceptions about Knife Attacks #1

You’re going to have time to draw your own weapon

In all the times I have been assaulted with knives, only once was I able to pull my own weapon. I had repeatedly practiced speed drawing. And I could, in a crisis, draw in just over one second. And yet, despite this incredible rate of speed, when attacked I didn’t have time to draw my gun.

Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level Three

That’s because by the time I realized there was a knife involved, I was already being attacked.

Most knife “fighting” training is predicated on the assumption that you have somehow managed to get a blade in your hand.  If you are attacked by either a young punk, a total incompetent.  Even someone who was brandishing the knife in order to get you to back off then there is a chance that you might have time to draw you own weapon.

However, if you are dealing with anyone with any experience, street savvy or cunning, you will not be able to draw your own weapon when you are attacked.  Against such a person, there is just not enough time. He won’t show his weapon  before he attacks. That’s because those who are foolish enough to brandish weapons  in places where weapons are common don’t live long themselves.

Misconceptions about Knife Attacks #2

Learn the 13 Misconceptions about Knife Attacks

It’s going to be a knife “fight”

Not to be the bearer of bad tidings.  But the reason someone uses a weapon on another human being is to stack the deck in their favor. People don’t use weapons to fight, they use weapons to win. The absolute last thing any attacker wants to do is to fight you with equal weapons. If he was looking for a fight he wouldn’t have attacked you with a weapon in the first place.  And if he knows you have a weapon he is going to attack you with a bigger and better weapon! This is to keep you from winning.

You pull a club and he pulls a gun. There is no fighting involved, you use the superior weapon to disable your opponent. And you do it before he does it to you. As far as your attacker is concerned this is not a fight, it is an assassination. He is not going to want to stand there with you and hack it out.

Misconceptions about Knife Attacks: 

Unfortunately, this is exactly the fantasy that many so-called knife fighting instructors promote. 

The absolute last thing you want to do is to try to “fight.” There is another reason that you need to chase the idea of “knife fighting” out of your head.  In many states there is this attitude that “consensual fights” are best resolved by throwing both of the morons who participated  in jail. Contrary to this belief, you have the right to defend yourself.

Misconceptions about Knife Attacks #3

But what if I’m cornered?

Common sense tells us that knife fighting is dangerous. And yet, many people who train in knife fight have the same torn desires. One of the biggest issues goading these people is “Do they have what it takes?”.

Human beings have the ability for self-deception and rationalization. Such people strongly resist the idea that knife fighting is a bad place to go. It is literally as though they are seeking to find an excuse.

Self Defense for Knife Attacks - Training Knife

One of the strongest indicator of this fantasy mindset is the reaction when they are told to flee instead of fighting with a knife.  literally the next words out of their mouths will be “But what if I am cornered and can’t run?” There are many such similar excuses that they can use.   They all start with the word but: “but what if I am with old people or children and can’t run?“, “But what if I am out of shape (or in-firmed) and can’t run?” In all cases, of the millions of possible options  available they always seem to focus on the one that requires them to engage in a knife fight.

Misconceptions about knife attacks - Truth

The truth is, it is incredibly difficult to “corner” someone who is determined to leave. Basically because he will use your face as traction or squirt through the smallest of holes.

However, if the person’s desire to engage in physical violence is stronger than his desire to leave, it is very easy to corner someone. If you ask any experienced Law Enforcement Officer, or mental ward orderly which they would rather face.  Ask them, a person who wants to fight them, or someone who will pull a weapon? They will tell you the former.  Plus they know the latter will hurt them more. And therefore be harder to defeat. That’s because that person is fully committed to a course of action.

Whereas a person who has allowed themselves to be “cornered” will still be of a divided heart and therefore not able to fight at full capacity. And that is exactly what it will take in order to survive such a “no win” situation that they have put themselves into. That is the true danger of this kind of thinking. Because part of you does want to know if you have what it takes and “can do it,” you can unconsciously trick yourself into not taking appropriate precautions and ignoring danger signals. Your pride and ego will blind you about what you are doing until it is too late.

Don’t fantasize about being in a situation where you have to use your knife fighting skills, because you can end up tricking yourself into just such a situation by blinding yourself to possible escape routes.

Misconceptions about Knife Attacks #4

Our Halloween Special

He’s going to attack you a certain way

It’s always better to presume that you will be fighting a trained “knifer.” The problem with that assumption is that not everyone attacks the way that someone trained will attack you. This is problematic because the counters maneuvers against how people trained “knifers” will attack you, with these kinds of attacks, the counters work don’t always work effectively.

Movies are Fantasy!

The bottom line is, in the Western culture, someone who is attacking you with a knife is attempting to murder you. They are not going to be hanging back cautiously in fear of your weapon and your fighting skill. Instead they will usually attempt to overwhelm you and quickly kill you by whatever means necessary. Such an attack is totally different than the well balanced training. Understand it is totally different than how someone trained or a gang members will attack you with a knife.

Also consider training techniques from all over the world Asia, Germany, South Africa, China, Venezuela, Best to study different knife fighting systems and techniques.

Just because you know how to handle one, doesn’t mean you know how to handle the others. Each are different, and each are equally lethal. And those differences CAN kill you.

Misconceptions about Knife Attacks #5

The Perpetrator is going to passively stand there while you attempt to disarm him.

What few people realize is that a wild perpetrators have intent He/she previously orchestrated the plan ahead of time, their intent is to rob or murder to get away. They want to commit the crime intended leaving no witnesses and leave as quickly as possible. Defensive flailing while holding a knife, is just as dangerous and damaging as an intentional strike. Even more dangerous because the attacker is unpredictable, his defensive moves can hurt you badly you will either get mauled, if not killed.

Fights are never static and his ability to move is his ability to hurt you. Your best defence first and foremost is distract by conversing with the perpetrator, and observing any window of opportunity to react effectively.

Misconceptions about Knife Attacks #6

Trapping and stripping

Disarming is something that is commonly taught at higher levels. Subtle and complex moves are drilled into the advanced students so they can either knock the knife out of their attacker’s hands or carve the knife out of his hand. They have very little to do with actual knife defense and very much to do with keeping the student involved in the system and keeping up with changing times.

Self Defense for Knife Attacks

The thing is even the older masters tell you that these moves are purely opportunity and chance. In truth, unless an attacker is drunk or pathetically slow the odds of successfully catching his hand and doing all these marvelous joint locks or controlling moves are very, very slim. Furthermore you are not going to be able to effectively control a wildly struggling opponent’s arm with only one hand. Odds are that he will be able to wiggle free of it and cause you some degree of damage.

While there are things that you can do that will give you momentary advantage, what you can do is create an opening, enter and then prevent him from countering. If you are able to disarm an opponent whether by leverage or your own blade, a quick knockout or break will disable him.

Misconceptions about Knife Attacks #7

Understanding the Laws of self-defence vs Weapons disbarment.

I have seen this idea seriously misinterpreted and bandied about by those ignorant of the laws, precedents and legal nuances regarding use of lethal force. And the only time you are justified in using lethal force in most states is when you are “in  immediate threat of death or grievous bodily injury.”

Self Defense Basics - Know the Law!

In other words, if it is bad enough where you have to use a weapon on someone, ask yourself, is it bad enough to kill them. If you are at a point where you are just trying stay alive are you in enough danger to justify using a weapon. People would shoot an intruder and then tell the police that they were only trying to wound him. This left them open to all kinds of criminal charges and civil litigation from the person they had shot.

There is a natural hesitation to take another human life. However, when this manifests in seeking to “wound” someone in order to make them “go away” you end up in a very dangerous legal grey area. And the fact that you were even in a situation where a weapon was used is going to make that grey area more dangerous.

Misconceptions about Knife Attacks #8

Stick-fighting means you know how to knife fight

“People claim that a stick is an average weapon. That it has similarities to all weapons. This is true, it does. But then they claim that if you know how to use a stick you can use all weapons. This is not true. What they don’t understand is that the differences are just as important as the similarities.”

Just because you are proficient with one type of tool doesn’t automatically mean you can translate that skill to another weapon. The simple truth is that different weapons handle differently. They have different weights, different sizes, different timing, different requirements and different uses. There are indeed certain similarities, but unless you want to end up kneeling in a dark parking lot trying to hold your guts in, you had better stop telling yourself about the similarities and start looking at the differences.

Misconceptions about knife attacks - Sticks Don’t Have an Edge

Self Defense for Knife Attacks

To begin with a stick doesn’t have an edge. A blade with a the point and the edge are critical components. Edge control is pretty much the indicator between someone who knows how to use a knife and a stick jock trying to tell you that he knows knife work. If you know what to look for you can spot the difference with just one move even if it is a fast one. In fact, the faster the move, the more obvious it is.

The physics of a stick do not require this exactness of edge control. This is because a stick is an impact weapon, were as a blade is designed to cut, slice, stab and sometimes, hack. Therefore if you do not have your edge on target, then you create a totally different set of physics and reactions other than the one you want.

If you are learning stick fighting then accept that you are learning stick fighting, that is a legitimate pursuit. So if you are learning knife work, then you are learning knife work while there are similarities there are radical differences. The differences especially become manifest when your weapon encounters flesh. Do not buy into this misconceptions about Knife Attacks!

Misconceptions about Knife Attacks #9

Misconceptions about knife attacks - Grappling with a knife.

The myth of grappling is that it works everywhere. The fact that it proved so successful in martial art Dojo has blinded many people to the fact that there are critical differences between fighting barehanded and fighting with weapons. While empty-hand fighting might easily turn into an endurance marathon, where size, strength, physical shape and ability to endure punishment  significantly influence the outcome of an altercation, that is not applicable to weapons work.

13 Misconceptions about Knife Attacks

What makes you think you can keep on fighting with that kind of damage being done to you? All a guy has to do is cut you a few times to seriously reduce your ability to move and then wait while you bleed out. Now the really bad news, being pumped up on adrenaline is going to make that happen faster,  the higher your heart rate, the faster you bleed out and lose strength. All he has to do is out wait for your strength to fail before finishing the job.

Misconceptions about knife attacks- You cannot Grapple

Do not attempt to “grapple” with a knifer. Once on the ground, you are not guaranteed to be able to control his knife arm well enough to prevent him from carving you up. If it were a barehanded fight, then you can often prevent him from being able to generate enough power to effectively strike you, but a knife doesn’t need power, it just needs to touch you. And if you are attempting to control his arm while on the ground, he will wiggle free and repeatedly cut you until you can no longer continue to resist.

I know of a small knife being manufactured that is called the “clinch pick.” It’s a small concealable and easily accessible knife, that can be rammed into a grappler’s guts and chest three or four times before the grappler knows it is there. Where it is carried makes it nearly impossible for the grappler to prevent its deployment. When you realize he has it, it is too late.

Misconceptions about Knife Attacks #10

The knife is an extension of your hand 

This is a lie most often promoted by empty-handed stylists who insist that they can teach you how to either defend yourself against a knife or to use one. Unfortunately, many people who started out in such systems have transferred over to supposed blade arts and continued promoting this often misinterpreted saying.

Misconceptions about Knife Attacks

Empty hand fighting is not the same as weapon fighting it requires different body mechanics, different ranges , different timing and most importantly an emphasis on movement that is not found in most kicking and punching arts.

The problem is that most empty handed fighters lack the understanding of how to generate force from a moving state, instead seeking to generate force from a stationary stance. While this works for barehanded fighting styles, it fails to address the needs of weapons fighting.


In these circumstances your not being cut relies on you speed and reflexes, rather than more reliable means. Basically, because you might not be fast enough to counter, parry or block what he is doing.

Misconceptions of this thought process of empty handed fighting into a field where it does not belong, or work. The only thing the knife is an extension of is your will, everything in between  my will and my knife will be likely to move to achieve my ends. And that is far more effective for staying alive

Misconceptions about Knife Attacks #11

Expect to get cut

A knife is going to do a shitload of damage, people can talk about the damage that a knife can do but unfortunately they know little about the real confrontation outcome. It’s a real ordeal “expect to get cut” they talk so casually as though  getting cut were only a minor inconvenience.


Click the Button to reveal the REAL damage a knife can do to the body. Warning this is VERY Graphic! Taking DAMAGE is another Misconceptions about knife attacks!

You can’t fight an armed opponent in the same way that he would an unarmed opponent. An important point in the misconceptions about Knife Attacks.

If you are cut in a blade altercation you must not to panic!  When it happens know  that you must continue to the best of your abilities. This in order to increase your chances of survival.

Hanging back and trying to catch this fast moving blade so you can safely enter. This  is one of the best ways to make getting cut minimal. Use distraction by continued communication all while exploring your surroundings for escape routes and possible resources to your disposal.

Misconceptions about Knife Attacks #12

Drills teach you how to knife fight
These drills teach principles mostly used as a map, not the territory. One of the most unrealistic tendencies that drills teach is they do not teach you proper ranging. The object of an attack is to stab/slash your partner.

* Front Lines of Self Defense

However, often in training you will see people standing back. They are ranging their attack against their partner’s stick or their training knife.

Plus they are falling at least a foot short of their partner. Furthermore they are not attacking with the same commitment and force level that a real knife assault will occur with. Therefore the training drill, while important is missing several critical components. And therefore becomes one of the important Misconceptions about Knife Attacks!

Misconceptions about Knife Attacks #13

You can successfully fight an armed attacker
This is a lie.. you cannot “fight” an armed opponent. You can survive against one! Well you might even be able to successfully put him down before he causes you any major damage.  However whatever you do, it must be fast, effective and brutal. If it isn’t, then you will not stop him before he causes you major damage. You cannot stand there and engage in a long, drawn out contest with an armed opponent. If you try to do so, you will lose. It is not a matter of if, but when.

And if confronted with an assailant! Or find yourself in situation know if the blade touches you.  Know  any knife he will cause serious damage. How can you hope to launch a long drawn out retaliation against him? an how can this happen when every time he touches you he causes damage? You are going to bleed out!  Hence cease to function long before your strategy comes to any form of successful escape.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

The problem that I have encountered with bullies is that they are very selective on who chose to bully. I have seen individuals who have savaged weaker opponents / victims. These individuals may have taken blades away from intimidated kids.

But somehow they never seem to be around to try it against someone who is an experienced and able to handle themselves.

If you think that knife attacks look anything like those typically seen in martial arts classes or favorite movies you are dead wrong.

Kyusho Cycle of Emotions

Real attacks, by people who are familiar with a knife’s properties and true potential. Their stabs and cuts that are practically impossible to stop.

An attacker, with any idea of what he or she is doing, will overwhelm you with a hail of cuts.  These will start at the nearest body part and end in a vital target. Within a second you may lose your fingers!  Have severed tendons of your arms, and be finished with a stab to your eye, or throat, or trunk.

Get as  much knowledge as you can prepare yourself on techniques of weapons fighting is to your benefit.  Observe prison inmates and knife experts practice knife fighting. See what really works and what doesn’t against a knife attack! Stay safe and use proper judgments when leaving yourself vulnerable in the streets.

Thank you for reading the 13 Misconceptions about knife attacks.

Kara Borshuk - Windsor Ontario Canada
Kara can be reached at this LINK

Former Police Officer Kara Borshuk

What you "think" you know about knife defense could get you KILLED. Learn the 13 Misconceptions about Knife Attacks #selfdefense #pressurepoints #kyushojitsu #martialarts 

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