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Certification and Grading Under the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance

Get Your Black Belt in Kyusho

Unfortunately the martial arts world is VERY political. I myself have been an orphan since 2000 as I would not cow-tow to the federations to obtain rank. I was and will continue to be with the independents.

Rank in Kyusho is also a challenge to obtain if you do not have connections to the big boys, and a way to get to them. There are many fantastic kyusho practitioners who have trained independently of the systems around.

This was one reason for the creation of the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance and University. To give people without access to a physical teacher the chance to learn and grade. Plus also through this process to create more teachers across the world to give more martial artist access to these teachings.

Plus we have a real written curriculum and systems to do it!

Here is the grading process for all levels.

Those attending Kyusho Jitsu University your grading is part of your tuition’s and membership. The system will inform you when you have completed the work.  If you believe you are ready sooner, email me.

In the next few days I will be preparing a certification site for all the ranks that can be obtained. Someone who has studied Kyusho under another system but wish to be ranked by us may do so via this website. I don’t care you taught you, but you must pass our exams.

There are 2 available certification types. As a Black Belt and as a Teacher.  Ranks numbers are 1st through 7th.  Costs for grading will be on the website as well as full intruction for the exams.

Those certified with other organization who do not wish to grade but wish their rank recognized is easy. Rank recognition is automatic, however if you wish certificates there is a fee associated with this obviously.

This link is to the website. It will be online in the next 24 hours.

Kyusho Jitsu University Certification

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Limited Edition Video Series – Advanced Kyusho Principles

I was going over some of my archived video footage and I found some GOLD.  So I assembled them this morning into a package of 4 different advanced Kyusho Jitsu Principles and then added an extra video as a BONUS!

The series includes

  1. Understanding the Diurnal Cycle
  2. Microcosmic Orbit Basic
  3. Pressure Points of the head
  4. The Quadrant Theory
  5. Using Emotions in Self Defense

This is a limited time Special Edition Series that is now available to purchase. All 5 videos for the Amazing Price of ONLY $25!

Follow this LINK below to learn more!


Took Some Time to Relax

Casino Constanta and the Black Sea

Things for me have been crazy busy the last few months. That is a good thing! But you do need to take a little break and get your head on straight.

So yesterday I spent some fun time in Constanta Romania, about 6 hour by train from home in Brasov.  Spent the day with my sister from Canada and my lady. It was wonderful! I feel like I can breath a little again.

As you may know there are many, many projects on the Kyusho Jitsu World table.  We have some great deals going on as well as a NEW No Touch Knockout Course coming very soon!

Here is a short video!

You can read about it right here!

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Kyusho Jitsu World Vidcast Ep 58 Monday July 17th 2017

Welcome to the Kyusho Jitsu World Vidcast for Monday July 17th 2017. In today’s vidcast I am talking about the release of my new eBook on Neurological Knockouts, as well as the upcoming eBook on Kyusho Jitsu Knife Defense.

Plus we now have t-shirts coming which I show in the video. Email me at for more information about these shirts!

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Announcement New Chi Development eBook Coming!

There is a new module coming on September 1st 2017 on Chi Development and manipulation.  Chi study is a fascinating subject that pretty much all martial artists are interested in.

Back a few months ago my son Master Scott Mason wrote an FREE eBook on Chi Manipulation was a a BIG hit in the martial arts and Kyusho Jitsu community. If you do not have that eBook it is available, still FREE from the link below.

Now coming on September 1st will be his latest work on the Laws of Energy and Healing. There is a preorder available for this eBook if you are interested.

You can read more about it from this link below.

Laws of Energy and Healing

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Are you a Member of the Kyusho Jitsu Alliance?

Acupuncture doll shows needle points

Have you become a member of the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance yet? The basic membership is totally free? So why become a member? Well, the there are many benefits to doing so and the list keeps growing!

The “main” mandate of the KJWA is education. It is not about forcing people to do anything they don’t wish to do. It is not about collecting dues to have you name listed on a website, or forcing you to attend seminars if you wish to promote.

It is about education, and bringing people from all over the world together to support each other, encourage each other, and help the spread of Kyusho Jitsu in such a way, via systems to assure the true QUALITY of the students and teachers.

Now the benefits of membership are many! So, if you would like to read more about these benefits follow the link below. You can join from there also!

Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance



Edged Weapons and Kyusho Jitsu

Today knife defense has become very controversial. That is a good thing. Martial Artists are beginning to realize and question if what they have learned is enough for defending against a knife or not.

I have had 2 incidents in my life where a knife was presented to me. Both turned out OK, mostly because I kept my cool. But it did make me realize just how terrible the situation is, and that defense is far more “complex” than an X-Block, which by the way, likely will not work.

I decided to study some well “tested” combat systems.  When I say tested I mean that I could have personal contact with the founder of the system and know just how much action he had seen with regards to knives. I did not want to look at a system that had been bled down so to speak for decades of teaching that people altered to their own needs.

I worked this information into my own root art as I have done with anything of value I learn. The ideas and concepts are solid and can be done in real life under “most” circumstances.

The laws and principles of Kyusho Jitsu were also added to make everything more efficient and effective.

Now years later I am writing and releasing an eBook on Kyusho Jitsu Knife Defense.  This will be an eBook/video combination, the video available as a download from within the eBook.  This eBook will give you REAL information you can APPLY to the art you study to help make sure you can successfully defend in a knife attack.

The book will target an attacker with LIMITED knife skills, which is what the majority of the public encounters. Deal with a trained knife fighter is an ENTIRELY different subject!  Perhaps next year I will address that.

This new eBook will be released later this summer, early fall, but as I always do you may preorder this eBook for substantial savings!

For a limited time, and I am not sure how much longer you can preorder for ONLY $25!

Follow this link to read more!

Kyusho Jitsu Knife Defense



Last Call! Neurological Pressure Point Knockouts eBook out SOON!

Well I am putting the final touching on my new eBook on performing Neurological Pressure Point Knockouts. I have referred to this book as the Gray’s Anatomy of Kyusho since I go into great details on the medical reasons that these knockouts are possible. Now there are many, many places you can get knockouts all over the body, however there are certainly points that require NO SETUP and thus are extremely effective in self defense situations! That is what this new book is all about!

I am a little behind on the release, which is OK because I am assuring this book with be the best one yet! I am expecting to be done within the next day or two then it will go live for all those who preordered! This book has had more preorders than any other I have ever written too! If you are interested in saving some money you can visit the website below and preorder now before the eBooks release and the price goes up!

Upon completion this work will list for $57, however for the next day or two you can pre-order for ONLY $25. That is better than 50% off!. You cannot go wrong with that one! Follow the link below and reserve your copy right now before it is too late!


PreOrder Neurological Pressure Point Knockouts NOW!