Kyusho Jitsu World Weekly News 11/12/17

Kyusho Jitsu World Weekly News

Kyusho Jitsu World Weekly News
Kyusho Jitsu World Weekly News

Welcome to the Kyusho Jitsu World Weekly News for the week ending November 12th 2017. On with the happenings this week.

The Dim Mak Project


Great news, The Dim Mak Project has now been kicked into FULL gear after much reflection on my part.  First of all the beginning stage of the Project is almost ready to be released. It will release on November 21st. But most relevant is that after release there will be a price increase from the preorder deal we offer.  You can read more about that RIGHT HERE. Most of all remember the clock is running on this one!

Stage 2 of the Dim Mak Project,  which is a video is scheduled to be released on December 27th 2017 and I see no issues making that date! The video will pickup where the eBook leaves off, and build the stage for the 3rd part of the Project. This will be announced on December 1st 2017. You can read more about stage 2 from the LINK HERE.

Dim Mak Project Website

We now have a website dedicated to the Dim Mak Project! This will provide updates on the Dim Mak Project directly to your email.  Therefore from this site you can also add yourself to an information mail list about the Project. This way you don’t not need to worry about missing a post.  Follow the LINK below to visit the site and sign up now!


Chi Development and Combat

There is a striking action or method in Dim Mak called the vibrating palm.  There are others actions as well, which I will discuss in the eBook.  You need to develop you Chi to be effective! Therefore you can learn all about developing your Chi and getting ready for the information to come!

Chi Combat Applications – Module 2c
Chi Combat Applications – Module 2c

Meridian Theory

Kyusho Meridian Theory
Kyusho Meridian Theory

Back in September I did a virtual class for my Kyusho Students in Windsor Ontario. I covered 2 topics that day the Diurnal Cycle and Meridian Theory.  As an experiment I offer a LINK to watch the video for FREE to our Free Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course. I wanted to see who read and who does not read their emails.  Now this is a big deal because the students present in that class each paid $75 to there!

Sadly only 15% of the people in the list read the email and watched the video! But that number is typical in today’s society! I will be doing a purge of those who do not read their emails.  Everyone who saw the video LOVED IT!

If you missed the video send me an email today and I will send you a link.  Meridian Theory is being covered in a new series coming out in the New Year.  Here is a link to read more.

Are you NEW to Kyusho Jitsu?

If you are new to Kyusho Jitsu, we offer a FREE 30 Lesson Mini Course you can join! All you need to do is follow the link, add your name and email address. Then verify your email and you are good to go!

Subscribe NOW! Free Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course
Subscribe NOW! Free Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course

That is all for today’s news! Have a great week ahead!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason


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