Novice Dim Mak Development Course Update


Novice Dim Mak Development Course Update

Novice Dim Mak Development Course

Novice Dim Mak Development Course

Time for a Novice Dim Mak Development Course Update! I have had several questions come from people with regard to just how this course will work, what kinds of things it will cover, and how long it runs.  So lets answer a few of the questions now!

  • How long is the course? This is a 3 month course, that will have new content approximately every 3 days. It officially begins on January 15th 2018, however you can start anytime after! Right now we are offering a preregistration deal, but that is soon done.  You can join the course in April if you wish. It begins when you begin!
  • What happens if I can’t do it in 3 months? No problem! The course material is ALWAYS going to be available to you, even a year or more later. You can do the study at your leisure!
  • Is there an exam? Yes and no, there is a test for when someone completes the course. This results in a certificate of completion being issued. Doing the test you is up to you. However if at some time you wish to enter our Level 6 Kyusho Jitsu Instructor Certification you will need this certificate!
  • What is being cover in this course? I will refer you here to Kyusho Jitsu University and the registration page for the video that explain it all!  Follow this LINK.

Prerequisites for the Course

What are the prerequisites for this course? I strongly recommend that you have read or watched the following.  it is not a requirement but it will make things much clearer and easier for you!

These will help assure your success in the course! Right now Chi Combat is at a BIG discount! Grab a copy before that is done!


You can preregister NOW for the Novice Dim Mak Project Development Course and save some $$$. We all like to save a little right? Especially this time of year! Right now you can enroll to start on January 15th 2018 for ONLY $49.97 for all 3 Months! The regular price for 3 months is $79.97 and that will come into effect very soon!

Don’t miss the price! Act NOW!!

Enroll NOW!

Enroll NOW!


Novice Dim Mak Development Course
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Novice Dim Mak Development Course
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