New Video Series Coming Summer 2017

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It has been a while since I did a video series, but coming in SUmmer 2017 I will be releasing a new video series on Kata Interpretation. This is going to be an amazing set of videos.

Now rather then type out a long message take a look at the video below for all the details!

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Kata Interpretation


Question: Is Dim Mak Too Dangerous to Talk About?

I had this question sent to me via a comment recently and it is a great question! First I want to address that there is much folklore that surrounds Dim Mak, and it is that, folklore. No one can walk up to someone, touch them a few times and have them drop dead an hour, a day or a week later.

That is just legend.

Dim Mak requires education. It is by no means a fast learn and without a solid martial art or self defense system knowledge is pretty much useless.  Now lets compare it to guns. There is a big movement that would like to see guns banned. That is not going to happen and if I lived in the USA I would have several. Nothing is more important than protecting my loved ones.

But the problem with guns is, there are too many uneducated people with them causing accidents and theft.  Education in firearms, proper care of firearms, proper storage of firearms is a MUST. Gun do not kill people, people do.

Now lets talk knife. How much damage can be done with a knife? Far more than the average gun because someone trained can do more damage, in less time, being unnoticed than any gun wielding nut bag. Not to mention the kid who brings a steak knife to school!

A car is a lethal weapon in the wrong hands.

For the dedicated martial arts Dim Mak will be a wonderful addition to their self defense arsenal, enhancing their current knowledge of the pressure point system.

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The Dim Mak Project


The Dim Mak Project Podcast Volume 1

Welcome to the Dim Mak Project Podcast Volume 1.

May 9 2017
Dim Mak Project Podcast by Grand Master Art Mason Dim Mak Project Podcast Vol 1 May 9 2017 - 19 Listens
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Dim Mak Project



The Dim Mak Project – Why is it needed?

Back when I first began my training in martial arts I was in a local bookstore and found a 3 volume set of books on Ninjitsu.  They were a little expense, and very small but I was curious as to what was in them. I got all 3 and went home to read.

Basically the books spoke at first about the history of the art, then they got into stealth training. But the final volume was on assassination, how to kill someone in silence without them being able to fight back.

It was fascinating stuff!

Years later I began to do some training in Knife Defense. I honest thought before this training I was pretty good. But I soon discovered I knew nothing.  The first and most important part of the training was learning how to USE a knife in self defense, not how to defend against one.  This is really the way it should be done. You won’t defend against something you don’t understand how to use. The same goes for gun defense. You won’t be able to defend against one effectively until you learn to shoot. Then you understand HOW the weapon works!

This is WHY the Dim Mak Project! If you understand exactly how “nerve strikes” or “pressure point” strikes have the ability to kill and WHY they can, then you have the ability to really understand how NOT to do it, unless there is no other choice.

The first part / eBook in the Dim Mak Project will be released in early fall this year. The book will list at $197. However for the next little while I am offering a preorder at $25. 

If you are interested to learn more follow the link below. This price may be withdrawn at any time without notice.

The Dim Mak Project



Distance Learning, is it Real or BS?

This is one of the questions, actually comments I see often written about online content, whether it be Kyusho Jitsu or something else.  Below is an audio Podcast that talk about distance learning, and how best to do it to assure you success!

KJWA Podcasts by Grand Master Art Mason KJWA Podcast Distance Learning - 5 Listens
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