Master Level Pressure Point eBook Now Available!



I have today just completed the 2nd Edition of the Master’s level Pressure Point / Kyusho Jitsu Workbook in eBook format.

This is a collection of many different concepts, theories and application I have learned over the years. I was very fortunate to have been schooled directly under the man I consider to be the best in world at Kyusho Jitsu, that is Steve Stewart of London Canada.

This book is not for beginners, or those who have just finished a novice program. This is for the advanced student, who is looking to truly master the art. It is also for the master who wishes to take his knowledge to the next level!

This is not a guide to learning, it gives information but requires the student to go apply that information in the classroom. There are many video links in the first part of the manual to different workshops on some of the topics, other are references to special points for you to learn and discover more!

Kyusho is a never ending path of learning! I also suggest getting a copy of Grey Anatomy to help you with your study!

In this book I cover the following:

  • Advanced Alarm Point Theory
  • More principles for Kyusho Jitsu
  • Links to Video to show applications
  • Body Typing
  • Directional energy theory
  • Special Alarm Points
  • Indicator Points
  • Confluent Points
  • Influential Points
  • And much much more!

This book will help bring many things together and help you reach new levels!

This book is a steal at $99 Canadian! To purchase this book now click below!


Yours in the arts,


Grand Master Art Mason

Advanced Kyusho Jitsu Study



I have been asked about if we will be offering any advanced Kyusho jitsu courses? The answer is YES we will be! It most likely wont be until this coming fall, but they are on the agenda for being implemented.

Advanced study is a little trickier then novice since advanced students are at so many different levels. What will this all include?

  • Alarm Points / Associated Alarm Points
  • Sound (This is a large topic)
  • Colour, the use of colour with techniques
  • The 24 Hour Diurnal Cycle
  • Energy Work

This is really just scratching the surface of the course. Alarm Points can be a course all unto their own!

Below is a video from May 2010 at an Advanced Workshop, but to give you an idea of what is coming.


I hope you enjoy the video and I will see you all very soon! Don’t forget to subscribe to our Novice Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course!


Kyusho Jitsu World Vidcast Ep.5


Man practicing karate on the grassy horizon at sunset. A blow wi

Welcome to another addition of our weekly Vidcast! Today I am going to be address on NEW Instructor Certification Courses coming very soon! We are very excited about this and the first level will be releases in the next few days. More information can be found at our website!


The RMATC is coming in July 2017. Visit this link if you would like more information on this event!

Why Study Pressure Points?



Why study the art of kyusho jitsu, the pressure point system?

There are some great martial arts out there! Some systems are more complete then others, but no one really studies the arts expecting to be in combat. So what is the reason for dedicating time and money to the study of another system?

With Kyusho Jitsu you get a predictable result, no matter who the attacker is.

I had my reasons for studying Kyusho. I was in a situation once that I may have not been able to handle. If it had happened now, I know I could have handled it. So for me a lot of it is peace of mind.

I have a former student who is now career military. When we were together once he told me that the knowledge he has of pressure points was what saved him when he was in an hand to hand situation. And he saw a LOT of action!

Another Chicago police officer I know, who is a Kyusho Grand Master was in a situation once, alone with a very large man strung out on PCP. Now if you know anything about the effects of PCP on the human body, this man was virtually indestructible. The officers knowledge of Kyusho saved his life.

So why Kyusho? Because the knowledge of kyusho and its application has a predictable result. As an example I know for a fact if I strike TW-11 the muscle that keep the elbow together will release and I can very easily get a dislocation without fighting against the normal strength of the attackers arm. You can punch someone or kick them very hard and get no reaction for them! Attack a nerve cluster properly and you ALWAYS get a result!

Really nothing else needs to be said.

Remember to join our FREE Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course!

Oh and don’t forget to join the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance while it is still FREE! Be on the grandfather list!

More soon!

Yours in the arts,


Grand Master Art Mason
Founder: Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance

What is a Kyusho Jitsu Study Group?

Study Groups

Study Groups Novice and Advanced

A Kyusho Jitsu Study Group is a small group of martial arts students who get together one per month for 2.5-3 hours to learn and practice the art of Kyusho jitsu.

it is a very intellectual study where note taking skills are a MUST! Now assuming all sessions are completed as required the student would be eligible to test for a Black Belt after 12 sessions.

The class is a lot of work and attendance is a MUST in order to pass. After completion of the course there is a 90 minute written exam, as well as a 90 minute practical exam.

Passing the course requires an 80% average! Anyone failing can redo the exam after a period of time. I have run many of these groups myself over the years, novice as well as advanced and master levels.

The ultimate purpose of Kyusho Jitsu World and JKWA is to spread these teaching, and create instructors who will teach this system, and make some money for their schools and organization along the way!

Right now I am currently finishing off our JKWA – Kyusho Jitsu Level One Instructor Certification Course. There will be more information on this withing the next few days so stay tuned right here!

If you would like to join the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance there is no fee right now for membership. We are doing a membership drive and this is why it is FREE. I am also looking for people to represent other countries as directors. Right now Canada, Australia and Romania are covered!



Kyusho: Memory Work is what it really is!


Healthy lifestyle : Silhouette of a girl practicing the karate katta during blue hour sunset.

All martial arts training comes down to memory, muscle memory for the most part. Even the Kata we do relies on muscle memory to do them correctly. Yes there is a certain amount of intellectual memory, but for us martial artist “repetition is the mother of skill.”

The practice of Kyusho is different. Kyusho Jitsu ranking and know ASSUME you are proficient at the martial art style you are training in. It when taught properly does not change or interfere with your current style or system. Note I say taught properly!

It does how require intellectual memory work! I think that is why it often gets a bad rap from many martial artists. The learning curve is very high and they don’t wish to put the work in, feel like a beginner again! For some I have met they CAN’T do it! Too many kicks to the head maybe.

Once the memory work is done, then your muscle memory of the movement you have learned and/or master will blend together. You can rely less on physical strength and fitness and more on knowledge and application.  Now some will immediately have issue with what I said because fitness is everything to them. That is cool, but you are going to get older, injured and inevitably SLOW DOWN.

Kyusho is the great equalizer!

Many years ago a dear friend and colleague said to me that my knowledge of pressure points had become clinical. To me that was the highest of compliments.

I would love to see you with a clinical knowledge of this art also.

Yours in the arts,


Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho Jitsu VidCast Ep. 4 – Study Groups


Kyusho Jitsu World Logo

Welcome to episode 4 of our Vidcasts for Kyusho Jitsu World! As you can see we have our new logo too! After today the Vidcasts will be going to weekly. They have kind of been all over the place!

In this Vidcast I am talking about the creation of study groups for dojo owners. Now I am more then willing to travel to schools to do these, but the owner is better off to be teaching these himself! That is far more profitable!

So now on with the Vidcast!

Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance

Kyusho Jitsu Black Belt Certification Course

Kyusho Jitsu Is Reverse Acupuncture


Close up of medical dummy

There is nothing mysterious about Kyusho Jitsu. There never has been and there never will be. It is the study of the human body based on the ancient teaching of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. There are so who do not believe in this way, I suggest you just head over to google and search for something else to read!

Now one of the major attraction points in Kyusho to many people is the ability to knockout an opponent with little or no effort. However, it is done with low impact in demonstrations to prevent injury. If I am in trouble and I am going to strike ST-5 I am gonna drive it with all I have, not give a light tap! The media loves to jump on this light tap crap and try to discredit the art! But the MEDIA is full of SHIT on just about everything they report!

There are certain nerves in the body, which coincide to pressure points that when struck correctly, using 2 way action will result in a KO. Why? because the nerve is protecting a vital part of the body, such as in ST-5 oversees the muscles that keep the jaw attached to the skull. Therefore to protect the jaw when struck unconsciousness will occur. This is fact, not fiction!

Now I can list nerve after nerve and explain WHY a KO will happen when they are hit, but that is the purpose of the Black Belt Course! You can get a copy of the medical text Grey’s Anatomy and check much of it out for yourself!

As for the no touch knockout, well there is no street application for this and to my way of thinking it shows the power of the human mind, but again the media are idiots and just want to discredit all they can.  I don’t spend very much time with these KO’s as they don’t have a street application, however I have taught the theory many times and done dozens of these successfully.

Your can learn more about No Touch from this link as they are not part of the Black Belt Certification Course (Beginners).

If you wish to learn more about the art and science of Kyusho Jitsu I strongly encourage you to subscribe to our FREE Kyusho jitsu Mini Course. it is totally FREE and you can unsubscribe anytime you like!

That is all for the moment, other VidCast to follow soon on the RMATC.

Yours in the arts,


Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho Jitsu World Vidcast Ep. 3 The Alliance!



Welcome to Kyusho Jitsu World’s Vidcast Ep. 3. Today I am talking about the pcoming Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance. Watch here over the coming weeks for more details on this exciting new alliance!

if you have not subscribed to our Youtube Channel please take a moment to do so after you see the video!

See you next time! And thanks for watching!

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