Attention Martial Artists - About Your Privacy


Fellow Martial Artist:

Today I want to tie together for you what the subject line means in this email is all about. 

First what is the purpose of the study of pressure point self defense we call Kyusho Jitsu? This is simply to increase the effectiveness of the martial art you study. Today we all have studied or study a watered down version of the original form of a martial art. To put it simply, a martial art designed for export to the western world. Kyusho Jitsu is not a martial art, it is a system that contains the missing aspects of all martial art study.

Self Defense is the most misunderstood today. Partly because most of us live in a relatively safe world. There is a link often assumed to street fighting or combat. Self Defense has nothing to do with either. A soldier on the battle fields is not defending himself. That arena is kill or be killed. The military among us understand this very well! Street fighting, bar fighting etc is also not self defense. It is a place where egos collide and violence erupts. Now I am not saying this cannot become a self defense situation, but usually it is just a fight. Assault charges are laid usually on both sides.

Self Defense is required for an attack. When you are targeted for some REASON. Be it to rob you, rape you, or just because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The mentality is not kill or be killed. It is also not to win, but to survive the attack with as little damage as possible, 

So how does privacy fit in? Let me explain. 

* Security Privacy Self Defense

I have been called a "fearmonger" for point this problem out!

We have been sold another pack of lies with the "if you give up some of your privacy we can protect you better." As well as "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear." 

Perhaps we need to fear the corruption of our elected officials and WHO they have sold out to!

We MUST take back our privacy for the sake of our families and the future of our FREEDOM!

Do you know what it takes to be a hacker? A real first class one? You first need to understand the world of reconnaissance! When you are targeted for a hack, for whatever reason information is gathered about you. Including going as far as to go through the garbage you put on the street each week! To a hacker your garbage tell a lot about you! More than you can imagine! How does this all fit in to the self defense part?

Keep reading!

Today your life because of Facebook and Twitter, plus other social media is now public forum. Your feeling and thoughts on many topics are shared with those you "connect" with. I used to advertise on Facebook for Kyusho. Do you know I can target people on Facebook based on their household income? Based on whether they buy online of not? How they pay, where they live. All of this is available to me for a price. And because Facebook is also very lax on security, and you can tell by the vast numbers of times their server have been compromised, this information is now everywhere if you know where and how to look. And the people who know how to look are in the millions. 

I know I am one of them!

This loss of privacy, and I am sorry to say you have NO PRIVACY any longer has changed the face of your ability to defend yourself far more than gang violence or any other reason. The Front Lines have moved! The truth is because we all fell asleep at the wheels online,  all of your online activity is now captured, and indexed for future use. This is not just by marketers, and governments, but also by powers who wish to exploit this information for countless reasons. And most of it is not even secured. And it has gone too far to change it! This is beyond any President, Prime Minister, Congress or Parliament. It would take generations to change.

What possible consequences can happen as a result?

  • Your Facebook account and unsecured online activity open you up to identity theft! 
  • Picture of young children can make them a mark for a pervert looking for a victim
  • Checking in to a location tells me you are not home! This opens you up for robbery and other assaults. And if your GPS is enabled you do not even need to check in!
  • You can be blackmailed for conversations you have had in the presence of your devices!
  • And I can go on for hours!

But if each person ACTS to protect their own privacy, stop being careless and do what needs to be done, then we can make it virtually impossible for the situation to continue. And the results are exponential which is why this is so important! Like the Amway pyramid scheme of old, if you tell 5 people, then they secure they lives, and each of them does the same to 5 more people, we take back what was stolen from us by Government and Big Tech!. And like cryptocurrency there is nothing anyone can do about it. Even like in Australia where they ban PGP encryption, the open source community will always find new ways.

We then have a peaceful privacy revolution!

And from what is obvious above, I cannot do this without you. One way to start is to follow this link and order a copy of my book coming early 2020 on Revelations of Security and Privacy. If not that please subscribe to our new YouTube channel and share the content with your friends. Even consider becoming a Patreon. One dollar a month, when enough people join can make a huge difference. And if you want to use Bitcoin!

This is a pivotal point in history.  People today feel powerless as they warch the insanity around them. Get involved, help me and take back your power!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours in privacy and anonymity,

Grand Master Art Mason 

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