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Instructor Certification Month – Don’t Miss Out!

May is Instructor Certification Month and it is fast coming to an end! There are a few different ways you have achieve this, one being to visit Kyusho Jitsu University and join either the Diamond or the Platinum Courses.

But right now until June the first I am offer a HUGE discount on Level One and Level Two Instructor Certification which is everything you need all in one download!

Visit the link below for information on this amazing limited time discount!

Principles of the Grand Master

Do you know about Indicator Points in Kyusho?

Have you ever heard of these? Indicator Points, of which there are 5 on each meridian? Most likely you have not! So exactly what are Indicator Points?

These magic little points, of which there are a total of 72 on the body will allow you to change / affect the element of the meridian in question!  Here is an example! Let’s suppose you wish to get a knockout at LI-18, but the attacker has a very powerful and muscular neck? This “may” give you issues getting to the nerve at LI-18.

Now what “if” you could affect that metal meridian, and ADD WOOD to it, thus giving you 3 elements will one strike? That would assure this particular knockout!

This is just a “basic” example of what Indicator points are all about! These amazing set of points plus many other things are going to be featured in GREAT DETAIL in my new eBook coming about July 1st 2017 called The Principles of the Grand Masters.

This eBook will list upon its release for$147!
But right now, for a limited time you can PRE-ORDER this eBook for ONLY $25!

Wanna know more? Click this link!

Principles of the Grand Master



The REAL Self Defense Benefits to Kata Interpretation

Controversial subject! Many martial artist “think” there are zero benefits to the interpretation or practice of Kata when it comes to self defense. Sorry guys you could not be more WRONG if your tried!

The truth is, there are many untold benefits depending on how Kata is TAUGHT! And that simply gets down to the differences between Teachers, Coaches, and Instructors.  I will leave out professional counters because they exist too!

Take a watch of this 5 minute video and learn how this all works.

For more information visit the link below!

Kata Interpretation Benefits

Kyusho Jitsu Seminars, Workshop and Study Groups

Women Pressure Point Self Defense Workshop

This posting is mostly for school owners and martial arts / self defense teachers. May is Kyusho Jitsu Instructor Certification Month and I cannot believe the month is half gone!

Right now to build our Kyusho Certified Instructor base I am offering great deals on the first 2 certification course.  The regular price of Level One and Level Two is $997, but right now you can get them for $297. This is good till the end of the month, June 1st actually. There is also a great bonus with Level One and Level Two purchased together!

These course will give you ALL the tools you need to begin to teach Kyusho Jitsu, from a curriculum based system, with our FULL support and assure that everyone learns what they need! It is a win/win for you and us also! Plus is help to retain students! And we all like to keep out people training!

The other option is to host a Kyusho Jitsu Seminar in your school or club. This gives us a chance to meet in person, and get you well on the path to becoming a certified instructor in our system, plus create some real excitement in your school or club!

Seminars are a BIG shot of adrenaline for your organization! And the cost is not as bad as you think. You just need to get organized and get the word out!

For more information on both of these options click the respective links below! Have a great Sunday!

Instructor Certification’s

Instructor Certification

Hosting a Seminar

Hosting a Kyusho Seminar


Update: 15 Principles Plus One of Kyusho Jitsu

Principles on Blue Puzzle on White Background.

Time for the FINAL update with regard to the new eBook the 15 Principles Plus One of Kyusho Jitsu. The eBook is now finished and is currently with one of my staff for editing. Once Master Rick is finished with it I will add a few things such as an index page and then it will go live!

The scheduled release is for Wednesday Mary 17th 2017 at about 6:00am Eastern Standard time, however it may go LIVE before that. Those of you who have pre-ordered the eBook my many thanks for your support! You will receive and email from the system announcing it is now online.

It is not too late to preorder, but once the eBook goes live the preorder is finished. So if it is ready tomorrow by chance, the preorder will end then.

The eBook will list for $97 and is too date the best work I have done. The pre-order price is $25 so you are getting a substantial savings on this one!

PreOrder 15 Principle Plus One Of Kyusho Jitsu Now!

There are many exciting things on the table right now including 2 more eBook by fall! Have a great weekend!

New Video Series Coming Summer 2017

Young man practicing karate over red background

It has been a while since I did a video series, but coming in SUmmer 2017 I will be releasing a new video series on Kata Interpretation. This is going to be an amazing set of videos.

Now rather then type out a long message take a look at the video below for all the details!

If you want to read more about release dates and cost visit this link below!

Kata Interpretation


Question: Is Dim Mak Too Dangerous to Talk About?

I had this question sent to me via a comment recently and it is a great question! First I want to address that there is much folklore that surrounds Dim Mak, and it is that, folklore. No one can walk up to someone, touch them a few times and have them drop dead an hour, a day or a week later.

That is just legend.

Dim Mak requires education. It is by no means a fast learn and without a solid martial art or self defense system knowledge is pretty much useless.  Now lets compare it to guns. There is a big movement that would like to see guns banned. That is not going to happen and if I lived in the USA I would have several. Nothing is more important than protecting my loved ones.

But the problem with guns is, there are too many uneducated people with them causing accidents and theft.  Education in firearms, proper care of firearms, proper storage of firearms is a MUST. Gun do not kill people, people do.

Now lets talk knife. How much damage can be done with a knife? Far more than the average gun because someone trained can do more damage, in less time, being unnoticed than any gun wielding nut bag. Not to mention the kid who brings a steak knife to school!

A car is a lethal weapon in the wrong hands.

For the dedicated martial arts Dim Mak will be a wonderful addition to their self defense arsenal, enhancing their current knowledge of the pressure point system.

For more information on the Dim Mak Project see us on Facebook. Join our Group too!

For more information on our upcoming eBook The Dim Mak Project visit this link below!

The Dim Mak Project


The Dim Mak Project – Why is it needed?

Back when I first began my training in martial arts I was in a local bookstore and found a 3 volume set of books on Ninjitsu.  They were a little expense, and very small but I was curious as to what was in them. I got all 3 and went home to read.

Basically the books spoke at first about the history of the art, then they got into stealth training. But the final volume was on assassination, how to kill someone in silence without them being able to fight back.

It was fascinating stuff!

Years later I began to do some training in Knife Defense. I honest thought before this training I was pretty good. But I soon discovered I knew nothing.  The first and most important part of the training was learning how to USE a knife in self defense, not how to defend against one.  This is really the way it should be done. You won’t defend against something you don’t understand how to use. The same goes for gun defense. You won’t be able to defend against one effectively until you learn to shoot. Then you understand HOW the weapon works!

This is WHY the Dim Mak Project! If you understand exactly how “nerve strikes” or “pressure point” strikes have the ability to kill and WHY they can, then you have the ability to really understand how NOT to do it, unless there is no other choice.

The first part / eBook in the Dim Mak Project will be released in early fall this year. The book will list at $197. However for the next little while I am offering a preorder at $25. 

If you are interested to learn more follow the link below. This price may be withdrawn at any time without notice.

The Dim Mak Project



Update: Kyusho Jitsu Seminar in Alicante, Spain

On Saturday June 17th 2017 I will be in Alicante, Spain Grand Master Art Mason will be doing a full day Kyusho Jitsu Seminar cover many, many topics! For more information on this event, and to reserve your spot please visit the link below!

You can add your name for information there or also email Master Federico Asensio.

You don”t want to miss this one!