Chi Development and Combat

Chi Development and Combat

Chi Energy Development
Chi Energy Development

Have you ever been hit by one of the old time grand masters, they understand Chi Development and Combat! This is a controversial subject, but it should not be. The reason it is controversial is because those who do not believe wish to influence those who do believe. For them I suggest getting a life!

Now you are not going to learn this and begin to toss “chi balls” at people have them knocked out. There is a progression to everything! However you can dramatically affect the “power” of your strikes.

Chi development is something that interests the vast majority of martial artists in the world, but real information is a little hard to find. Especially since it is often written in a way that makes it mystical,

Understanding How Chi Works

Yesterday I wrote an article on the Vibrating Palm of Dim Mak.  This is of course based on Chi Development!  There is much more to effective striking than just raw power!  But to understand this you must dig deeper.

Below is a link to our Chi Development Website. With the first stage of the Dim Mak Project being released on November 21st this become even more important. You need Chi development to excel in Dim Mak, or Kyusho Jitsu for that matter!

Chi Development
Chi Development

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email at I am pretty fast at responding to emails.

Have a great day!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

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